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Tear78 - I'm so out of the loop, but I wish you the best of luck with your procedure!! What/when are you having it done? I'd have to read back a bit to figure out what you are having done.

brichole1214 - Good luck to you with your timed BDing!! For the last 4 yrs it hasn't worked for us either, but for some reason I always have a hint of hope each month when I'm waiting for AF to show up. I try to always think positive b/c negative energy in ones life is just not good, I believe.

poetgirl - Hello my friend!!! Good to see you are moving along in your pregnancy!!! Praying all is going smoothly for you!! Did you actually have low progesterone is that why they put you on them or is it like my Drs office that puts you on them no matter what?? I just think that is kinda weird. I also might ask them if i could maybe just use them at night only since with my last pregnancy i had fine prog. levels. I know it is just a safety thing so we will see what they say. I've heard that the stuff can kinda build up in there at times. Did you have that problem at all. Sorry TMI, i know!

AFM - i'm kinda bummed b/c last night (figures it would happen on a friday night and the pharm. are closed for the weekend) i realized I don't have enough of my meds to get me to my monday morning U/S. I think they should have ordered me 3 pens of the gonal F and they only got me 2 so now i'm going to try and use an insulin needle to syringe out the extra in each of the two pens to at least give myself some tomorrow night!! The nurse I talked to said, worse comes to worse, if after Mondays U/S I still need more they can maybe order something less expensive to get me through. Friday mornings U/S showed a 12 and 6 under 10 (however you measure the follies - i forget if it is mm's or what) so the nurse thought i'd probably be ready for a trigger possibly on Monday night. That is the 2nd thing they have messed up with this order - they also forgot to send my progesterone script too. Can't find good help anymore!! haha j/k. We will see!!!
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blueyezz4: I will second poetgirl's opinion of the progesterone suppositories. They're kind of gross, but didn't cause any side effects and really aren't so bad.

AFM: Tear and brichole, I actually got the results yesterday--I was just really out of it and for some reason it didn't occur to me to share them . There were no surprises; he snipped the small septum that we already knew about and otherwise everything looked good. No strenuous activity until I have stopped bleeding for at least 24 hours and don't feel tender anymore. I'm supposed to stay on the birth control pills for the rest of the packet (about two weeks) and after that I can do whatever I want to. I was very uncomfortable yesterday evening and for some reason my hands got tingly/numb and I couldn't really use them at all. I feel ok today though I am retaining huge amounts of water (about 5+ pounds worth) and my midsection is a bit tender. I'm hoping that by Monday I feel well enough to go for a run. We also accomplished acquiring DHs lab results and dropping (complete this time) medical records off with the IVF clinic!

brichole: Good luck!

Tear: Really, it wasn't fun, but it wasn't as bad as I feared it could be. I hope yours goes well. (And seriously--4 weeks! That is a long time. Yuck.)
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Tear, laura-belle, & blueyezz:::: Thank you ladies!!! I'm really looking forward to having good news on monday morning! I really have good thoughts about this month because last month i Oed earlier than they thought i would and I think me and DH missed my chance of catching our little eggie that dropped After all the good things that have been happening the past couple of weeks i have GREAT thoughts and I feel like I can spread the good fortune to you ladies!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Laura-belle, i hope you get to feeling better soon! I can't imagin what you are going through (and could only compare it to the time i had a cyst that ruptured when i was 17 because my doctor wasn't paying attention to me when i told her i had been hurting a lot)

Tear: good luck next week (this week how ever you count your weeks lol) and i hope you get good results...and i TOTATLLY understand not being able to do anything for 4 weeks and having to come up with "alt. plans" lol.....I had to have a biopsy done on my cervix 2 1/2 years ago and me and DH had to find ways around that whole ordeal lol...ANYWAYS lol....

Blueyezz: Sounds like you're folks were having blonde moments when they went to order your meds! I hope your U/S monday is just as eventful as I want mine to be!!!!! I'm on CD11 today so I will be on CD12 tomorrow morning when i go in to have my U/S done and I PRAY they will call me back and tell me to use my trigger shot tomorrow night or tuesday! And i can guarentee that me and DH will be BDing as much as poss for the next week lol....HIGH hopes for everyone! I hope we all are able to make it to a 2010 DDC!!!!
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brichole, I really hope you catch that eggie tomorrow or Tuesday! Enjoy the marathon BD week! That stinks that your doctor didn't listen to you when you were 17! I was reading that cysts and endometrioma are commonly not taken seriously by doctors. I guess I can see that, since I've noticed many doctors not really trusting that I know my body and what's normal for it. as for "alt. plans" lol...I like that! but I might need to hold off on that until after the surgery. tmi: last night we were utilizing "alt. plans" and it still left my left side hurting on and off afterwards in "zaps". man! I was afraid it would suddenly start hurting like crazy, but it was ok.

