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Poll Results: What are your sleeping arrangements?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (0)
    Single parent, child(ren) sleep separate
  • 3% (5)
    Single parent, child(ren) co-sleep
  • 16% (26)
    Sleep with partner, child(ren) sleep separate
  • 53% (86)
    Sleep with partner, child(ren) co-sleep
  • 1% (3)
    Partner sleeps separate, child(ren) sleep separate
  • 12% (20)
    Partner sleeps separate, child(ren) co-sleep
  • 3% (6)
    No children, but plan to co-sleep
  • 0% (0)
    No children, but plan NOT to co-sleep
  • 8% (14)
    Other - explain
160 Total Votes  
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Dh and I bedshare with our 6 month old DD. We have her crib in a sidecar set up, but she spends a majority of the night with use. Our 2.5 year old DS, sleeps in a twin bed in his own room. He has never really enjoyed sharing a bed with us and has loved having his own space.
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I voted sleeps w/partner, child co-sleeps - but maybe should have chose other since I have 3 older children who sleep in their own rooms.

In our bed (king) is me, DH, and DS3 who is turning 3 in March. We were just last night (while laying in bed as he snoozed) talking about getting him a big bed, possibly a queen sized futon mattress to put on the floor of his room. He moves like crazy in the middle of the night, and we get kicked a lot lately. He always does a 180 and ends up upside down, or sideways.

Anyway, I do love co-sleeping, and will always give him a choice as to where he wants to sleep. For a while there he was sleeping in his own room, but I think b/c it was a toddler bed it was just not near enough space for him (he's pretty tall), and he started waking up and coming in to join us.

Our 4.5, 6.5, and 8.5 yo's sleep in their own beds (or sometimes each others, but only in ours every great once in awhile now).
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I cosleep with the infant. DH is another room to get more sleep. Toddler sleeps in a crib in the hallway between us. If toddler wakes up in the night, DH responds, although toddler mostly sleeps through the night.

The first 18m with toddler were rough rough rough with lots of useless and horrible comments by lots of people. Bedsharing worked well for me and DS but DH hated it and I hated his whining.

Actually, I don't really like cosleeping all that much. I'd rather have a babe in a crib and down the hall who was sleeping through the night. Somehow my sister managed it and bf'd and all her kids slept through the night at like 6m.

But I bf on demand and I don't CIO and I believe babies need to be responded so that pretty and doing all of those things when the babe is far away is retched for the momma. So it is just easier to be there and respond quickly and try and get as much sleep as possible. I spend a lot less time up during the night this way because the babe never really wakes up, just gets restless and then I nurse her and she goes into a deeper sleep quickly.

For me, it isn't a philosophical choice. But bf'ing is really important and I work FT and night nursing is important for the babe and my milk supply.
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DD is 2.6 or so and starts out in her own room (it's a big bed and I nurse her down) and then calls for us sometime in the night and we get her and she sleeps with us. That can vary a lot, sometimes it's just a couple hours (if she's sick an hour) and then sometimes it's hours and hours on her own. DH loves snuggling with her a times; he wants to sleep like that but he's never been able to sleep any way but curled up with blankets over his head, so he gets to sleep solo (even I don't get to sleep snuggled on him hardly ever!) and I get DD snuggled on my arm (now that we nightweaned; before she was in the crook of my arm on the boob pillow!) We're all very happy with this. I know it'll be so short in hindsight, even if we have 4 kids, one day they'll all be on their own... I like the coziness and I actually worry about sleeping solo. Sometimes it's a real adjustment, now that I go to sleep while she's still in her room!
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Ok... I think I remember you from the July ddc?
I co-sleep full time with my dd (17 mos) and most nights with my 5 yr old. Dh sleeps most nights w ds7! And sometimes with the 5 yr old. One night out of the week I sleep with all 3 kids and dh sleeps in the boys bed!!
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I voted "sleep with partner, children sleep separately" and "other." DD is five and sleeps in her own bed, in her own room. She co-slept with DH and I, though, until she was three. We always had a room for her, with her clothes, books, toys and an available crib. She never spent a night in it. Heck, she never even took a nap in it- but it was there. When she was two, we converted the crib to a toddler bed, but she wasn't interested. When she was three, we asked her if she wanted to try out her "big girl bed." She did! She was totally excited about it. She ended up sleeping in it for the first part of every night and then crawling in with us until morning. That was perfectly fine. When she was almost four, she got too big for the toddler bed, so we allowed her to choose her bed from IKEA. She was so excited about it that she's been it in every night since. She still sometimes crawls in with us if she is sick or has a nightmare, but I think all kids do that.

I guess my point is that she moved out of our bed at her own pace, in her own time, when given the tools that inspired her to do so.

