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I gave birth in a thin walled two bedroom apt a few months ago. It was a 12am till 4:45am birth which was pretty noisy from the start. I was what I'd describe as a gregorian chanter in labour. I couldn't seem to help myself from making really loud yet deep 'oooooooh' noises.

When my midwife showed up she actually asked if I could tone it down a bit cause she was worried about the neighbors, but I just kept on going as loud as ever. It's funny cause I was so worried about my neighbors and she reassured me not to and thought it best not to alert them to the upcoming birth.

They ended up not saying a word, but I'm sure the couple underneath us didn't sleep that night! Most people keep their noses out of it, but if you are so new to the building maybe introducing your pregnant self to your neighbors beforehand will be warning enough Good luck and happy birthing!