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Aw, thanks!

We're in Kettering. We wouldn't have to notify this year, but if we don't and change our minds next year then she'd have to repeat Kindergarten. So I think if we do homeschool this year we'll go ahead and notify, just to be safe.

I've gotten quite a few curriculum and supply catalogs in the last couple weeks. Lots to look at still, but I'm feeling a little better about things.

So who's ready for Spring?
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Yes ready for spring!!!

Yes ready for spring!!!
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Speaking of school - DPS is has an enrollment open house on Saturday at Stivers from 12-4 for incoming Kinders for 2010-2011 school year.

Also, from the paperwork I have, it looks like they are trying to put the incoming students this year in their neighborhood school, as we were not offered to pick a school, but rather:

1) School close to your home;
2) School of sibling;
3) If existing pre-school student, same school going to pre-school at;
4) District wide programs (Charity Adams; Dayton Boys Prep; Rivers Edge Mont.)
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La Leche League of Springboro

Hi Ladies,

Last minute reminder about the first La Leche League of Springboro meeting Tuesday, February 9 at 7:00 pm at the Springboro Municipal Building in the Community Room. We hope to have plenty of new faces there to kick off this meeting.

Hopefully the snow will hold off til after the meeting tomorrow night but in the event of inclement weather we will have to cancel and meet next month, but we will post on here if that happens. Cross those fingers that it holds off ladies!!
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Originally Posted by LLLHeather View Post
Hi Ladies,

Last minute reminder about the first La Leche League of Springboro meeting Tuesday, February 9 at 7:00 pm at the Springboro Municipal Building in the Community Room. We hope to have plenty of new faces there to kick off this meeting.

Hopefully the snow will hold off til after the meeting tomorrow night but in the event of inclement weather we will have to cancel and meet next month, but we will post on here if that happens. Cross those fingers that it holds off ladies!!
Hi Ladies,

We will go ahead and cancel tonight's LLL of Springboro meeting due to the weather. We'll look for you next month on March 9!
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Hi all,

I may be moving to Dayton next month (if DH's job stuff goes thru). Can anyone pass on any recs for selective/delayed vax friendly pediatricians, and family physicians/internists in general? I'd prefer a female.

Also, can you all tell me about the birth culture here? I had my first in a freestanding BC, second in a hospital BC (but basically like freestanding), and I am loath to birth in a typical hospital setting. I went to fast in my first 2 and really want my waterbirth for #3. I'm not expecting, but plan to TTC next year.

Thanks for any help you can give! I'll probably cross post in a separate thread as well.
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La Leche League of Springboro

We are once again announcing the start up of the La Leche League of Springboro group on March 9 at 7:00pm at the Springboro Municipal Building in the Community Room. We don't appear to be experiencing any nasty weather this time so we hope to see you there!
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We have the pukies

anyone else under the weather during this awesome weather????
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Odd Question - But I have been house cleaning (as in deep deep deep recesses of the house cleaning). I came across several boxes from before I got married and we moved that have way expired medications (both RX and OTC).

I know it is no longer recommended to flush them down the potty, and you shouldn't just throw them in the trash...

So, where can I legally and safely dispose of these at?
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I have taken it to the pharmacy before. It is sad but I think most people put it in the trash or potty Good for you thinking of the water supply and health of others. On a side note Gabe brought me a pill today that he found. We have no clue how he got it we did not even have that kind of pill in the house.
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I think I might try calling CVS or Walgreens.

I am doing the super deep deep deep house cleaning I have wanted to do for years --- or trying between work, kids and DH. I think he keeps forgetting not to get on the nerves of a prego person --- he keeps leaving junk on everything I have cleaned off/up and I tell him off for it....

It is two purpose - 1) Ensure clean house so if something happens at the birth of this baby, no one can claim dirty house against me; 2) we are house hunting and this will allow me to declutter, downsize and get rid of things we just don't need or use any more. This way when we move, there is less of it being moved into the new house - be it now or in a year.
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Springboro La Leche League Tonight!!

Hey girls,

Springboro La Leche League meets tonight at the Springboro Municipal Buildinga at 7:00 pm. Bring your babies and join other breastfeeding mothers in an enjoyable time together!
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Random question, does anyone have a snap press? I need to put my unpaper towels on a roll They are getting wild and are laying all over the kitchen.
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Hi, I'm sorta kinda new to these boards, mainly a lurker. I live in Dayton and my little one just turned 3 last month. His ped recommended the Brighter Futures/Help Me Grow program because he has/had a 'communication delay'. they in turn referred us to the PACE program, which we absolutely loved, the classes seemed more geared toward helping the parents teach the kids and working with what the kids can do first. Well since he turned 3 he is now out of that program but they helped us enroll him into a preschool class but I'm just not sure that it's the right fit for him. He is very independent and bright but for the most part he has the 'temperament of a young 2yr' is the only way I can describe it, not to mention there doesn't seem to be enough parent/teacher communication. I was at least expecting an update as to how his first week went or what they are learning but it seems kinda hard to get a hold of his teacher. So to my main question, I am wondering if anyone knows of any alternative charter schools in the area that don't just focus on 'book learning'?
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Just some simple questions about the Speech Delay/Early Intervention..

