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if you had the choice- single or multiples? - Page 2

Poll Results: if you could chose, single or multiples?

  • 51% (24)
    Thanks, one is enough, give me a single
  • 44% (21)
    I'd like two at a time, but not more.
  • 4% (2)
    3 or more is fine by me.
47 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by amnesiac View Post
I think that the question makes me feel a little uncomfortable because it seems like if I were to say I wouldn't choose multiples that it casts my experience & my twins' existence in a negative light. But if I say I would definitely choose twins that it gives the impression that having multiples is the "neat" experience people without multiples seem to talk to me about - like it just casts aside all the risks and challenges we faced.
Yeah, this is how I feel too.
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I was so thrilled when I found out I was having twins. We had been ttc for about two years, so I felt like we were "catching up" all at once. That said, the first year was probably the hardest of my life, but I still love having twins. I have to say, though, I've been glad to find out in both of my subsequent pregnancies that I was not having twins, but only because I had a very difficult twin pg with a lot of complications, so I was afraid of the risks of another one, especially with young children to take care of.
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thank you for all the thoughtful answers! im sorry if i made anyone upset, i didnt mean to do that.

this might sound crazy but.....here goes
i have been dreaming about twins lately, and this is something that came into my head- feeling like somehow if i conceived now it would be more than one- and wondering if thats something i could handle- i honestly dont know how you all do it! much respect.

it raises allot of very interesting questions for me-for one-
in addition to the ways you all mentioned- is genetic screening "choosing your children"

and if so how do i feel about that?
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Oh not upset at all - just not feeling really able to provide an answer!

It's the single most difficult thing I've ever done in my life & I don't think it's truly something you can understand until you've lived through it. But I cannot imagine my life without the experience & I cannot imagine my boys lives any other way.
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I would absolutely love to have another set of twins. When I was TTC I hoped for twins, it was a struggle to get pregnant so to find out I was actually expecting two at once was amazing and such a blessing. My pregnancy was easy and so far raising twins has been pretty awesome too.
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As I jokingly tell people, I'd take twin boys over a singleton girl any day. That isn't to say my daughter is "bad" or something, but she was much more trying/needy/etc. than my twins were at that age.

Anyway, I'd take whatever we were given (just as we have, of course). I think I would choose one over two in the future, if we had a baby again, as it's just plain easier to have one baby vs. two, IMO.
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I can't even vote... I just don't get the question
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