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Hehe...if you're going to go another day soon, let me know...I don't think I can make it out that early today.
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Anything going on tomorrow?
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We're heading to conner pk around 9:30 today...come play!
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We'll probably be at conner park around 3:30 pm, if anyone wants to join us we would love it!
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Nevermind, a baby's sick. :/
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Hellooooo mamas!!!!

We are alive and well here. Our news:

carter got a haircut
hazel sits up and sort-of crawls (at 4 months! ah!)
it's hot outside
we got some pet lizards

we've been going to connor park regularly on thursday mornings, should anyone ever want to join us. it's not too hot in the shade and I just can't give up that outside time. We also frequently find ourselves at the children's museum and zoo to beat the heat (the zoo is also shady, plus they have the water thingy).

hope all mamas and dadas in tucson are doing great.
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i think we're going to try and get to the park today. we've been cooped up for a while and everyone's going crazy. we also have membership to the zoo (for $24 which was less than one trip to the zoo! woot!) now for the next year but it's a much harder trek than the playground and since i don't have a stroller i am not sure i want to take all the kids by myself.
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I want to catch up, i wish we had more time in Tucson. We leave tomorrow, maybe Tuesday morning... I may do park tomorrow or thurs... Would anyone be up for that?

Jared got a job in half moon bay! We are going up to find a place up there this week.

Between trying to find a place, doctors, chiros, etc... I've been coaxed out of my mdc break. I hadn't logged in in forever!

How is everyone? I want to see the new babies!
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Man, no one?

Fine, cuz we are leaving today anyway!

Hopefully we will be back in winter sometime and we can all hang out?
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Awww! I never met you, but I would have loved to!
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Bummed we missed you. We've been in Flagstaff all weekend. I'm jealous about half moon bay. Gorgeous area.
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We will miss you, Jen! Good luck on your move. Also sad we missed you!

We need to get our group moving again, ladies!!
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sorry we missed you too! although i'm not sure i could have stood the park in the heat/humidity right now. hope you find a wonderful place out there!
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Botanical Gardens meet up

Hi all,

I'm new to MDC and Tucson (sort of) and I wanted to see if any of you would be interested in meeting me, my 9 month old son, another mom on MDC and her 2 year old at the botanical gardens this friday at 9 am. Crystal and I met on MDC and met up there last friday. We had such a blast so we were hoping to try it out again and see if any other moms/families/kiddos would also be interested. This time works best for us and hopefully it works well for others as well. Let us know if you're able to come and if you're not, what might work well in the future and maybe we can plan more in advance.

Hoping to meet more wonderful mamas and kiddos,

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hi ladies! I would looove to meet up at the botanical gardens. unfortunately for me, friday is the one day a week that I work. My hubbie is with our kids (3 yrs, 6 months) on Fridays. He loves the botanical gardens, so if youdont think it would mess up your mama mojo to have him along, he may want to meet up with you!
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Botanical Gardens meet up

That's fine with me if it's fine with Crystal. If my husband has that day off I can see if he wants to join in the fun as well. I know Crystal can come other days but she won't be able to bring her son unless it's on fridays, weekends or afternoons (which we like to avoid just thinking of the heat). I think they have evening hours on thursdays. would any of these be options for you next week?
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Botanical Gardens meet up

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to let you know Crystal is totally OK with your husband coming and I most likely will be bringing my husband along. If you get this in time, we'll either be in the gift shop/entrance or over by the train most likely. What's his name?

Hope we get to meet you sometime too!

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Hey mamas! Been a long time since this thread was active! I hope some of you are still subbing to it. Anyone want to do a park playdate sometime in the near future now that the weather's starting to cool off?
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We love going to the park! Weekdays are rough for us since I work, but we can do anytime after 5 during the week. Or anytime on weekends if that works for anyone.
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My 18 mo DS and I would love to join in! We can do Weekends or Mondays.
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