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Hi ladies,
short update here cause my shoulders still hurt but everything went well so far. In all their searches all they found was the one cyst, and nothing else. It looked like endometrioma, but they'll test it to be sure. But it was a local thing only, which means it won't come back AND he said that my ovary should be 100% functional after healing. I'm so glad we did this, because the nurse said that if it had burst it would have spread endometriosis all over my abdomen, and THAT would be a lifelong thing. phew! The only bummer is that he said he strongly recommends waiting 6 weeks before trying again, which means I'll (obviously) miss my ovulation in a couple days and then miss the next one, too. But considering all the other good news, I suppose it'll be good to wait and give my body time to heal and feel better than ever (I hope!)
Thanks for all the positive vibes, girls!

brichole, I hope all these shots lead you to a super great IUI and a healthy baby! I'm sorry you've been having a rough time of it.

blueyezz, yay for triggering! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! those follicle sizes sound pretty good to me, in my limited experience. for you to catch that little bean!!!

laura-belle, I'm glad you're feeling better. Interesting you mentioned chattering teeth because mine did that too, after the procedure. Every time I tried to sit up or walk to the bathroom the pain my shoulders was so intense I got nauseous and my teeth were chattering like crazy. It was a rough time of it yesterday, but today's better. Wow, I ended up making that about me. Sorry! I'm so glad you got the IVF train rolling. for you!!!

anne, I'm sorry about the SA numbers. Hopefully the fever was teh cause, and another three months will give you awesome numbers. Waiting is so hard, I'm facing that too. Thinking of you!

pugmomma, welcome! I'm sorry about the low count. Hopefully now you know about it they can take steps to help you with it! It looks like you've been through a laparoscopy, too. How long were you feeling yucky? I'm glad you joined us, though I hope you graduate soon!

ok...whoa...that tired me out. g'night!
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Mind if I join the thread? Here's my bio: Julie, 27, TTC #1 with DH, 34. Trying off and on starting in Jan 2009 and actively since November 2009. DH is occasionally anejaculatory and I don't ovulate regularly. We saw an RE on 1/11 and will be proceeding with them, but we're going to try another cycle or two on our own first to avoid some of the testing.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words of encourage and right back at you! It would be nice if there wasn't a need for this forum, but it's awesome that it exists.

Tear78- I had my lap done on a Friday and due to extensive damage to my right ovary and fall. tube (they removed both and my appendix) I had to stay overnight. I think I went back to work on Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week. I didn't really feel bad even the Saturday afterwards- just weak. I remember I couldn't carry or even hold my 1 year old nephew it was kind of painful. I had a severe reaction to the pain meds and was sick in the hospital. After the pain meds left my system I was fine.

Update- I had another ultrasound yesterday and my RE found another cyst on my remaining left ovary. It's still pretty small so hopefully I can get a bfp before it grows too much. I tested neg for cancer (yeah!!) and will be re-tested since they vary in size depending on the time in cycle. RE decided to due clomid and IUI next cycle. We are going to give it a try even with the low count. I figured my window is strinking pretty quickly with the second cyst.
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Good afternoon ladies!!! Today has been a great day so far sinc i JUST woke up (it's the first time i've slept past 11 am in a long time and i don't get home from work until 6am so i'm excited!!!) I hope that everyone is having a good day!

TEAR: Yea for the good news that it's only a cyst! I know those are painful and i'm happy they caught it before it ruptured on you! I know 6 weeks sounds like a long time to have to wait to TTC but hey at least it's not like you're having to wait 6 months! My fingers are crossed for you!

Pugmomma: Good luck with your cyst situation. My RE told me that cysts prove that we are ovulating so that's a good thing...but they hurt like crap!! When i was 17 one ruptured on me and i would of rather died! ANYWAYS!!! I pray that you get your BFP this cycle but if not good luck on the Clomid and your IUI!!!

Blueyezz: When will you be testing since you triggered this week and you're having your IUI done before your DH goes out of town? It would be great if i had someone to go through the 2ww with! So i'm ready to have some good news from the doctor's office in the morning!

Anne: I hope that those numbers just keep going up on your DH's SA! Sending out good vibes to you!!!

Miriam: Welcome! Just wanted to say good luck and sticky vibes on TTC on your own before doing extreame measures with the RE! I was so relieved when my OB finally refered me to my RE because i had been doing clomid cycles since january of 09 with my OB with no results!!