laura-belle, thanks for the reassurance! I'm glad you got your results already and all seemed ok. That's scary about your tingling hands, I'm glad that stopped! I hope you feel 100% again soon! Take it easy if you go running on Monday. ok, I know, I sound like a mom.

blueyezz, I'm sorry your meds are messed up! Are you happy with these guys otherwise? How exciting to maybe trigger on Monday! Good luck! oh, and my surgery is to check out a large cyst or endometrioma on my left ovary and see if there's anything like that elsewhere. yuck. Thanks for asking. by the way, I have been taking progesterone suppositories since August (minus this cycle). I was given ones that you only take at night, and they were kinda messy but nothing too bad. Wait did I tell you this already? Anyway, this is new and something to watch out for: they totally make you feel pregnant, and you can't really trust "symptoms" while you're on them. That threw me for a loop the first time, and I was devastated by AF cause I "knew" I was pregnant. Otherwise, they didn't have any bad side effects. And they're good for your lining. Good luck with them!
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Sorry I was MIA! I updated the list.
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MrsD08- Thanks for updating the list!!

Tear78- Good luck catching you egg!! Fingers crossed for you!!! I'm not too happy with this place but I don't have much options. I can't go to the last place we went when we got prego with our twins exactly a yr ago b/c my insurance changed (not that they cover any of this fertility stuff, but once we get prego they will cover the U/S's and appts there after). I really kinda feel like a # at this place compared to the last clinic i was at, but that is okay. My plan is to get prego this month then I won't have to deal with them after we get our heartbeat and i can go back to my dr and my high risk dr. So we will see - I'll get through it. It sucks though b/c the old place had tv monitors on the wall and you could watch as they do the measuring of the follies and this place hardly talks to you about it, so i miss being a part of that. They also don't meet with you after the U/S - you get a number to call and they leave you a message on what to do next so it is kinda impersonal, i think. Thanks for the info about the progesterone...no, you hadn't told me that. I'm glad you said something about the pregnancy symptoms b/c i would have fallen hard probably. When we got prego last time my boobs really were sore and they never get sore so that was my true sign, that is what I'm looking for this next time too. Will the prog. make them sore, are those the kind of symptoms you mean???

brichole1214 - good to hear you are feeling positive about Monday!!! Fingers crossed for you!! You and I both may be triggering on the same day!!! I'm only on CD 8 which seems pretty early to me, but we will see. Maybe my body is just good at growing follies fast!!

laura-belle- hope you continue to heal fast and are out running in no time!!! Take care!! So you didn't any pregnancy symptoms from the progesterone at all??? I may be like that too b/c I don't get many symptoms from all the fertility drugs we have used either. We will see. Not really looking forward to the goop, but it is all for a good cause so I'll do it. Hopefully you can't have too much progesterone in your system. Mine has never been low.
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Thanks Tear and Blueyezz!!!! I am so ready for my appointment tomorrow morning! I'm going to be on edge waiting to post what my results are! GOOD LUCK!!!! And Blueyezz i'll be looking forward to seeing what comes of your appointment tomorrow too!

Tear: Please know that you are in my thoughts for your procedure for this week! I hope it goes well!

Laura-belle: Are you feeling any better? I hope so!

You ladies are wonderful just FYI lol. I don't have any friends IRL who understand what i'm going through because they are all getting pregnant pretty quick and easily on their own! I think in the past 2 years that we have been TTC we have had 6 to 7 friends get pregnant and have babies! It's really driving me crazy and i just need someone who understands to vent to! It just hurts so bad when they are so excited when they tell you the news...i just want to SCREAM!!! Well, off to save lives! Talk to you ladies later!
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blueyezz, yes sore boobs is a big part of the progesterone side effects for me. I really recommend you don't take any symptoms seriously while on it. And I agree, I don't think you can have too much in your system.

Good luck for the trigger girls tomorrow!

Brichole, I totally know what you mean about everybody getting pregnant. It's so hard to be around. I'm starting to have a harder time controlling my snort and eye-roll reflex when I see them. lol... really, they don't deserve it even if it is easy for them. But do they have to wear the cutesy tight shirts? C'MON!

MrsD08, you mentioned the emergency room on another thread. Did I miss something, are you ok?

