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I just found out I am pregnant with my second child and we recently moved to the Dayton area. Does anyone know of a natural birth-friendly OBGYN in the area? (Preferably near Centerville) We're thinking about going to Family Beginnings at the MVH at this point- any experiences there would be appreciated! We'd prefer to homebirth, but are currently living with my in-laws and they would freak out! We had our first at Good Sam in Cincinnati and we got really lucky that they let us do most of what we wanted (even though they left me at the place where they check you in for an hour while they argued about it- and i was in transition!) So we're hoping for a place that will be more supportive. Thanks!
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Sent you a PM, appleofmyeye :-)

Also sent you a PM, kriket!
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got 'cha back
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Check out localharvest.org. I have been with Bluebird Hills for years. Hungry Toad is good too and he has excellent eggs. My raw dairy comes from Eat Food 4 Life. They are at the 2nd St. market.
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I'll have to check out the Blue Bird hills I've heard of Hungry Toad, and was going to email him late winter to see if I could get a CSA share in exchange for work. I was trying to work out a deal like this with Patchwork Gardens, but he never got back to me after I worked once. I don't know if it's a bad sign or I just fell through the cracks They had wonderful eggs and greens, and berries due for the summer.... sigh. I wish he would find my email and give me a call. That place warmed my soul

Is EF4L at the market now? I can't remember how late 2nd st is open.

I have known about localharvest.org, but hadn't seen any raw dairy, maybe I was so exited about all the different things I overlooked it!
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If you're looking for raw dairy, check realmilk.com
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Local WIC mamas,


Have you found where to get 8th continent soymilk and the specific tofu? (can't remember the names) So far I know the new Beavercreek Kroger and the Fairborn Meijer DOES NOT carry either

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Favorite Holiday Family Tradition?

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