AFM: I'm about to get ready for work and pray that tonight goes very well!!! I am also a little nervous about tomorrow but it's only because the last two times i've been everything has been quiet in Ovarieville!!!! Hopefully we will get to trigger tomorrow night and then we'll be BDing all weekend since we are doing timed intercourse right now. (my insurance doesn't pay for IUI's or IVF so i'm going to have to come up with the money before we go that route!!) Good luck ladies and lots of baby vibes to everyone!!!
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pugmomma: Sucks about the cyst (although good that it isn't cancer). Hopefully you get your BFP soon.

brichole: I've taken injectibles, but I don't remember them particularly changing my period--I tend towards the really short side naturally though. *Hoping things look good for you tomorrow.*

anne: My doc still doesn't think that my small septum particularly contributed to our infertility. (My husband has low sperm counts and motility, which is probably the real problem.) I talked to three doctors before actually going ahead with the procedure. We had it re-sected because we're moving on to IVF and the general wisdom is that before doing the IVF you should 'fix' any potential problems that it is reasonably possible to fix so as to give yourself the best possible chance. You seem to be in about the same boat that I am, and so can probably leave it alone for now. Hopefully you won't get to needing to do IVF .

blueyezz: Good Luck!

Tear: The shoulder pain you mentioned was interesting because especially the first day or so, that was where I was feeling a lot of pain. I kind of wonder what nerve sequence results in pain in the shoulders from abdominal surgery. *odd geeky moment over* I'm glad that your surgery went well and I hope you're feeling better.

AFM: I'm finishing off this pack of BC pills from the hysteroscopy and when AF arrives I will be starting my IVF cycle! I have an appointment next Wednesday to go over timeline and injections and such with a nurse to make sure that I understand it all. In other news I'm now trying to get medical records from my hysteroscopy sent from the hospital where it was performed to my IVF clinic. I'm beginning to think that they should fire all the paperwork people and start over.
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Thank you Laura-belle!!! I'm really looking forward to them telling me that i am ready to or just Oed!!! That would be great!!! me and DH got 3 or 4 sessions in this past week and one was yesterday (thursday) before i came in to work! (I KNOW TMI! ) So maybe if i did O early without having to trigger we were able to catch it and if they tell me to go ahead and trigger tonight then i'll be BDing all weekend! (Just to make sure lol) Good luck ladies and good vibes for every situation that each of us is going through!

Blueyezz: How are things going with you? I hope your IUI goes well today! Keep us posted!

ETA::::Laura-belle: I totally agree with you on the paper work people needing to be fired and them starting all over again with people lol. it sounds like you have had the worse time of trying to get people to do what they are already supposed to be doing!
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Well, I still don't have any good news!!!! I had my u/s and b/w done today and my follicles are still a lot smaller than what they want them to be so i still don't get to trigger. They measured 8 different follicles this morning...which made me even more depressed seeing as i'm on CD16 and i've been on the injections since CD2! They will be ordering more meds to take this coming week because i only have enough menopur left to last me the weekend! I'm so freaking frustrated! And i'm tired of everyone around me IRL telling me that it will be ok and that it will happen when the time is right. Well i've felt like the time is right for a long time now and look at me...my DD is 6 now and i'm still not pregnant again! I want so bad for this to work but it's hard to stay focused on the positive when there's never anything to be positive about when I go to the doctor's office! Maybe he will decide to change my meds, my body's never liked to stay on any one kind of medication for so long. I'm starting to think that my body is just becoming immune to the injections i'm taking. I'm about to finally get to head to bed so hopefully i will have better news sometime next week. Still GL to everyone and I'll let yall know what the nurse says when she calls me back with my b/w results!
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Welcome Julie! I added your info. Sorry you're hear, but hopefully you find the support you need.

Sorry I haven't been posting much ladies.
I've been wiped out. Sick and all. I was really nauseous and tired. I didn't take some of my meds because I was afraid I'd just throw them up and some of them are super expensive. So now I'm off just a bit and it'll take a few days to get back.