I'm glad this thread is taking of recently. It's a nice, safe place.
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Well, it's 3:43 Am here in Alabama and i'm at work on my hour long break cleaning up the mess we all made tonight cooking!!! I made 2 homemade apple pies and homemade mac~n~cheese. Then my bff made meatloaf and greenbean cas.! One of the other girls made homemade mashed potatoes and someone else brought some rolls! Yeah, we all ate like pigs and are paying for it now because i think all of us would just pass out if we could!

I am happy that my bff decided that she's going to go to the RE with me this morning after work so I don't have to go by myself! DH has to be at work by
6:45 am so he's going to have to miss this appointment! I have to drop DD off at her dad's house at 8 this morning too...so I'll have my friend to hang out with until i have to make my 35 minute drive to the doctor! Then i'm going to let her come in with me because once i do finally get PG i'm going to let her be in the delivery room as long as i don't have to have a c-section!

I hope today starts a great week off for everyone! I'll have more to write later i'm sure! Good or bad news....i'm praying for the first!!!! I feel like i have already Oed though because on these shots my O pains are 10 times worse than when i'm not taking them...but i'll have to wait for confirmation with the u/s! The nurse is pretty good at letting me know what everything looks like to her when i go in there and then she calls me back at around 2 to give me the doctor's opinion and what our next plan of action is! It's the worse when i have to wait 2 weeks to find out if AF is going to show up or if i'm going to get a BFP! (YES the 2ww i believe is one of the worse waits in my life!!! lol which i think that's touch with going to the re i'm going to end up finding out i'm pregnant almost as soon as i become pg and that is going to be the LONGEST 9 months of my life lol)

TEAR: Good luck on wed! I thought that's when it was but i didn't want to post that and look stupid lol.

Blueyezz: I am sending lots of vibes your way that maybe you will be able to start your trigger shot early this week too! i've never had to use one because the last round of Menopur i was on i Oed on my own! Have you ever used one? and if so are there any crazy side effects that come with taking it?

Time to head back inside dispatch! I'll talk to you ladies later today!
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just thought i'd go ahead and drop in to say that the nurse didn't see much going on today during my u/s and said that things are still very quiet....i'm kinda down and REALLY tired so i'm about to head to bed! I hope you ladies have a great day. I'll post again when they call me back with my b/w results!

ETA: The nurse called back and said that i have to go back up to 112.5 IU's from 75 IUs until i go back to the doctor for another u/s and more b/w on friday at 715 am. They said my hormone levels are on the right track and that they believe by then we should see good improvement! So i won't be triggering anytime the first of the week but maybe by the weekend! It's not going to stop me and DH from our marathon BDing though! I'm ready for him to come home speaking of which lol. But i have another 4 1/2 hours because he's gotta work tonight!!!

I hope you ladies are having a great day!
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Well, there must be something in the air b/c it sounds like both brichole1214 and I won't be triggering tonight!! I went in this am for my U/S and they are watching 3 follies that are getting closer to the right size but i have to continue with my Gonal F tonight and tomorrow night and then U/S again on Wed. i sure hope my insurance is paying for these U/S's or that they are free ( yeah right ) b/c Wed will be # 4 and I haven't heard or seen any $ amount, kinda afraid to even ask. I guess my estrodiol went from 87 on friday to 285 today, which they say is good, I guess. I don't know too much about those numbers. Now I just hope and pray when i go in on Wed morning the follies will be perfect b/c DH is going over-seas for business on Sat for a week so we really need to trigger Wed. night or Thurs. night or we are screwed!!!! Fingers crossed. Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!
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oh man, boo for no triggers! Sorry, ladies!!! I hope the marathon BDing sets things in motion, and there are early-late week triggers for y'all!!!
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Blueyezz: I hope you are able to trigger before DH goes over seas! Maybe we'll both be able to trigger by the middle to end of the week. I was so sad when i saw those little bitty follicles!!! LOL...I'm just ready for friday to get here and I PRAY that I get better results this time!

TEAR: Thank you for the vibes! I hope that we are able to triggler later this week too! That would be great! Good luck wed! I really hope that your procedure goes well!

Laura-belle: how are you doing? Haven't heard from you in a couple of days! I hope you are feeling better from your procedure!

AFM: I'm waiting on DH to get home so we can get at least one BDing in tonight and maybe one tomorrow before i have to go pick DD up from school! I work wed and thursday so unless he's off work those days i won't get a chance to get much BDing in on those days!! (I'm going to try my best though lol) Good luck this week ladies!
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brichole: Sorry to hear that things aren't coming along as fast as you would like . Hopefully things will look good on Friday.

