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Any experience with ER visits/non-vaxing? - Page 2

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The reason doctors turn parents who do not vaccinate over to CPS is because not vaccinating, IN THEIR MIND, equals medical neglect.

The odd thing is that most social workers, at least in my neck of the woods, know that many conscientious parents are not vaccinating now due to legitimate concerns about safety and health.

So it is a bureaucratic dance of sorts that is going on here, with parents and their children stuck in the middle.
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My son's been in the ER 5 times; they've never asked for vax status.
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I lie

I was not asked during our last trip for stitches but was before and I say yes. In my mind I think my kids have had the vaxes I think are important. It happens to be none at this time but I don't say that. I feel like it is not a big deal because I just want my kids taken care of. If I was asked are they up to date I would say yes again because in my eyes they have what number I think is up to date. The number is zero but I don't share that. i just feel stressed out enough in those situations and I don't want to talk about anything but the immediate problem.
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My experience

I have been to the ER (2 different ones) with my two kids. My dd was vaxed on schedule until 18 months; my ds is completely unvaxed. Of the 4 visits we've had, the only ER trip that vax status came up was after my dd busted open her knee running up outdoor concrete stairs at her school and needed 10 stitches . I have never lied about their vax status, and since my daughter wasn't and isn't "UTD" on tetanus, we were mildly pressed about getting her a shot at that visit. I respectfully declined, to which the surpised dr. stated, " You know there is no treatment for tetanus?". I replied "Right." somewhat sarcastically (dr. didn't pick up on it); since she wasn't trying to fearmonger or press me to get her a tetanus vax, I didn't press the issues that there *is* a treatment for it.

I wan't at all worried that CPS would have been called on me for this as we do have a supportive ped who would have stood up for us (although couldn't whip out a refusal to vaccinate form at my daughter's follow up appt as it was her first at this ped's office - not the "bad mommy" form, just a form simply stating I was not vaccinating my child because of personal beliefs/religious objections).

I'm sorry that anyone has to worry about being "reported" to CPS - as if when we visit the ER we don't have enough on our plates to worry about!
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