DH's Urology appointment is Feb. 23rd and I'm growing more and more nervous as the days go by. I'm afraid he's going to say the say information the other urologist said...and where does that leave us? Just looking towards an IUI in 7 months. UGH.
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MrsD08 -Hope you get feeling better!!! Do you have the flu or do you think it is from hormones? Hopefully it will pass soon.

brichole1214 -sorry to hear your appt didn't go as you wanted today!! Maybe it is in the air b/c mine didn't either (see below). Are you taking any kind of other meds or natural things that might be messing with the growth possibly? You did just up your dose recently, didn't you? So maybe you just need a few more days at that level to really kick start things!! Sometimes i'm hesitant to tell to many people IRL about what is going on with our fertility b/c no one really understands unless they have gone through it themselves and I get sick of people's "just relax or take a vacation" comments. Don't you think we have all tried it all ready??? Hahaha. Oh, you asked about testing??? After you give yourself the trigger shot the HCG will stay in your system for awhile. Last time i got a pos. preg. test up until 5 days after the IUI and then it went neg and i got another positive at 12 DPO with our twins but i think that is b/c there were two and more hormones. I don't know when i will test this time. The nurse said 17 days after is what they recommend. We will see, i might try a little early depending on how long i can hold out.

laura-belle -I hear ya about the people in medical records. When i went to see my new fertility dr this last time and brought all of my past fertility paperwork from the last place the dr actually told me she didn't even want to take it b/c it would get sent the basement and who knows where it would end up!!!! Hello.... this is one of the top 4 hospitals in the country here and they have no organization skills???? What is up with that!!!! Time management skills are lacking too!! I swear drs offices think people have nothing better to do than be in their buildings all day long!!! Hello, people (medical staff) I have to work to pay for all of these fertility bills i'm racking up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miriam_bat_avraham - Welcome to you!! Hope your stay here with us is short and you are able to catch your egg without too much help from the doctors!!

AFM - Well, we went in today for the IUI!!! They tell you to be there at 7:30 for DH to do his thing and then i'm suppose to be upstairs at like 9am for them to insert it. Well, we sit there and finally at 8:15am they call him back to do his thing and when he comes out he doesn't seem to happy with the results (poor guy wasn't given any lub and he said the paper they gave him said he couldn't use anything either). So then they tell you to come back in an hour to pick it up to take it up to your IUI, so at 9:30 or so we finally get our swimmers and head for the "pool" ! Everything goes smoothly and the swimmers are now doing their imitation of Michael Phellps to win the race! The only bad part of the whole thing is that i guess we only got like 3.5 million which is really low so we are just hoping and praying that it will still work with that low amount. The lowest we had in the past was 13 mill and that was the time we actually got prego, so our fingers are still crossed!!! I'm a little bummed, but figure there is still always a chance! I did have great mucus the nurse said, so at least that is on our side. We will see. Thanks everyone for all of your support!!!
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Blueyezz: Yes i did just up my meds back to what the doctor started me on this round. I had to do 112.5 iu for the first 2 days then had to go back down to the 75iu until this past monday...then they put me back up to 112.5 on monday night and that's what i've been giving myself all week and that's what the doctor decided to keep me on this round! I go back to the doctor on Tuesday at 730 in the morning to see if this helps any. They told me that they would rather see me go slow than all 8 of the follicles they saw today just blow up at once so i've got my fingers crossed! I know i'm not on the highest dose right now so at least we'll be able to go up a little more if this still doesn't work. I'm not using anything else to help because i don't really know what else is out there to use (natural supplements that is) to help with IF. I've wanted to find out but i've not had the time to get out and go to our local food health store that everyone raves about!!! I hope that everything takes from today! It sounds like everyone was running in slow motion there for you guys! (i would have been so antsy!!!) I don't think i'd be able to hold out 17 days to test lol...i would go crazy. I really hope that you are able to get a BFP soon! I feel like i'm about to wear my welcome out in this thread lol...i'm sure everyone gets tire of my whinning...i am just frustrated though! ::::CALM DOWN BRANDY IT WILL BE OKAY....JUST BREATH!!!:::: Okay, had a little internal conflict out loud sorry!! LOL....I've decided to stay positive for tuesday and DH actually gets to go with me to that appointment so that makes me feel better! (he had to work this morning) I hope everyone has a great day! I'll be waiting up all morning tomorrow waiting to sign for my Menopur they had to order me since i'll be running out before the weekend is up! Good luck ladies and lots of baby dust!!!!!!
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SO.....to deal with my depressed state after the doctor's appointment on friday I decided to bake an apple bunt cake last night. I think at least once a week after going to my RE I have baked some kind of goodies! I made 3 home made apple pies last sunday and now this! LOL i'm going to make my family members fat from all the homemade goodies i've been cooking! At least I have an outlet instead of just sulking it up all weekend long!!!!

