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It's probably better if your nipples are not hard, as I would think (though I'm not an expert) that it would make it more difficult to latch on, and elongate the nipple. I have very short nipples, at the very first they actually turned in on themselves when I tried to position my DS to nurse! But eventually they all worked themselves out (but have never been hard). I was given a nipple shield in the hospital, but feeding was usually worse with it than without.
I use the Breastflow (or rather my DH does when I'm at work) and it does seem to work well. I've heard that it is much slower flow than even most "slow flow" nipples of other brands, and is supposed to (as you mentioned) work more like the breast. Since we've been using them, he's stopped pawing at me like he's trying to get more milk out! We bought them at Target, I don't know what you have available.
As for stress -- yikes! It's sounds like there's plenty! Since you probably can't reduce the sources of your stress, I would focus on trying to forget it when you're feeding (bottle, SNS, breast, whatever). I know that's easier said than done! For me (when my DS was younger and having feeding troubles), retiring to a quiet room to feed, watching TV (or not, sometimes it added to the stress, sometimes helped), putting on your (or baby's) favorite music (mine really likes soft piano music, which is great for me too!), lighting your favorite scented candle or some other "luxury", and just convincing yourself that the only thing in the world right then is feeding, and that even if it's not going well it's going to be ok. (Again, easier said than done!) I've even taken a bath and fed him in the bathtub (careful with that, of course, I didn't fill it very full and hands on him at all times). (He relaxed enough to poo, which he was having trouble with at that time! A swim diaper is a good thing!) The name of the game (as I'm sure you know) -- Experiment!
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one more thing...

And as for LCs, keep trying until you find one that's working. I went through several. They're all very nice, I just think they are all exposed to different issues and have certain realms of knowledge and expertise. We finally did one by video conference -- it was a small fee, and we were able to talk to someone who was more familiar with our (admittedly somewhat rare) issues and helped us a lot! If you need a referral let me know.

Other than that, so glad things are getting a little bit better, and good luck with everything else!
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Yeah I tried taking a bath with him too because when we bathe him he FREAKS OUT!! It was really stressing me out to see him so red and hear him scream bloody murder than I just filled the bath about 3 inches and sat down with him on my chest. He wouldn't feed in there but we did get a bath with only a couple tears (he doesn't like his privates cleaned lol). They don't sell the swimmers trunks up here in the winter so I think I am going to have to order online. Right now I keep a diaper right beside the tub in case we need one for poo in an emergency. My section wound is completely healed now so I'm not worry about him peeing on me though he hasn't yet.

You know what is really upsetting? People asking me how its going. My mom asks all the time. Even on here you all don't ask me if I BFed today... you simply support and encourage. I know my family means well but its a dagger in my heart every time they ask. I lie and say it is going well so they don't ask anything else. If I asked them to stop they would be all concerned and wanna talk about it... /sigh
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DD was born in January and *hated* being bathed... we tried the tub, we tried sponge baths... she hated it. Our pediatrician suggested we try showering with her. She LOVED it... she'd put her head back so the back of her head was in the water and swish it back and forth... just the cutest thing ever...
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I should try that.
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(he doesn't like his privates cleaned lol).
My DS was very upset when touched when he was born -- didn't like changing, bathing, didn't even really like his feet touching anything. It's like he was hypersensitive or something. He still screams when I change him at night and he's only half awake. Good thing DH is a heavy sleeper! (or not... )

Originally Posted by Darryen View Post
You know what is really upsetting? People asking me how its going.
I felt like I spent so much time dealing with it all, I didn't even want to be reminded about it when I was doing something else! It was the stress I think.
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