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Any good playgroups in the area? I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old, most of my friends work full time/don't have children yet ect.
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Hi, I'm Jamie, a leader of Huber Heights & Dayton Northwest La Leche League, and stay at home mom to 3 boys - Ryan 5, Luke 2, and Henry 1. Our LLL groups host a playgroup every Tuesday of the month except the 3rd Tuesday (that is our meeting day) at 10am. It changes each week. We also host 1-2 Mom's Night Outs a month (babies in arms always welcome!). If you email me I can put you on our reminder email list or you can join our facebook page and see what we have planned for July.


Hope to see you there!
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Jamie, I think I actually talked to you this past aug when I was having issues with DD.

I requested to join the FB page!
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I remember you. I hope everything is going well! I accepted your request. Hope you are able to come to join us.
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Springboro area moms!

All right girls, I know there have to be some Springboro moms that are breastfeeding!! If you're out there please come join us the second Tuesday of the month (that's August 10 this month) 7:00 at the Springboro Municipal Building Community Room for La Leche League of Springboro meetings. We are having a real slow go of things starting this group and would love to have some new moms to join us! Meetings are free and babies are encouraged and welcome. Call some other breastfeeding mothers you know and come out to the meetings!

Message me for any other info you need.
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I just moved to Dayton in June and have a couple of questions for the other posters here, if you don't mind:

-I'm a homebirth/delayed vac mom and am nervous about a pediatrician giving me flack for both those things. I've heard Cornerstone in Springboro is okay. Any recommendations for peds?

-Also, does anyone know of a midwife that serves Dayton? I have heard there are great midwives in the area but they are a bit hard to find.

I am attending a local LLL meeting in a few weeks and will surely ask there, but thought I'd ask here, too. If I should move these questions somewhere else please let me know! Thanks for the thread, glad to know there are other less conventional folks in Dayton!
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Originally Posted by waitingmama View Post
-I'm a homebirth/delayed vac mom and am nervous about a pediatrician giving me flack for both those things. I've heard Cornerstone in Springboro is okay. Any recommendations for peds?

-Also, does anyone know of a midwife that serves Dayton? I have heard there are great midwives in the area but they are a bit hard to find
I used to go to Cornerstone when I was a kid I was fully vaxed, and got measles from the MMR. It was a good practice in the 90s, we started going there after the hometown Dr said I had "Monday-itus" I actually had pneumonia.

DS unvaxed and goes to Ohio Ped in Huber and we have never had an issue. I talked to my MW about HB and she was 100% if I wanted shadow care in case I needed to transfer to the hospital. We ended up going to the hospital with the midwife on DHes wishes. He's a bit more mainstream and is a total ball of nerves. I didn't need to have my first baby, AND have a DH freaking out.

I go to Kim at Lifestages. They have a couple of offices, I see them at Goodsam downtown.

Welcome to Dayton what area did you guys move to?
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Thank you kriket! I will have to check out the peds in Huber Heights, and thanks for the mw recommendation. Just out of curiosity, did yous hospital experience end up okay? Did you deliver at Good Samaritan? We live in Belmont. I am from NJ, moved from KY, never lived in Ohio before. Dayton is different from any other place I've lived but so far so good!
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Did I say Huber? I meant Kettering On delco Pk. There is the same practice in Huber, I think the Drs travel between the two. Belmont is closer to Kettering.

I live very near Belmont too, in Eastern Hills just on the other side of Smithville!

I did deliver at Good Sam, the experience was over all good. There are a couple of things in my mind that I wonder if were really medically necessary. They probably were, but I reeeealy hate drugs. They gave me pit when my water broke at 38w with no 'real' labor. Which lead to the monitors, and the cords, which really irked me. My GBS hadn't come back yet, so I was on the ABX. They did let me labor the way I wanted (on the potty ) and were very gentle and supportive. DS had breathing problems and jaundice, so I didn't get off to a very good nursing start, and the LC was worthless. She came when DS wasn't even in the room! They encourage you to room in, there was only one nurse who gave me a line about the eye goop, they were supportive of BFing.

There were a zillion people in my room which I didn't really notice until after when I came out of my zone. lol, but I will probably have #2 the same. They have tubs I want to try out . That is if I 'remember' to mention I'm in labor and don't accidentally forget to go to the hospital.

Do you have FB? The LLL has playdates every so often. I can never make it for one reason or another, but I will make it out one of these day! You should come too!
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IMHO, with my recent delivery at Good Sam - I think they do prefer a bit of the interventions. Even though I told them not to break my water when DS3 was crowning and it was still intact, they did claiming a baby could not be born in cul because they couldn't get to him fast enough. *LOL*

Also, if you want to leave the hospital before 48 hours/2 days, you will have to fight/struggle a bit, or get one of the few nurses who are friendly towards early release to help push things through for you.