OMG i woke up this morning a little late because one of my BFF IRL asked me to go out with her for a little bit last night and we ended up staying out until 2 this moring and when i got up UPS had already ran and left a nice little sticky note on the WRONG door at my house to say they had tried to drop my meds off! Then they marked that they wouldn't be trying to deliver it again until monday morning before 1030....lucky for them I found another 1/2 bottle of my Menopur in my fridge last night so I'll be covered on my meds until monday! It just frustrates me how one day they will drop off a package to my side door (the one we actually use) and then the next time they come they will try to drop the package off at the door that's faces the front of my house (one we've not used since my GREAT grandparents lived in this house) So WHATEVER!!! (Sorry i'm venting again!) I hope everyone has a very stress free weekend! And I hope that I'll be sharing some good news finally by tuesday!

I have a very quick question. When taking injections do you alternate sides everytime or do you give it on the same side? I've been alternating because that's what the pharmacy said to do but i wanted to make sure that's what's supposed to happen....(i would hope so seeing as my tummy is already starting to get sore from me shoving a 1/2 inch needle through it once a day for the past 14 days!!!) Gals have a great day!
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Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post
Mind if I join the thread?
Hi Miriam! Welcome over here!!! I hope you're not here long.

brichole, I'm sorry you're still having to take the injectables!!! I hope you get your O soon! That must be frustrating.

blueyezz, does that mean you got 3.5 million totally healthy sperms after the wash? Don't worry, that's still a lot of sperms, even though it's not as many as last time. They gonna go it in and knock you up, girl.

MrsD08, I'm sorry you've been feeling sick. Thinking good thoughts for the SA appointment!

laura-belle, wow how exciting that you're starting an IVF cycle soon!!! I'll be thinking about you on Wednesday! And the shoulder pain thing: they said that they inflated my belly with CO2 gas to give them more room, and that it irritates your diaphragm and your nerves running up to your shoulder. It was definitely the worst pain for me, and it lasted the first two days, but it's better now. Just stiff and sore. phew!

pugmomma, thanks for sharing your lap story. I'm sorry they found another cyst. Do they think it's the kind that will resolve on its own? Sending you bfp vibes!!!

ps - I was front-page stalking. I think lovebug, nyteacher, and oregonduck are pregs now. Not positive, but great news!
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blueyezz4~I think it was a 24 hour bug. I ate jello for breakfast and lunch the next day and I was SOO hungry that night!

Tear~I wish it were just a SA appointment....I didn't tell you ladies? DH is *sometimes* anejaculatory. He had an appointment with a urologist in December and to make a long story short, he was of no help. The only thing we gathered from that appointment was that his testosterone levels are low, they didn't even prescribe anything, nothing, nothing, nothing from them. Luckily our insurance doesn't require referals. I made an appointment with a urologist who specializes in male infertility for mid Feb. That was the soonest they could get us in. So now I'm on pins and needles trying to process what might happen.

A friend IRL actually asked me if I would divorce DH because I've wanted children my whole life and he might be infertile. I wanted to slap her. GRRRRR that still makes me so mad!!!!

Brichole~Apple Bundt cake sounds soooosooo good! I'm making no bake cookies today.
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MrsD08, I'm sorry! You did tell us that, I knew that. I don't know why I wrote SA. I hope they have good news for you guys! That's so harsh what your friend said! I know that's a fear that bounces around my head since our infertility issues seem to ride more on me. DH is wonderful, and has told me it's a ridiculous thought, but how can you help feeling inadequate and scared? I love my DH and would live our lives childless together rather than lose him.
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MrsD08~ The apple bunt cake is GREAT and those no bake cookies sound pretty good to me too! I cooked new york strip, greenbeans, baked beans, corn on the cobb, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, and a salad last night for me, DH, and one of his friends and it was totally some good eating. Though i did almost eat too much and passed out in the middle of watching Twilight. When i woke up it was almost the end of the movie and DH and his friend were STILL watching the movie. I about fell out in the floor laughing so hard. 2 grown men over the age of 30 watching twighlight just for the heck of it after making fun of me for liking the movie when it first started. I had to explain most of the movie to them before the movie even got going good! Oh....I hope that things go well for you and DH at the new Urologist! It sucks yall are having to wait until february but hey that's a good month! That's my birthday month! I hope we all get good results from whatever it is we are having done or doing by at least the end of february!!! GOOD VIBES!!!!

Tear~ Thank you! I hope I O soon too! It is rather frustrating!

