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January 2010 Infertility One Thread

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A monthly thread to talk about all of our various journeys through the difficult, trying, and often heartbreaking world of infertility. This thread is a place to chat, vent, get support, cheer each other on, and hopefully occasionally laugh!

Trying to Conceive #1

anne1140~26, TTC #1 since Nov. '07. Done: blood work for both, semen analysis 4X, HSG, 2 ultrasounds (1 2D, 1 3D), and varicocele repair. Me: septate uterus, Him: poor sperm morphology and motility, possibly caused by varicocele (repaired now!). Next step: Semen analysis in January to see if the surgery worked, and trying in the meantime.

AutumnLaughing~32, TTC #1 since June of 2008, PCOS + possible endo, clear HSG, using progesterone cream, DH ambivilent due to unemployment.

Blueyezz4~Unexplained Infertility; TTC “#1” which is really #3 after losing #1 & #2 (twin boys at 22.5wks on 6-20-09 conceived after trying for 3yrs). We are back to ART gonal F and trigger shot/IUI. Fingers crossed!!

indianagrl~35, DH also 35. TTC #1 since 10/08 with hypothyroidism, possible other hormone imbalance.

Kimberly23~23, TTC #1 with PCOS, about to start first cycle of Clomid and Provera.

kristenok18~Starting up ART again after over a year hiatus (husband is in military).

laura-belle~TTC #1 since 5/2007. I'm 28, DH is 42. 7 failed IUI's, now moving on to IVF after a bit more testing.

miriam_bat_avraham~Julie, 27, TTC #1 with DH, 34. Trying off and on starting in Jan 2009 and actively since November 2009. DH is occasionally anejaculatory and I don't ovulate regularly. We saw an RE on 1/11 and will be proceeding with them, but we're going to try another cycle or two on our own first to avoid some of the testing.

MrsD08~Samantha, 24, DH 30, TTC Baby D. #1, with a sometimes anejaculatory DH. Saw a urologist on 12/9, he wasn't much help. Seeing a Urologist who specializes in male infertility in February. DH has low testosterone and *doesn't* ejaculate about 85% of the time, no rhyme or reason to when he does or doesn't ejaculate.

Pugmomma~stage 4 endo; lap 8/2007, TTC #1, DF has low count, 1/11/09 hsg, 1/15/09 SA

stretch358~TTC since Aug. 08 with hashimoto's thyroiditis. Other than that the RE says Unexplained Infertility.

Tear78~TTC #1 since 5/2008, awaiting laparoscopy to investigate and maybe remove possible endometrioma. TTC somewhat on hold until then.

~Sara, 29, actively TTCed for 2 years with endo, now, after a 4 year break (without prevention) we are trying again on a gluten free diet to heal from my gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Trying To Conceive #2

amberc727~TTC #2 since Oct '08. Starting Femara this cycle.

AmyKT~34, TTC #2 since June '09. Briefly pregnant in August/Sept, but miscarried. Slightly elevated FSH and a short luteal phase. DH sometimes has subfertile sperm. Working on IUI #4.

brichole1214~25, DH 30, TTC for the past 28 months with no success. Already done 4 rounds of clomid treatments; has 6 yo child from previous relationship. Recently started seeing a RE.

Eastbayk~natural, TTC #2 for 3 years

lotusblossom9~28, TTC #2, trying Femara this cycle after Clomid didn't work.

lovbeingamommy~TTC #2. Dh has a possible infertility issue with a calcium channel blocker medication. Natural with assistance from holistic remedies.

~Melissa, TTC #2, multiple miscarriages & probable PCOS

Trying To Conceive #3

Kuntry_Gurl78~31, DH 33, TTC #3 after having a tubal ligation reversed.

~Brie, TTC #3 with MFI (low testosterone).

~38, TTC #3, back to Clomid after 4 Femara cycles

Trying To Conceive #4

Kel32brown~Kelli. TTC #4 for 36 months, m/c 10/08, 1st Clomid/IUI (April 2009) led to missed miscarriage (July 2009). January IUI #3, Waiting to Test on February 8...

(May everyone who passes through this thread find her way to this section!)

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Victorian Patch

Missing in Action
(A section for people who haven't posted to this thread in at least two months)
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PLEASE let the thread keeper know if there is anything you would like to add/ delete/ change from your synopsis above. Bolding requests is appreciated!

Weekend Wrap-Up
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DPO (if applicable):
Trying Since:
Plan for this Cycle:
Link to Chart (if applicable):
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Hello Everyone! Here's the new thread!

Question: Would it be okay with everyone if I organized the members by where they are in their TTC Journey (TTC #1, TTC #2, etc.) and added some color to the intro?
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MrsD08: Fine with me!

