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Basics and Benefits?

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Can anyone direct me to a source/study that outlines the benefits and the basic "how-to"s of CLW?

I intuitively feel that this is how I would like nursing to end someday for my 14 m dd (on her own pace, etc) but my family is not as sure and supportive... I want to educate my self (and them)!

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I wish I could say I had found a comprehensive source. The best information I have found has been more conversational (like here). It is mentioned in other places but not fully explained- which could be really tough to do, since it is different for everyone of course. I have often wanted to write about it myself but I am not an expert and my writing comes haltingly so it takes a ton of time for me to crank out a good article on something I really care about.
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I don't have a study at hand...

but one resource would be the WHO guidelines which recommend BF'ing at least 'til age 2 (not necessarily CLW but a step in the right direction) but a lot of the other stuff I've read has been more anecdotal. I can't imagine (particularly in the US) that there are a whole lot of studies to go on seeing as so few moms choose to CLW!!

As far as "how to", I'm not there yet (DS is only 11mos) but I've always heard that you should continue to offer (even if DD refuses) and basically just keep doing what you're doing and eventually she'll taper off... I guess I never really thought much about "how" because it just seems like it will naturally happen without really thinking about it much... we'll see I suppose!

Hope someone has some better resources for you!
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I wrote a handout for nursing moms to share with clinicians (and other naysayers) about nursing past infancy. You can download it at:

Have you read "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler"? It's not the most up-to-date book, but it's a classic. IMO, it doesn't adequately address the normal challenges of nursing an older baby/child, but it's a great feel-good book about sustained breastfeeding.
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For me, the real weaning has been weaning friends and family from thinking they have a say in our weaning plans!
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Breastfeeding Made Simple, http://www.amazon.com/Breastfeeding-.../dp/1572244046 has an amasing section on CLW and the benefits of breastfeeding past toddlerhood!
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