Tear: Still thinking about you and hoping your procedure Wednesday goes well.

blueyezz4: I'm really hoping that things look good for you Wednesday because missing the cycle would really stink. *Thinking good follicle thoughts* And, no, I never got pregnancy symptoms from the progesterone--apparently topical application reduces the side effects (or so I've heard)?

AFM: I'm feeling pretty good today. Still a few pounds up and not quite feeling 100% but not bad. I can call the IVF clinic tomorrow to set the ball rolling!
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I'd love to be added to the list as well.

Pugmomma- stage 4 endo; lap 8/2007, TTC #1, DF has low count, 1/11/09 hsg, 1/15/09 SA

We just found out yesterday that DF has a low count, 9mil. We have an appt wed to discuss next steps. RE wants me to start clomid next month. I don't know if it's necessary since the count is so low right now. I heard you can only take it for a few months at a time so maybe we should wait until DF count has increased. I am 1 dpo- we did try this month so fingers crossed...
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Laura-belle: Good luck and i'm happy that you are feeling a bit better! And thank you! It's really hard to keep going through the same treatments with no results.

Pugmomma: Welcome to this thread! It's always nice to see new faces! I hope you guys were able to catch an eggie this month. If not we are all here for support! The only benefit i see on taking clomid this next cycle is to see if your body will respond to it. But other than that i don't know since your IF is due to male IF. Good luck with what ever you guys decide to do and maybe you won't have to do anything else anyway!!! It would be nice to see a BFP in this thread soon!

AFM: I just injected myself with my second night of 112.5 IU's of the Menopur and I PRAY that i don't wake up feeling the way i felt last night after taking it! It was the first time i've ever had side effects on the injections and they about made me have to stay in bed most of the day! I had cramps so bad i couldn't move! I think that my ovaries just needed some time to catch up because the only time that i've ever hurt this bad (other than having a cyst ruptur) was when i Oed last month! So we'll see. I just have a bad feeling that i'll O before they have me trigger and i'm afraid that the follicle won't get big enough for them to be satisfied with it! BLAH...i need to be pos. and think happy thoughts! That way i can make it to friday morning. I know not too many more days but still it feels like forever!

TEAR: Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking about ya while you're having your procedure done!

and Blueyezz: Good luck at the doctor in the morning! I hope that your follicles have gotten bigger and you get to trigger tomorrow night! Also, I don't know about what kind of insurance you have but I've had like 1 u/s a week at least since november 24th and i've only had to pay a co-payment which my doctor is taking out of my escro that i had to put down because i refuse to let them charge a credit card!!!! I hope that they aren't going to just throw this big bill at you at one of your appointments! If they are honest like my doctor's office is then they won't and they will let you know when you owe them something! I did find out today that if I don't have IUI or IVF coverage that my doctor's office will put us on a payment plan! That is a great thing! One of my friends from high school is going to the same doctor and her insurance will cover IVI and IVF but it only covers 50% of injectables. Where as my insurance doesn't cover IVI and IVF but i only have to pay a CO-payment on the injectables. We decided it would be nice if we could combine our insurances together lol that would be great!
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Okay, so i just needed to come here to say i'm having a rough day of it! I think the 112.5 IUs is about to kill me lol. I'm hurting down there, like crampy inside me, i had dry-heaves this morning, and i just feel like crap! I am ready for friday to get here so i'll know if i'm getting any closer to Oing so I can stop taking these injections. I've been on them this cycle since cd2 and i'm on cd14 today! So by the time i go back to the doctor i will be on cd16 which i really hope i O by then if not my hopes for this month will be just about shot! I guess we'll see though!!! I started my IF journey almost a year ago (we tried on our own for a full 1 1/2 years before we went to get help because i'm 25 and doctors aren't very kean on doing stuff for women my age until i've been trying for a good while). I think today i've about hit a depression and I hate it! I just want to feel better and have a great day! But it's raining here today so that's not helping anything at all! I think i'm about to get off the computer and go into the kitchen and start cooking DH's dinner for him to heat back up when he gets home from work! I'll be gone before he gets off work because i work tonight so I want to make sure he has something to eat tonight! I know he's a grown man but i don't get a chance to cook for him very often so I thought i'd at least try to cook something he will eat before i head to work! And if i go ahead and cook it now then it will give it enough time to cool down for me to put in the fridge...that way he can just throw it back in the oven while he takes his shower. ANYWAYS, i'm just rambling today...but i needed someone to talk to an no one i know is available right now so I thought i would write my thoughts out on here! I hope everyone has a great day and please updates!!! I love to hear from you ladies!
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I think I said something about this either in this thread or the December thread, but DH had his post-surgery SA on Monday. The news wasn't too great. His motility stayed the same, and his morphology increased from 9% to 10%. (Normal is at least 15%, I think.) The doctor said that most improvement is seen after six months. (It's been three.) Also, DH had a high fever a month ago that could have factored in. So we're still hopeful. Not sure if it's going to be good enough for IUI, but we're really hoping!!! Unfortunately, we are in limbo for another three months.

