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Pimple like bump on DDs eyeball???

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Ok-so DD (2 yo) has had redness in her left eye for a couple of days. NYE into yesterday it seemed to be there in her right eye a little bit too but the left eye is really bloodshot. She also has typical cold symptoms like runny & stuffy nose. This afternoon, we noticed a white pimple like bump on her eyeball (left eye) within the worst part of the bloodshot.

There is not really much discharge-periodically (4-5 hours) there is a small glob in the corner of her eye but not much at all & when she wakes up in the AM, there hasn't been any crust or excess at all.

Yesterday she played with her cousins all day & acted fine-just looked bad. But she ended up having a bad night & slept in DH's arms most of the night. But then today, running around the house with her cousins all day & fine. Isn't touching her eye or acting as if she notices anything.
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I have no expertise, but I've never heard of anyone having a pimple right on the eyeball. I'd definitely be going to have a doctor take a look and I rarely ever go that route. You aren't talking about a pimple on the eyelid, right? Near where eyelashes are? Because little pimples there are not so unheard of and not a big deal, either.
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I've heard of it on adults who have had years of UV exposure, but even then it's supposedly pretty benign. I haven't heard of it on a child, but that doesn't mean anything. There is some information on conjunctival cysts on the web. I'm not sure if that's what it is or not, but it seems that when they are small, they resolve on their own.
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Definitely on the eyeball itself...of course it shows up on a saturday/holiday weekend so our normal dr's office is being covered by someone we don't know at all. They are calling in a script for drops to our pharmacy right now. I am anxious about just starting drops tonight without anyone actually seeing her eye but they said to call in the AM & someone would see us then??? (not sure if that will really happen on a sunday)

I was debating on the ER but get nervous about sitting around an ER with a toddler & me being 35 weeks pregnant-I don't want to be around even sicker folks!
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I know this thread is old but if you are still around could you tell me what it ended up being with her eye? My son is almost 2 and when I googled " white bumps on eye" your the only thing that seemed exact to my situation. He's already been on drops for a few days and it seems to be getting worse ( although he didn't have bumps before drops). They are better in the morning and horrible at night when he is tired. If you by some chance read this, any insight would be greatly appreciated. We will be going back to the dr but it's nice to hear from real people.
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