AFM: I'm sitting here patiently (well not so patiently) waiting on tuesday to get here so I can have another u/s and more b/w done! These injections are about to start to get on my nerves...but hey I have to look at what the end result will bring! I have a bad feeling that DH might have to have surgery on one of his testicles again. He had a hydrocyl(sp?) a year 1/2 ago that he had to have fixed. It doesn't cause any TTC problems other than the fact that we wouldn't be able to do anything for like 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. (they hydrocyl is just where fluid builds up around the testicle and it has to be surgicaly removed). DH doesn't do well with being put the sleep either so I don't know if my weak stomach could handle watching him get sick all over the room again like last time!!! It was pretty bad! Well, I hope everyone has a great day! I'm on CD18 and i feel like i'm about to go crazy waiting on Tuesday morning to get here! I'm so excited that DH gets to go with me this time! Maybe i'll have at least 1 ready to release by then! We've had a lot of fun practicing this weekend though! LOL. (TMI I KNOW) Well, i think me, DH, and my parents going going to the movies after while so I need to straighten up the house a little bit and take a shower! I hope you ladies have a great day!
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Originally Posted by MrsD08 View Post
A friend IRL actually asked me if I would divorce DH because I've wanted children my whole life and he might be infertile. I wanted to slap her. GRRRRR that still makes me so mad!!!!
I'm sorry! Why do people say crap like that?! I'll get that people can say somewhat insensitive things without knowing if they haven't been through infertility, but come on! This one's a little overboard, not to mention none of her business!

My DH has worried about this, though. Not so much that I'll leave him, but that I'll wish I never married him. I had to reassure him several times that I would rather be childless forever with him than have lots of kids with another man. This was at the beginning when we first found out that his sperm was the problem. He hasn't mentioned it for awhile.
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Thanks for the kind words ladies. I know she was over the top. She usually is. She never thinks before she speaks, she's just dumb like that.

I'm lucky that DH is so steadfast in his confidence. When we first found out that he probably has an infertility problem, a lot of my friends on another board and IRL told me I need to make him feel like a man and have him open jars and build things from IKEA. Funny thing is, he can build those things himself with just wood, no IKEA parts, lol. He really is a jack of all trades and I know that's rare now-a-days. He's a master plumber and an oil burner journeyman (that means he services, installs and cleans furnaces), he works on our cars and trucks, he plows in the winter, he's rebuilding a boat from the ground up, he works on his snowmobile, he builds all kinds of things (right now he's working on a little ledge for my kitchen for spices and a can holder for the pantry). We're planning on building our own house and we'll do most of the work ourselves. He also built the arbor for our wedding. I really don't know how I can make him more confident of his skills/being a man....!
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Checking in again-

I'm still around. Please update me from TTC #1 to TTC #2 for 3 years.. I already have a 7yo. We are taking this cycle off because DH is going through his yearly cancer testing and will be radioactive for a few days due to the meds. Who knows, maybe that's the boost we need. Otherwise, all is the same here. Today is my birthday

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MrsD08~ Sounds like you got you a winner!!! My DH is a lot more handy than my ex and I love it! I don't have to waste money on having people come out and look at problems at the house any more and he knows how to work on cars which is a plus because that can get kinda pricey too! I'm sorry your friend is being on the crazy side with that comment but hey...people who don't go through IF don't really understand what a bond we have with our DH's!!!

Eastbayk~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I hope your DH's cancer testings go well. I hope that by your next cycle you'll be able to ttc!!! Lots of good vibes!!!!

blueyezz4~ How are you doing in your wait? I really hope that you are able to get a BFP with this round! That would be awesome!

AFM~ I'm still taking 112.5 IUs of menopur and BDing every other day! That way if i O on my own we will catch it and if i've not Oed yet i'm still having fun right? I go back in the morning to see if my follies are finally big enough for me to take my Ovidrel!!!! The nurse ordered me 6 more boxes of my Menopur and I got those in from UPS this morning....but i really hope that I don't need it! I will waste $62 to have at least 1 good follie that might take!!!! I know that might sound crazy but if i NEVER had to give myself another shot ever again after taking the Ovidrel that would be WONDERFRUL! I don't know that it will happen but i'm going to try to stay + about it! I hope this week is full of good news for everyone!

I'm on CD19 and still waiting to O though....how wonderful could that be! NOT lol
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Who would like to be the thread keeper for Infertility ONE Thread, February?
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