If/when we have another child, they will have a crib available- that they will probably never sleep in- and sleep with us as long as they feel they need to.
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My dp, ds, dd and I all sleep together in a king sized bed. The only time my dp sleeps elsewhere is when his snoring is keeping me awake.
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I sleep with DS and my partner.
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We co-slept with both of our babes. At two DS1 had his own bed in his own room where he began the night and every morning at 5 am he would be welcomed back into our bed to sleep for a few more hours. This went on until he was 5. He now sleeps through the night in his own bed but knows he is welcome back in our king. He will sleep part of the night with us once in a blue moon (he's 7)

Right now, our little one (almost 19 mo) starts the night in his toddler bed which is positioned between the wall and our bed. Sometimes he stays there all night but most of the time he makes it into the big bed before morning. We got the toddler bed when he was about 16 months old and he generally seems to prefer it.
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I sleep in the bed with DD (who is 7 months) and DH sleeps on a mattress on the floor.
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other. Dh sleeps with ds, I sleep with baby dd. Until May, when the children's grandma leaves and ds will have his room back. He usually sleeps by himself.
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Over the years, we've had all those arrangements (except the single parent part; DH has never been away for more than a few nights), at different times, and I think maybe a few others as well. I remember one phase when the twins were about six months old when DD1 would fall asleep in her own bed in her own room, and DH went to sleep downstairs with DD2, and I went to sleep upstairs in my room with DS, but then at about 2 am DD2 would wake up, and I would go nurse her downstairs, while DH crawled in with DD1, and then once I had DD2 asleep again, I'd put her in a crib in the room with DH and DD2, and go back to DS again.

Yeah. So I picked other.

Our present arrangement is all three kids (DD1 is 5, and DD2 and DS will be 3 in a few weeks) sleeping in one bedroom together, and me and DH in the adjacent room, but we have a trundle bed under ours that is frequently occupied by one child or another. Not DD1 so much, but one or the other of the twins, usually for only part of the night, maybe once or twice a week. DS is going through a phase of having a lot of nighttime fears, so he's been sleeping with us fairly often the last few weeks.

We are believers in doing whatever works best to get everybody a good night's sleep, no matter how unorthodox the arrangement.
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We start the night with the toddler and move him to his own bed, but he crawls back in around 5:30am and sleeps with me until 7:30. We moved him to his own bed because he had become somewhat of a bed hog (and I am pregnant). He sleeps better in his own space
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So, ignore one of the votes for partner sleeps separate, children sleep separate. I meant to put sleep with partner, child cosleeps...most of the time. DP has a bad, bad habit of falling asleep on the couch and being too lazy to come to bed.

I never planned on cosleeping, but once he was born it came naturally and easy to sleep together and breastfeed in the blurry, newborn haze. DP isn't as fond of cosleeping as we are, but doesn't mind it that much either. We both became accustomed to it, and enjoy it. DS does sleep on his own for naps, and sometimes at night. When he stays with DP's parents he sleeps on his own most of the time, but sometims enjoys snuggling with both gma and gpa. When he stays with my parents, he always enjoys snuggling with my mom.
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DH, DD and I sleep in our king size bed. Our boys (10 and 8) have their own room and own beds but about 3 nights a week they sleep on our floor in sleeping bags. We are all comfortable with this arrangement. Co-sleeping and room sharing has not impacted our boys socially at all! They both have a ton of friends. They spend the night out, without us a few times a month and do just fine.
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I picked "other". Around age 3, DD decided she wanted to sleep in her own bed (we hadn't even set up her toddler bed in her room after we moved when she was 2). DD changed her mind after a few weeks of being in her own bed, but DH and I wanted some alone time after 3 years; we decided that if DD starts out in her own bed (illness and need for extra cuddles notwithstanding) if she wants to come into bed with me and DH at some point during the night, she can. Most nights she does wake up and crawl in with us at some point. It's win/win!
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I voted other or I guess could've voted 2 different ways. Our arrangement is DH and I cosleep/bedshare with DD. DS sleeps in his bed in his room.
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We're at the tail end of our co-sleeping journey - partnered, two kids, both of whom slept with us (at the same time, 4 in a queen bed LOL) until DD chose to move out at age 4. DS has been in-out of his own bed since age 4.5, but still comes to bed with us most mornings around 4-5 am for the rest of the night.
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Originally Posted by spirit4ever View Post
Ok... I think I remember you from the July ddc?
I was there!
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I voted for both "No children but plan to cosleep" and "Other." DH and I are TTC and he's known since before we were married that I'd want to cosleep. I don't know how much he'll be with baby and me b/c we already sleep apart quite a bit due to his terrible snoring. We want to get a futon for the living room so there's always space for whatever the night brings. I voted for other b/c my boys and I coslept off and on until my youngest was about 9.
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