Laura-belle: It's good to hear that your surgery went well. If you don't mind my asking, you said you had a small septum re-sected. Did the doctor recommend that from the get-go? Because I have a small septum, and my doctor doesn't think it needs to be fixed, but I'm still worried about it. I was going to get the hysteroscopy/laparoscopy over the summer, but something came up, so it didn't happen. I just don't know if I should do it or not. Even with the co-pay, it will be quite a bit, and it's surgery. Blah. I wish I just knew what I was supposed to do.
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anne1140 -hope the next 3 months fly by for you and your DH and that his counts continue to climb!! Is he taking any kind of vitamins? I have my DH on a fertility blend for men that i order for him online or off-line, however you say that.

brichole1214 - Sorry to hear you are having a frustrating day!! Deep breath!!! I'm sure the hormones you are having to inject don't help the cause any!! Hope you feel better soon and that all goes well for you on Friday!!! Fingers crossed!!!

pugmomma - Welcome!! Sorry you are having to join us here, but it is a great group of women who understand fertility frustrations!!!! Hope your stay is short!!!

laura-belle - glad to hear you are feeling better!! Isn't it just a good feeling to get the fertility ball rolling... like there is some hope and you are getting yourself moving in the right direction. I remember feeling that way after seeing my dr and starting to get a plan in order.

AFM - Had my U/S this am and my estradiol was at 599 (whatever that means) and it looks like we have one follie on the R that is winning the race so far at 17mm and then another i think at like 15mm, i think. So i told them that my DH was going to be traveling on sat and i was hoping that all looked good today so that might be able to do the IUI on Friday. I got the call this afternoon that I can trigger tonight/BD tonight, abstain tomorrow and come in for the IUI on Friday morning. I'm excited, but I just hope that i didn't sway them into doing it too early. Last time when we triggered and got prego i had 3 follies (15mm, 16mm and 20mm) and we caught two, so i'm hoping we are okay with a little smaller size. Isn't it crazy how your mind plays tricks on you and can turn something positive into something negative just like that. "STOP IT" .... I have to keep telling myself. "Only positive thinking"!!!!! Sorry, I just had to have a little pep talk with myself!!!!!!!!!! I apologize that you all had to witness that!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will see. It is out of my hands!!!
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Blueyezz: thanks girl! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK!!!! I really hope that you get your BFP on this cycle! Sounds like it's looking up for you! I am feeling a little bit better now, but i'm ready to get off work so i can go to bed! These 12 hours shifts at night are about to kill me! I am sooooo hoping my good vibes that i have about my meds is right. Maybe i am just having good vibes about you're case!! : ) I'm happy you were able to trigger this week though especially since your DH is about to go out of town...then for the LOVELY 2ww!!! Please keep us posted! It would be nice if we could both move over to a DDC by the first week of february! We could be DD buddies! It would be nice to be able to have someone to talk to other than my DH lol. He just won't really understand what my body is going through! The only thing i worry about is having more than one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us! PS i don't think you talked them into letting you trigger too early...those sounds like really good sized follies!!!

TEAR: I hope that your procedure went well today! I know you're probably not feeling that great but i wanted to you know that i was thinkin about you!

laura-belle: I hope you're still feeling better!

AFM: I'm getting a little nervous about friday but the worse thing that could happen is they could tell me i have to keep taking the menopur...the BAD news is i'm only going to have 6 vials of meds left and with taking 1 1/2 the past 2 days it would only leave me enough meds to last until monday! I really don't think that I will need to take the shots until then but you never know.

I have a quick question for those who have ever taken injectables...did the injectables cause you to have shorter periods? The one i started January 7th only lasted 4 days and that is BY FAR the shortest one i've ever had. The last time i only bled for 3 days was when i had implant bleeding with my DD and i thought that was my period lol little did i know i was growing a little bean! But i know i'm not pregnant i've had 3 u/s since my period! And i'm about to have my 4th one for this cycle. I was just wondering if all of the hormones that are in the shots would cause me to have a shorter period...if anyone could chime in on that one that would be great!

Well, I've got 30 minutes left on my break so i'm going to go stalk some of the other threads! Have a great day ladies and BLUEYEZZ good luck with your IUI this friday!
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