1) Is your child currently on an IEP in your local school district? If so, which district do you reside in (Dayton, Huber, Oakwood, VB, etc)? If not, were you referred for an evaluation by your local school district and just did not qualify for services through them?

2) What kind of learning are you wanting?

3) What area of town are you living in?

My DS2 was diagnosed with Speech Apraxia at the age of 2. He was in PACE out of the North Main location for about 9 months...loved the program. When we transitioned into pre-school in DPS for services under an IEP I totally found communication lacking (and still do to this day) unless you physically show up at the school.

Next year we transition to Kinder, and are moving into Montissori. There are several Montissori programs in the area, which are non book learning programs. We also very much like The Point program out of Stillwater UM Church/Kleptz YMCA...again not book learning more play based and they do have experience (thanks to us) with working with speech delayed kids and have been great and patient with DS2 his two years there. If you are north of town there is Gloria Dei, and I know more south of town is Alexandria for Montissori programs. I also believe there is a very small one in Beavercreek.
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1) Ya, he has an IEP, I'm pretty sure we're Dayton school district.

2) I'm really not even sure whats out there as to different kinds of learning, I just know that my little one is super independent, creative and catches on to things pretty fast. I have looked into Montessori and it does seem like it might be a good fit for him.

3)We're in the Riverside/Dayton area

I think that my main concern is finances, we are on an extremely fixed budget. I would love to send DS to a private school but there is pretty much no way that we would ever afford it.
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If your child attends a Dayton Public School, not Riverside City School, then he will be eligible for Ed Choice Voucher for K-12.

My experience with a child like yours, because my DS2 is the exact same way, is that DPS in general does not know how to handle them. At this time last year, they were doing his annual IEP and wanted to observe and test him for ADHD this year. He is also very Independent, Strong Willed and picks things up very quickly. Even though he has Speech Apraxia, and it was not until this past Fall (2009) that he started having major gains in his speech to where his Expressive and Receptive in normal conversational speech are on par and far exceed his age/grade level. They have given him a lot of the Independence he craves at school. He is the oldest in his class, so he has been sort of put into the "role model" role and helper role and allowed to do things his classmates generally are not.

Last year, they were complaining about how if he didn't get called on right away to answer a question after a story, that when it came his turn he would just shrug his shoulders and shake his head; or he would just blurt out the answers without anyone calling on him or allowing other kids the chance to respond. They complained about him always trying to do whatever was asked, before allowing anyone else to have the chance to do it. If you told him "no" or he didn't like your answer, he would go crawl up under a table and lay there for the rest of the class - yes, they actually let him stay there like that until he came out or it was time to get on the bus. He would often times get up out of his seat, because he needed something (ketchup, scissors, etc) and get it for himself instead of asking for it.

We didn't do what they suggested, we didn't allow them to test for ADHD, and so this year, they have just fostered that Independence in him even more. They don't know how, in the ECIP program to deal with a kid who transitions into Kinder the next year it almost seems, although supposedly DS2 is not the only one in his class who does next year. His teacher was very surprised that he knew how to write his own name (letters of the alphabet and numbers), recognized many of the letters of the alphabet and numbers, could recognize his name, etc. (Well, what can I say, we also have been sending him to private preschool, where they work on those skills in a fun learning atmosphere with the kids.) If he goes into DPS this fall, he goes in slightly ahead of most of the incoming Kinders at the school he will be attending.

On top of his huge jump in his Expressive language abilities this year, he has also started being able to pronounce Spanish Words...he loves Handy Many, Dora and Diego. He can do simple math (addition and subtraction) problems with minimal help. His ECIP teacher put him into the Kinder classroom at their school for a day and he was able to grasp the work they were doing...after being showed what they were doing (things like measuring an item with paperclips, or little cubes) and writing how many paper clips/cubes each item was long...

I guess my main thing is, that you will have to advocate through DPS for your child. I am also getting the impression that you will have to advocate for your child through the Huber Heights School System as well. And you are right, coming from PACE into DPS, the amount of communication is lacking. We only get information from his teacher on the day we drop him off at school after his speech therapy on Thursdays, since we don't get him home in time to catch the bus. Otherwise there probably wouldn't be anything.

You should come post over on the special needs board, there are 2 or 3 of us Dayton area mothers there with special needs kids who post frequently there.

We plan on pulling him out of DPS this fall and putting him into the Montissori program. They will follow through with his IEP services for speech there, and it is also where our eldest goes, and we really do enjoy the school and the community atmosphere of it....
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Really, if anyone has experience w/ finding a good provider (ped or family doc) on Molina (or really any medicaid), can you PM me?

Also if anyone has seen Seiler and does not vax PM me too!
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We have Caresource (I have heard a lot of places don't take Molena, I don't know if this is true) We go to Ohio Pedi in Kettering. DH does most DR. appts, but he likes Dr Gresham (sp?) and is o.k. with the NP. DS is non vaxed, EBFed, and intact and we have never had any flack from them.

DH is telling me that because DS is on the small side(11%W 45%H >97%head) once the NP said he should be feeding him more. DH thought she was being silly. He is 6'3" 175lbs wet. It's just in the kid's genetics, and DS eats like a horse. Gresham said not to worry about it because DS is proportional and growing well.
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I agree. Switch to caresource and you will have more options. We go to Good Samaritan Pediatrics in Huber and have been reasonably pleased with them.
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