I'm currently twiddling my thumbs waiting to test. Only 7dpo today. I had an acupunture treatment today and see the RE on Monday. Trying to keep my mind off testing by reading some books I checked out today on PCOS and raw foods.

BTW it is FREEZING here in the Midwest
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MrsD08: That sounds GREAT!!!!

I'm officially 7 dpo today and waiting to test (again i slipped and took one today!!!!!) I'm soooo ready for next weekend to get here! (i've had some cramping unlike AF cramps again today and i've been very dizzy most of the night) I hope we can get more people moved off the TTC area and into the Graduated area : ) that would be just WONDERFUL!!!

And indianagrl : It's cold down here in Alabama too!!! It's 17 degrees outside right now and i feel like if it's going to be this cold I'd rather be looking at snow falling down lol.....GL with your one week that's left to wait!!! I think we are going to be testing either the same day or a day after each other! I hope we get our BFP!!! I would love it if you would be able to call your RE after next weekend and tell them you don't need their help after all : )
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
Hello Everyone! Here's the new thread!

Question: Would it be okay with everyone if I organized the members by where they are in their TTC Journey (TTC #1, TTC #2, etc.) and added some color to the intro?
Sounds like a gread idea Thanks for taking it over!
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thanks for the new thread! I love the idea! I'm kind of a smiley weirdo, though. Can you please change my blurb to say :
TTC #1 since 5/2008, awaiting laparoscopy to investigate and maybe remove possible endometrioma. TTC somewhat on hold until then.

THank you!

Oh, and I'm about 6dpo today and I had serious AF-like cramps and some brown spotting yesterday. hmm...thoughts?
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I will fix the intro ASAP.

My BIL is in the cardiac ICU in the hospital 45 minutes away (the hospital near us didn't feel like they had the equipment nor speciality to handle his case). He was scheduled to see the surgeon on the 12th because he needs an aortic valve replacement, but now they think they will do the surgery this week, as soon as tomorrow! AHH! We were not prepared for this. We're flat broke and so is my sister. We're supposed to be taking care of her kids while he's in the hospital...I did a few loads of blankets so those will be ready, but we have no food for them and I haven't picked up the air mattress I was planning on borrowing from a friend. Listen to me...I make it all sound like it's about me.......I just want my nieces and nephews to be comfortable, you know?

AFM: 8 DPO, broken out skin, weird taste buds, exhausted and heartburn.

Tear: I hate spotting. It could be pregnancy related spotting, it could be sexual irritation spotting, it could be old lining spotting, pre-AF spotting, etc. And you won't know until you get a +HPT or . Sucks, huh?
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
I will fix the intro ASAP.
Looks good so far How are things going with your BIL/niece & nephew?

AFM: AF has finally started. I have an appointment for a saline sonogram on friday. I have been told to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen half an hour before. We'll see how this goes....

Also, could you change my blurb to read "laura-belle~TTC #1 since 5/2007. I'm 28, DH is 42. 7 failed IUI's, now moving on to IVF after a bit more testing." Thanks!
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Well ladies....i'm 8 dpo right now and i'm really about to go crazy! He's a list of sympt. i've got going on with me right now....

1. i'm peeing a LOT
2. I've had "Twingy" cramps (nothing like AF cramps)
3. been sick to my stomach
4. hightened smell
5. blue veins on my boobs are VERY noticable
6. a REALLY high cervix and it's really soft
7. i cried listening to a johnny cash song last night and the very end of 27 Dresses...i've seen that moive 100 times and this is the first time i've ever cried watching it.
8. boobs are sore
9. I can't seem to sleep enough lately (like i came home from work at 6am today and slept until 3 and still feel like i could sleep another 9 hours and it still wouldn't be enough)

I don't want to read into any of this because it's been too early for me to test. when i got pregnant with DD i was 8 weeks pregnant and the test wasn't showing up very good still. (that was almost 7 years when i took that test but still it took FOREVER for it to become dark enough for me to believe i really was pregnant!) (i took the test May 4th in the am and she was born december 14th). I'm just so ready to either get a BFP or go ahead and start my cycle so we can do another round of injections. ****this cycle started November 22nd, 2009***** Good luck ladies!!!!
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10dpo and negative test this morning Maybe too early to test, but I'm not having any symptoms of anything either. Well, I do have sore boobs (but I have that before AF anyway) and last night I was dizzy. Time will tell...

