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Any pediatrician (or GP) recommendations? Must be pro breastfeeding and at least open to alternative vax schedule.

We're extremely happy with Dr Travis at Treehouse Pedi in RR, but I need some more names for a research project.

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Dr. Trestor, Central Family Practice, Austin
Very pro-BF... suggested breast milk for nasal clearing, eye infection and bug bites.

Didn't question our no-vax status
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I don't think Trestor takes insurance, for some, that puts him out of the question. He's great though, my hubby went to him once and we loved him, very family orinented.

I see Dr. Kango at Kangos Pediatrics, it's off of 183 and hymeadow? alomst to 620. My son is not vax, he just has you sign a form, very nice. He's very hesitant to suggest meds and such, he said pretty much everything is motrin or honey. lol.

I'm pretty sure he is pro BF as well, we didn't BF sadly, but they have 6 kids of their own, and I'm sure BF was part of their life.

He is really open to my arguments against soy formula (mainly due to estrogens and aluminum), he is very pro parent choice. I live in South Austin and drive to him, if that tells you anything, I left bee caves pediatrics even after numerous recommendation.

If something is out of his practice, ie, suspected allergies, neuro problem, he doesn't hesitate to send you to specialist.
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We're with Dr. Anna Bell in Austin. She is pro-breastfeeding and ok with alternative vax schedules (we're on one). Also heard that Bee Caves Pediatrics, Schoolhouse Pediatrics, and Dr. Cox with South Oaks Family Practice are the same.
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Dr. Norton and Dr. Hudson at Beecaves Pediatrics are open to alternative vax and are pro breastfeeding. I use Dr. Norton and love her .
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