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What to do with textbooks??

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I work at home doing some curriculum development for a for-profit university. In doing so, I get A LOT of textbooks!! I want to get rid of them but just have no idea what to do with them. I keep telling myself I'll sell them on eBay but I'm just not motivated to do that and also feel a little weird about doing so since they were given to me.

Does anyone know of anywhere that would take textbooks? They are all fairly recent (within the last few years). I hate to just give them to Goodwill, the ideal situation would be to find someone who would actually use them. They are all science/nursing related topics.
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University libraries?
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There are used bookstores that specialize in textbooks -- that would be your best bet (check near the university or college). I donate to used bookstores because I know they can assess the value of a book and are more likely to put my books into someone's hands. Also they offer me a store credit for books they want.
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Another option is that you could always sell or donate them to an online textbook rental site like chegg.com. I know that if they aren't 'current' books they'll give you an option to donate them. Chegg has saved me lots on textbooks and they plant trees w/ every book that's rented, sold or bought. If you opt to sell them you'll get a visa gift card w/ your balance on it. I have sold a few books to them, they paid for me to ship them in and I got the card about a week after I sent the books in - if I remember correctly. I'm very biased, because I just love them - so keep that in mind.
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I've heard you can donate them to prisons. Here is a site with info.

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how about the local library or adult school?
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The used book store here doesn't want them. I wonder if the college library would though? I'll check out the other sites too. Thanks!
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I volunteer for a local Books to Prisoners program and we are ALWAYS looking for textbooks - lots of people in prison are working on self-education but don't have access to the information they need (especially at the more advanced levels - calculus textbooks and that sort of thing). There's a map online on the Books through Bars website that shows where a lot of the national books-to-prisoners programs operate. If there's one near you, I'm sure they would happily accept a donation of your textbooks.

FWIW, you can't sell free advance copies of textbooks on Amazon. We've tried.
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Many colleges do donation programs that send used textbooks to university libraries in developing countries. Ours sends them to...Uganda?

If you are slightly unscrupulous, you could contact:




who pay cash for textbooks.
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You can sell books on Amazon.com. It's really easy and they take a small percentage, but textbooks sell really fast and for a lot of money. I sold all my old textbooks from college several years back and made over $500. There's a section on Amazon titled "sell your stuff" - go there and it leads you through it. Very easy. You can see what the lowest used price is for the book you want to sell, then just price your book a few cents lower. If it's the lowest priced book it will sell within hours!
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My DH used to sell all of the freebee textbooks he was given to the college bookstore. Anything they did not want (which was usually not to much) he donated to the library.
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Personally I would sell them either on ebay,amazon or the local college bookstore. If you feel a little iffy because they were given to you, you could always donate the money to a univrsity group or student assoc.
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Selling them on amazon.com was what I was thinking, too. You can also sell them on barnesandnoble.com and alibris.com. If your preference is to make sure that they go to someone that is going to be using them, you could try listing them on Craigslist or see if there's any notice board or newspaper at the local schools that you could list them on.
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My DP is a professor, when he gets text books he either gives them to the library or they keep them in the dept to lend out to students. You could ask the profs that would use the particular books if they need them.
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we sell ours on Half.com

List them into inventory and you'll get an email when it sells.

However, you have to keep them in inventory until they sell. Anything in our inventory more than 6 months, we pull from online inventory and send them to Goodwill.
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I work at a university. If there isn't anything organized at the university you work for (mine has some research centers on the continent), I would check with the student organizations where you work or at other local colleges. There is often a African Student Association or international student organization that would take them to underfunded universities there. It's often an informal group who will take the donated books back with them in a suitcase.

You could also try a more organized group like Books for Africa.

BTW, I think the books for prison charities is a very noble idea.
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