Met with the RE yesterday and they are starting me on two rounds of clomid. If I don't get pregnant on either cycle of that we will move to more aggressive measures. Just feeling kind of blah about everything right now...
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Originally Posted by laura-belle View Post
Looks good so far How are things going with your BIL/niece & nephew?
Thanks for asking...
BIL is having his surgery tomorrow. Nieces and Nephews decided they'd rather stay at home, except for supper time. But, who can blame them...they're all teenagers except 1 pre-teen.
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Hey all I have been missing in action since August. About 2 weeks after I found out our 4th IUI failed my husband left. Just checking in to see all the graduates and wish everyone good luck. I guess everything happens for a reason and there was a reason I didn't get pregnant. I know it will happen one day with Mr. Right and until then I'm ejoying life without having to take hormones
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Becky I'm glad you are seeing this in a positive light. I'm sorry you've been through so much!!

afm - more spotting and cramping today at 8ish dpo. aaaaargh! Preparing for my surgery in just over two weeks. Wouldn't it be nice to be pregnant and not have to do it? ok...I would be freaked about the "anomaly" on my cyst the whole time...but it would also be great!
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New cycle started today DH say's that I shouldn't get too down, because at least I had a normal cycle. Starting Clomid on Sunday...any advice? I read that it can mess with cervical mucus; is there anything to help with that?
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Originally Posted by indianagrl View Post
New cycle started today DH say's that I shouldn't get too down, because at least I had a normal cycle. Starting Clomid on Sunday...any advice? I read that it can mess with cervical mucus; is there anything to help with that?

I've had good luck with green tea boosting cervical fluid (drinking 2-3 cups a day). You would just need to be careful that you are getting enough folic acid in your diet, since that can be decreased. If you are only using it during the first half of your cycle, it shouldn't be an issue.
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DH's post-varicocele repair SA is coming up in a week and a half, and I'm nervous already. I know it can take up to a year to see improvement, if you see any at all, and it's only been three months, but if it doesn't show improvement, I don't know what I will do. Probably act all calm and collected with the doctor and then bawl my eyes out later. Seriously, this is our last chance. We've decided we're not doing IVF (or sperm donation, for that matter), so if this doesn't work in the next 9 months, I think we're going to seriously move toward embryo donation and see how that pans out.

Assuming his results are better...I'd say we'd be talking IUI in the near future! I'm for the latter.
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Well, I started CD1 last night at 6pm while I was at work! I'm sad, depress, worried, scared, and so much more now that the 1st time in like a year i've ovulated and not gotten pregnant from it. (i know it takes time but we're working on 3 years of trying and it's hard to keep strong) Thank you ladies for being here for me to vent to! It really means a lot! I just don't know what to do. I just left a message for the nurse to call me back so i can get in to have my cd3 b/w and u/s done and so we can talk about when i'm going to start my injections again and how much we are going to do this time. I hope they keep me on the same dosage as last time but i have a feeling that my RE might up it a little bit. (as long as he doesn't up it too much we will be good!!!) Well, I just got off work and so i'm going to head to bed. I'll be back one later this afternoon. Thanks again ladies!!!
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So..im on cd20 of my 2nd round of clomid and still no sign of ov. Just as a side note ive had pcos since i was 16 (im 24 now) and was told prob never ov and if i have it was very little. Ive been getting a little upset about not ov and only had one test left for this cylce so i figured id try one last test just to see if i was oving late.... and i was!! I got a little smiley face instead of the blank circle i was so tired of seeing!! Youd think i got a bfp i was crying and so excited that i was oving!! So this was a very exciting day for me and i just wanted to share with everyone!
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Some Day I'll Look Back on This and Laugh

Okay Ladies, how's this for a predicament: My DH has been laid off for over a year. We found out yesterday that he was hired for a wonderful paying job, but one where he will be travelling all over the world. He starts next Wednesday and will be staying with my parents while he trains (1 1/2 hours from our home). Here's the problem: I start clomid on Sunday and we need to be BD the week that he is in Michigan!!! We are trying to figure out 1/2 way points to meet; I really have no idea what to do! Some of his family lives at the half way point, but I don't really want to ask them if we can borrow a room for a while, KWIM? Ugh, as if this TTC weren't difficult enough!
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indianagrl, that's quite a predicament! I'm glad that DH found work. That's wonderful news! Maybe you can meet at a motel room, as weird as that sounds.

I guess AF is here today, two days early, since my 6 days of cramping and spotting got heavier and more red today, and I got a BFN. I guess either:
1)my body has lost the ability to make progesterone since I've been taking suppositories for the past 5 cycles and didn't this time.
2)my cyst is resolving on its own :
3)I didn't ovulate...although my boobs got REALLY sore and big
4)it was implantation spotting but didn't stick

Does anybody have any insight into this? I'm really confused, this has never happened before.

ps - I don't have any of my normal super painful AF cramps today. argh!
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