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I have 8 kids, my youngest is 6 months old. I have always used Wondfo, as I have found them to be the most sensitive test and most accurate. 

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Just wanted to chime in with my Wondfo experiences. During my last clinical pregnancy, I used Wondfos and got a light but definitely visible line at 12dpo -- had a beta the next day and my HCG was 17, so it picked it up at a very low level. I actually also tested at 8dpo and 10dpo and had super light lines on those days as well but wrote them off. I continued testing until my HCG was at about 12,000 and it continued to get darker. I noticed it didn't get as dark as the control line until my HCG was in the hundreds, though.


Since that pregnancy, I've had Wondfos pick up several chemical pregnancies, too. They do seem very sensitive.


But! Here's something weird. An RE told me that he suspected some of my "chemical pregnancies" were actually LH surges being picked up by the HPTs. I honestly thought the man had no idea what he was talking about... I'd heard about OPKs picking up HCG, but not HPTs picking up LH. So I decided to test his theory... the next time I knew I was having an LH surge, I tested with a Wondfo HPT. Sure enough, I got a light positive, on 3 separate tests. I tested again after my LH surge was over, and the HPTs were negative.


So there you go. Wondfos are great at picking up low levels of HCG... and also high levels of LH!

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I have kept getting faint positive over a period of one year, think i'm maybe preg but period comes and all imaging (including ultrasound, ct scan and mri and blood tests are negative...so a few months ago i started testing using the wondfo brand HCG test strips along with the LH surge it totally occured with the LH surge and HCG was negative again as soon as the LH surge was over. Very interesting, I think so one needs to research this.  But if you think about it it kinda can make sense.  LH has 80% the same chemical makeup as HCG.  I think most of us are aware that there are alot of HCG varients and many that aren't even know of yet (explains why some women never test positive on blood or urine despite being pregnant there is pretty new research on this out in march 2013 and proves that even blood hcg can be false negative due to these varients)...so why is it not possible that some women may also produce some LH varients which may make it similar enough in chemical structure to bind to the HCG test strips?  I haven't tried it with other brands due to cost but definately had false positive with the other brands over that prior year of testing....

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Originally Posted by Jenne View Post

I purchased a big bunch of Wondfo tests off the internet. I highly discourage anyone from purchasing this brand. My BFF is 8 weeks pregnant and peed on one for me so that I could know where to look for an early positive. Her positive test took at least a minute to come up and it was faint and didn't make a complete line. I did a search for what Wondfo's looked like on the internet when positive and didn't come up with anything. They stink for getting confirmation of a pregnancy!

Happy New Year Y'all!

Actually, this is why they are "early" pregnancy tests. There's a phenomenon where very high levels of hCG will cause tests to turn negative. It doesn't mean the test is defective. I know this is a really old thread but (for the sake of passing on information) if she were to dilute her urine with water, I'm sure it would have come up nice and dark. Its called the "hook effect".

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When I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my son (who is now 5 years old) I switched doctors and they had me take another pregnancy test as a formality (this was after I had an ultrasound the week before at another office and two BFP's.) Well, the pregnancy test at 8 weeks turned out negative! The worst part is that this new doctor came in and told me that I had lost my baby!! They had me sign some release form and I was in tears with disbelief. I begged them to do an ultrasound to see what had happened. Reluctantly, she agreed to "check it out" and with a look of shock she said, "Huh, I don't know what happened, but there is a baby in there." That day was such an emotional roller-coaster, you can't imagine. So I guess the moral of the story is that none of these test are error proof...

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Quote: http://www.pregnancylab.net/2011/05/false-negative-pregnancy-tests.html

4) Finally, the other reason for false negatives was only

recently described and is referred to as the "variant hook effect." This is much more common than the hook effect. As pregnancy progresses, there are actually different variant forms of hCG that begin to appear in the urine. After about 5 weeks of pregnancy (i.e. 3 weeks after the expected period) concentrations of hCG beta core fragment are higher than all other forms of hCG. This is perfectly normal. Unfortunately, the concentration of hCG beta core fragment can saturate one of the antibodies used in the assay in certain pregnancy kits, and the other antibody doesn't recognize the beta core fragment. As a result, no sandwich forms and the test is read as a negative. The farther in pregnancy a woman is, the more likely that this false negative will occur. Similar to the hook effect, the variant hook effect can be confirmed if testing shows a positive result after diluting the sample.

This is a more clinical version of the explanation.

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Here is my Pic Of all the Positives I got with Wondfo tests with my last pregnancy.


4 days away from my period I got the boldest, darkest 2nd line i have ever seen!!! I had a ton of tests at the time and so I played around with testing....I even used breast milk! (Yes the hormone is secreted in Breast milk. Faint positive still!) I dipped them in the toilet after I peed (Really diluted urine) Peed Directly on the stick (Forceful stream) They were all extremely positive.

 As with any tests it is possible to get a bad batch, or use them incorrectly, (Too much humidity in the room, not dipping long enough, or too long...) Urine that is too dilute or drinking a lot of water can disrupt results.


 Check out Countdown to pregnancy.com to see Pregnancy tests by brand, by result, by DPO. Upload and get votes on whether your test looks + or - I LOVE that site.



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You probably just got a bad batch. I sometimes get that with wondfo OPK's. 

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I had used Wondfro last year and thats how I found out I was pregnant. But I have heard of women getting bad batches. Maybe you should try a different brand to ease your mind. After Wondfro.....I followed up with a digital First Response which gave me another positive.

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