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Got my induction date today...

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Next Wednesday due to pre-e and too much fluid...but I am hoping baby is making an earlier appearance. I am dilated to 3, very soft, and for three hours now I have been having cx about 4 mins apart, pretty bad lower back pain and a feeling like I need to poop but don't. I slipped on the ice after my dr's appt and kind of ripped my legs apart so my pelvis is killing me but I don't know if its just because I hurt myself or actually related to anything else. This is probably another false alarm but I can hope right? The good thing is the dr thinks he can send me into labor just by breaking my water and we can avoid the pitocin. So, please baby, come on out...
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Too much fluid? That's a new one for me.

You sound SO uncomfortable...by next wednesday do you mean the day after tomorrow?

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the baby makes it out without any poking or prodding...GOOD LUCK! How exciting to know that by this weekend (if I interpret you correctly, and all goes well) you'll be home with your new baby all snuggled up and smelling the sweet sweet odor of baby head!
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Sending birthing thoughts... Sounds like you are primed and ready to go. Anyways, you get to meet your person next Weds!!!
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Hope you get your natural labor, however, if you do wait until your induction, I hope you have a nice gentle induction. And I hope you soon are holding your LO.
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Oh man, I'm actually envious (apart from the falling thing - ouch - I am sorry!) - you're do nicely dilated! I bet you'll go into labor by yourself.

If I don't go into labor by myself by 40 weeks, my doc is going to schedule me as well. Mostly because of what happened last time around. I'm okay with it - I hope I have as good a Bishop's score as you when they induce though! XxX
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I'm with JayJay---sounds like you'll go into active labor at any moment. Either way, sounds like all will likely go well. Best of luck, and happy laboring!
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sounds like you are ready to go! i hope she arrives before any induction has to start because quite frankly pitocin is evil!!! fx for a safe delivery soon.

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Thanks everyone. By next weds, I mean a week from tomorrow - dr wanted to wait until 39 wks.

As for this morning - still contracting - mostly in my back. I couldn't sleep last night at all. But still nothing more definitive than that and the contractions haven't gotten that much closer together. I might go in this morning, I might not. I'm tired of false labor and false starts but this contracting for 12 hrs now is promising.
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to you dear. Hang in there and I wish you the best of luck.
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I hear you about false labor and false starts, that was by far the most irritating thing. But don't worry - it sounds like your lol will be here soon
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A hot bath might help with that pelvic pain -- there's nothing worse than falling whlie enormously pregnant, ow!!

Hope your LO shows up before you need to be induced. Can't wait to meet him!
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I was almost induced with DS due to pre-e, but he decided to come on his own the Sunday night before. Hopefully your babe does the same and that you have a wonderful birth!
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Man, falling at this point in pregnancy must just suck.
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wishing you good luck

and i wanted to add i'm a bit jealous! i'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have this little boy on the 13th. it's not only my birthday, but i shared a birthday with other family members so it would be so cool to continue the tradition with my little guy.
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