They are a bit antiquated in that the Peds will not do their exams in the room and the babies are taken to the nursery for their exam. Most Peds are having the Peds from Children's Hospital do their baby's release at Good Sam vs them selves. So, basically for me, it was one of the CMC Peds instead of my pediatrician (they didn't see him till after we were discharged in their office). Again, you will need to have your ducks in a row if you want an early discharge with them, especially with having a follow up appointment scheduled before they come to your room to eval the baby.

But on the other hand, you have access to the tubs for l&d regardless of being eligible for Family Beginnings at Miami Valley (only place in MVH that has L&D tubs is the 3 room natural birth center....)

Oh, and they have an awsome group that comes in and does the baby's birth photos. Not your typical hospital birth photos either.

I have delivered at GSH 2 times 7 years apart, and they were much better this time. And, except for the circumstances of my delivering their with strange OB's, I would say over all it was a good exprience.
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Dr. Julie Myers DO in Centerville
LLL of East Dayton can hook you up with HB MWs. Ask the leaders after the meeting.
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Hi there Dayton friends! We're currently in Cincinnati, but my husband is pursuing a job in Dayton/Kettering-ish. I need to know more about Dayton with kidlets so I can ease my mind in leaving Cinci (I love it here). We're (for now, and perhaps for always) done with the birth/breastfeeding stage, so that is not my main concern. I am interested in low-intervention and friendly peds, good neighborhoods/suburbs/area with good schools and community stuff, interesting communities with pretty trees, stuff to do with kids (for example, we're been to the Boonshoft Museum - that sort of thing), metroparks (and what kind of programming they have - this is where we spend at least half of our week now), local food scene, etc. Safety, beauty, and all of that is important, too.

The position he's looking at is right in the middle of Kettering, Oakwood, and Beavercreek. We don't want to be too far from his work. (Also, what is driving around Dayton like? We're hoping to avoid anything too-trafficky.) In my 20 minutes of research, Oakwood looks appealing, but I have no frame of reference for any of the Dayton areas.

Our kids are 4.5 and 2.

Thanks! I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.
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Most folks I know move into Oakwood for the schools and than leave when the kids are grown. Taxes are pricey there. Oakwood has a lot of rules, like you can't put your trash on the curb or alley. The trash folks have a key to your garage where you keep your trash. Also, you can only mow your yard at certain times due to noise concerns. They have great parks. The place is safe and pretty. I would not call it diverse. Oh and I hear they have a leaky basement issue.

Kettering is much bigger and almost surrounds Oakwood. I think their schools are OK. I home school. You'll find more diversity in Kettering for sure. The parks are nice. Cox, a nice park with an excess of turtles, is in Kettering.

Beavercreek is big and in Greene County, not Montgomery. It has more rural areas. As far as money goes, I'd say it was between Oakwood and Kettering, generally speaking. I think their schools are better than Kettering, but Oakwood's are tops as far as I know. Beavercreek has two large malls.

Trees-well, we have great Metro Parks and rivers everywhere

Traffic-not much of an issue, just construction stuff.

Kids stuff-Wegerzyn Children's Garden, all sorts of Metro Park programs and library programs. I am sure the Metroparks have a website. Not sure what kind of programs you kids like.

Food-I can think of a handful CSAs off the top of my head. Take your pick. We've got raw dairy too.

Peds.-You have options.
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Originally Posted by PinkBunch View Post
Kettering's schools actually received the same rating from ODE as Oakwood's, with lower taxes, greater diversity, AND a much broader range of programming available. (Both school systems received "Excellent with Distinction" for 2009.) Beavercreek schools, I believe were one step below that.
I agree with the above.

I don't know if any of this is a concern for you:

Kettering schools have a very good reputation in the area for both gifted and special needs programs. My son (1st grade) has special needs and gets wonderful services from Kettering. When I talk to other parents in our support groups they always say how lucky we are to live in Kettering. My neighbors' daughter (high school age) is gifted and they are thrilled with the programs Kettering schools have offered her.

Oakwood schools have extensive gifted programs. Their website claims that nearly half of their student body is gifted. However, I'm told that they do not offer much in special education services and most SE students are bused to other districts for services.

I know know much about Beavercreek schools for these areas. The couple of families I know with special needs kids in Beavercreek had a hard time fighting for services.

As I said, I don't know if any of that is a factor for you, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
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Wow, that is all great information! Thanks everyone! Diversity is important to us, and we're not yet in the school system (my oldest starts K next fall), so I'm not sure about where we'll fall in the special needs category. It sounds like Kettering may be another one to look at.

I really appreciate all of this information! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Joel & Asher
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Originally Posted by calipigeon View Post
Food-I can think of a handful CSAs off the top of my head. Take your pick. We've got raw dairy too.
Where? PM me, I have hunted and hunted, and everyone I find is no longer selling.

I wanted to let everyone know The Game Haven in the Page Manor shopping center has started carrying Melissa and Doug toys I'm psyched!
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