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Travelled without baby?

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Just wondering if anyone has travelled without their babe yet? I asked on the LWAB forum if I should take my little man with me on a biz trip in three wks. He is very attached, and I'm stressed about taking him AND stressed about the idea of NOT taking him, lol!

FWIW, it is a 48-hr trip and DH is more than up for the challenge of being home with all four of them...
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i had a trip when connor was 4 months old, and i took him with me. it went well having him with me, i arranged daycare there, the plane was easy, the hotel was accomodating.

that said, i make sure to have enough pumped milk on hand for several days in case a trip comes up that i can't take baby with me easily. i would hate to leave him, but i'm sole income in our family, so if i have to, i'll do it.
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If you WANT to and can figure out the logistics, go for it! If the idea of hanging in a hotel room in QUIET (well, it might be quiet with just one as opposed to 4 anyhow, yk? ) and time to read a good book, take a hot bath, and go to bed early and sleep all night sounds better, than you should do that.

It's a tough call for me. I always THINK I want the peace and quiet, but in reality I'm totally bored with the solitude and wish I had my family. So, I'd probably take him.

Then again - I'm a total nut about leaving my children with strangers, so unless I could really have him WITH me for the trip - meaning my employers were willing to work with him around, that's great, otherwise, I might think it would be better for HIM to be home with Daddy than with some stranger. jmho.

Good luck with your decision!
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