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I exercised and it was FUN!

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It's been a bazillion years since I last exercised, mamas (since long before I got pg w/Duncan, b/c I had a m/c before him that made me thoroughly depressed and a total couch potato in response.) Well, my New Year's resolution was to start to work on getting back in better shape.

So tonight at 9 pm I dusted off our treadmill (literally, lol) and walked /boogied to a bunch of dance music. I was planning on trying to walk for 30 mins. but I was having so much darn fun listening to all these songs I used to go clubbing to (back in the day) that I kept on going for 45 mins. and could actually have gone on longer. I quit only b/c I want to do it again tomorrow and don't want to be sore.

Oh, what a blast! If only there was a virtual nightclub in my house I could go to every night, I'd be in shape in no time, lol. Hmmm...might have to invest in a disco ball...

Anyone else do any fun exercise lately?

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I've been exercising!!!

I signed up for Team in Training, which is a marathon training group that fundraises for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. We started running in December. I only made it to a few group workouts before I got mastitis, though, Then of course the holidays came and we were on vacation. BUT, now I'm back at it! Right now it's really cold here, so I haven't been running outside. And because I hate treadmills (with a passion!!) I have been doing a spinning class, a belly dancing class, and a bootcamp class at our YMCA. It's SO MUCH FUN!!! Sure, my legs hurt, and it's challenging getting to the car carrying a 2 year old and an infant seat after doing so many pushups I thought my arms might fall off (and I can do a lot of pushups, upper body strength has never been a problem for me!) BUT, it feels good to do something

I'm much more "soft" after this baby. I bounced back pretty quick after baby 1, it took longer with baby 2 but I thought it was more because of his special needs and my depression. But man, baby 3 is hard! Especially since he's been much more high needs than the other two, I can't easily be active!

My race is in May, I have a body fat percentage goal to reach by then, and another goal to reach by the next marathon in September. I don't care as much about my weight, I fluctuate a lot anyway, and I've always weighed a lot more than I look because of muscle mass (I bulk up easily, you should see my quads!)
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You rock, Sam! I've always admired how hard-core you are about exercise.

I'm an ex-runner (ran cross country and track all through high school and college), so I totally get the high running can bring, but at 38, my body doesn't enjoy the pounding running brings as much anymore -- I am prone to shin splints, and now that we've relocated to a city at over 6,000 ft., running here kicks my butt, lol! So I cheer on 3 of my sibs instead, who all run marathons or half marathons, and envy them their hard, toned bodies. My baby sis, who is 25, is running her first full marathon in February in New Orleans after having done several half marathons. She's dedicating a mile of her run to each of her nieces and nephews, they just have to pick which mile and she'll think about them during that mile. Isn't that sweet?

I totally understand about feeling softer after each baby -- after six of them and one c/s, my abs are non-existent, I'm afraid. In fact, I joke that the only time I have abs of steel is when I'm pg.

Usually, I'm not a big fan of exercising for exercise's sake, like walking on a treadmill -- it feels artificial and contrived and it tends to be boring, too. Last night was fun b/c I was watching music videos while walking -- all the 80s and 90s dance tunes had super campy videos, which were hilarious and kept me smiling. Normally, though, I far prefer real dancing (I used to take tap and it was such fun) or a sport (love to ski, haven't gotten to in over 10 yrs. though...maybe next year?)

What are some of your fav ways to get moving, mamas?

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I started 30 Day Shred yesterday with my DH! A bunch of people I know have done it/are doing it now, and have gotten good results with it. It's a 20 minute nonstop cardio/strength/abs workout. I felt so happy after I did it! It feels realy good to be exercising again.
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Belly dancing class was tonight, and it was so much fun!!! I can feel my pelvis starting to re-strengthen. I had a bad back injury as a teenager (fractured two vertebra and slipped a disc) and my pelvis healed kind of crooked. Pregnancy has always been really hard on me because of that. I had lots of SPD during my second and third pregnancy. So it takes a lot of work to rehab my pelvis, but I'm getting there!!!

Then my husband said when I got home: "I have a surprise for you." Ooh, what is it??? ICE CREAM.

If you guys remember, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream, it's a true obsession for me. So DARN IT why did he buy it for me??????????

I think he's sabotaging my weight-loss so he can feel better about his own weight gain

Of course I'm eating it right now
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Wii Fit! And this game: http://www.amazon.ca/UBI-Soft-17580-...2746557&sr=8-1

Played for six hours with my sisters the other night.... I'm still sooo sore but I can't wait to do it again
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