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Im here... obsessing over whether or not my tests are getting darker or lighter. I know better, right? but 4 days after my first and im still squinting to see most of them... its hard.

I cant help but wonder if my O date is wrong. I know in my heart it isnt, theres no way it is... but what if Im only 9dpo and not 15dpo?

My breasts are starting to hurt... the lack of that was one of the first signs I had that omg I might actually be pregnant (they always hurt as of 7dpo up until AF shows...

blargh... im just being the same as any of us would though right?
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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post
blargh... im just being the same as any of us would though right?
Um, hello, have we met?

Hang in there, girl. Thinking of you and blowing tons of dust your way. I know how hard this part of the wait is.
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you could be off, or maybe implantation happened later than you thought. either that or your urine is more/less diluted and giving you different readings. remember a pregnancy test just tells you that you are pregnant- not how pregnant (to quote you )

You are without a doubt pregnant based on the tests you've taken! Maybe take a day off and test with FMU tomorrow?
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I know most TTC ladies can relate to this... I need to vent lol.

Im terrified of losing a baby I don't even fully know exists. Yeah, I have gotten lines, even on FRER (which are still there btw, and darker than my ICs) but I cant help looking at my ICs all lined up and think...

well I didn't even pay 50 cents a piece. Those COULD be evap lines....

even though you don't see anything on the older ones... and the newer ones you can see with a little effort... but still nothing that you can look at and go YUP that's a positive!

I NEED that. At 15dpo hardly getting a bfp I am terrified I am going to lose this baby that I have slowly over the past 4 days come to accept might actually be real. The fact that (despite what FF thinks for some dumb reason) AF was due yesterday and I have only ever ONCE gotten AF on 15dpo before makes me fully believe that yeah, Ive missed a period. And still nothing to show for it on those darn tests. No big fat PREGNANT. Nothing but a bunch of pink lines that are barely there. They ARE there. But barely.

I think I'm going to go out and buy another pack of FRERs

And maybe some EPT digitals like was suggested.

I Didn't want to spend more money... but I really need the reassurance. I wish I could go to my doctor to get a blood test but where I live that's just not doable. I don't live in a city, I don't see a doctor in a hospital and her office does not have a lab. They have to send the blood (along with any other blood they have taken) to the city to the lab and then have it checked and get back to me whenever they can. That could be a week from now... and what difference would it make then? A week from now I will KNOW if I am still pregnant or not. The only time they do blood tests is if they worry that the pregnancy is not progressing fast enough... and then they send YOU to the city (not a drive I want to make... im not a city girl, I do not handle city roads very well) to get tested.

Ive still got nausea... but nowhere near as bad as the other day.
I was dizzy a lot of the day yesterday, nothing today.
My breasts hurt... when they didn't at 7dpo that was my sign that I might be pregnant... now they do.
Im cramping....

I think the only positive sign I have right now is that my cervix is still high and soft. But if anyone knows, I do, that that can change VERY fast.
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i would trust the FRERs more than the internet cheapies. and the lines on the FRERs were most definitely easy-to-see-no-doubt-about-it-PINK-POSITIVE!!!
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They are NOT evaps did you try a digi today those seem to be getting darker maybe the ics are not because they dont have that much die in them.

And how far is the city can you do a day trip to do the bloodwork, It is worth it for your peace of mind.
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A pink line is a pink line, you're pregnant. I haven't had great luck with the ICs to the honest. I never got a dark line with #2 and took about 11 million of them. Although the $ tree store tests work well for me (as in I don't need a microscope to see the line).

I had cramping for weeks with #2 and #3, mild cramping - I think it's just the baby getting all snug in there. I wouldn't worry about NOT feeling nauseous, maybe the nauseau you felt the other day was something else, I'm sure in a week or so you'll feel like horse crap like the me... LOL...congrats again!
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i hope so

with dd the morning sickness started out rough (vomiting even... havent done that yet) got better for a few weeks then came back not so bad for a couple weeks...

with DS the morning sickness started out like it is... then slowly progressed into HG nearly putting me in the hospital (my doctor actually told me to go if I threw up one more time that particular day... and I didnt lol... was finally able to start keeping water and certain foods down)

Im wondering if its a boy... would I get the same morning sickness as with DS? lol... that would suck.

ugh wow hard to believe 7 years ago today I was sitting there telling my belly to hurry up and have a baby... now Im sitting here telling it to hurry up and tell me that im going to have a baby.
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So... we are about to get some snow this evening (not much, just about 8-10 inches) so I think Im going to head into town now to pick up some more tests... few other provisions. Glad my family is not milk drinkers... store will be out of milk today after they announced the storm coming. Happens EVERY time. Out of milk, almost out of eggs, and unless its bread truck day or the day after... out of bread as well.

I think store owners and school children are the only ones that cheer when storms come.
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(((Hugs))), Maeryn. I've been growing concerned about you because I agree that the tests should be getting darker by now. I'm glad that you are thinking about all of the possibilities and are going to get some more FRERs.

I'm sorry, though, for the roller coaster of emotions that you're going through. Many prayers for you.
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So, FWIW. I got a BFN at 12DPO. I bet that if I had tested at 14-15 DPO that it would've been super light like yours. By 18DPO it was obvious.
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I hope this baby sticks, mama. I think your O date is right and you HAVE missed your period. But it does seem like the tests should be easier to see by now. Those saveontests do get dark. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37396748@N08/4082864605/ This is my test at around 7wks (blighted ovum)
Your FRER are getting easier to see though from the last ones you've posted, maybe your saveontests are just bad. I've taken all but 4 of my 50 from them with no error tests and you've had two or three in yours so far.
Follow your advice, relax you ARE pregnant.
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Mae, as you know, I was in the same exact position as you last cycle (except your FRERs are darker than mine were). I am thinking about you and hoping that your outcome is waaaaay different than mine (I have a feeling it will be).

You know we're all here for support; and feel free to PM me if you just need to vent it all out.

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Well, since I got daily BFNs up to 21 or so DPO with DS2 (though at the time I didn't know if I had ovulated; just knew I was bleeding a lot), with squinting, though I will admit I never kept what looked like a BFN as long as the time limit -- probably chucked them at 3 or so minutes -- I have no trouble believing you could have a line that faint at 14 DPO and be very, very pregnant -- especially if you're experiencing pregnancy symptoms.
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You're pregnant... and about faint lines. My miscarriage the tests that I took were so very dark and obvious. With my my daughter... they were so faint I laugh when I look at the picture because I can't really see diddly, you really, really had to squint. I got a pregnant on a digi though.. hopefully you'll pick up a more sensitive digi today and it will ease your fears.

And if you don't mind keeping that snow your direction, I would GREATLY appreciate it. This is the first time I'll be out of the house in over a week today. I do not need the weather to ruin it for me. (off to look at what our weather has in store for us.)
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the FRER is much darker and not even dry yet. its still faint, but certainly darker than the other day. waiting on the digital which, to be honest, i still expect to say no. but I dont care! MY FRER IS DARKER!


oh and my IC is slightly darker

and yes im taking pics give me a sec
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yes.. FRER's are all that I really trust when it comes to an early answer. If there's a line on a FRER I try not to doubt it.
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:j oy
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