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Homemade gifts ideas for 6 year old 'princess'

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My daughters 6 birthday is approaching. I plan on making her some clip-on earrings, hair barrettes, and some necklaces and bracelets.

She's very much a girlie girl, and I figure it should be really easy to come up with a lot of great ideas for her. I have about a month and a half to get started, and I'd like to come up with some great ideas.

She loves to help me cook. She loves playing dress up and mommy, she has a desire to help with canning, gardening, sewing, and anything mommy does.

What are your best ideas, and doing somewhat simple things that wont' cost an arm and a leg to create. I have lots of arts and crafts supplies here - tons of fabric, notions, beads, etc, etc. Daddy is going to make her a jewelery box for all of the new 'jewels' I'll be making her.
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What about a pink frilly apron? One made out of a cupcake pink fabric, with a frilly bottom/frill around the arms. Get her a pink whisk and bowl(I bought these for a friends dd and she went nuts!) and let her pick a recipe to make or but her a semi healthy cupcake mix.

A fabric or knitted purse. A knitted fluffy scarf(you could get the yarn for a buck at the dollar store and its a really simple starter project if youve not knited before)

Pretty princess skirt/dress. That's what ds calls dd's frilly dresses.
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how about a tulle ballerina or princess skirt. I made one for a friend's DD and it was maybe $4 worth of tulle (I had the elastic) very simple, minimal if any sewing and she LOVED it. You can really customize it all you want. Here is one tutorial but if you google tulle ballerina skirt im sure you would find more.


I forgot to mention if you want the skirt to "pouf" out a bit use varying degrees of tulle stiffness. For instance I made one and use a the really fine gauge tulle (which was the only iridescent they had) and mixed with some other colors. They had one that was a little stiff which helped the layers pouf out. The finer the gauge of the tulle the "wispier" or "floating" it will be. Sorry I dont know the proper fabric terms
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My twin girls turned 6 this week...

They love the fairy cookbook they got from their aunties. The especially love the gift bags filled with ingredients. Two bags apiece and each bag holds a photocopy of one recipe and every single item you need to make it. (I love it too because I don't have to scramble for ingredients when the girls come across a recipe they want to make.)

You can probably find many fairy related recipes on the internet. The aunties also made simple aprons using fabric with sparkly fairy fabric. The finishing touch was little bottle/necklaces of fairy dust...glitter that I refuse to let them open yet!
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We just made these tutus (similar to the link above, but more detailed instructions):


I used 4 yards pink, 2 yards sparkly pink, 2 yards light pink


4 yards dark blue, 2 yards sparkly turquoise blue, 2 yards light blue

(and had enough left over to make an additional tutu, nice to have if we have company!)

I also tried this tutu pattern; I think it would hold up better to hard play, and takes less yardage, but not as FLUFFY as the others.

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I like the fairy idea.

Does she have a tea set? What about her own cloth napkins, table cloth and tea set?

A crown?

I like the apron idea too.

Sounds like fun- I hope that I get to have princess someday.
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6 is a great age for a tooth fairy pillow if you do the tooth fairy as well. You could take fabric scraps and stuff one and make it all fancy for her. I plan to make a monster one for DS's friend who is turning 6 soon (he is into monsters).
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for dress-up, how about a quick-knitted sash/scarf/wrap from some gorgeous yarn?

cast on double the stitches you plan to use total, and knit a few rows. then decrease by half and knit the length, then increase again to finish. the ends will be ruffled, and your little girl will have a multi-purpose dress-up accessory. i did this for my niece, using huge needles for an open lacy look, and it was a quick project.

i used a bamboo variegated yarn (yummy pink and green and teal and white and orange multi) - soft and shiny!
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