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s/o Would you cook outdoors year round?

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We cook outdoors year round. Not every day, but we have been known to cook on a barbeque grill in the middle of winter.. just shovel a little around the grill and bundle warm (although admittedly once the fire is going it gets pretty warm and you don't need gloves really). Generally we do not cook DURING a snowstorm, but I know lots of people with a grill or a smoker in December, in January... I see this as perfectly normal.

Would you or have you cooked outdoors year round?
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My parents do. We don't have long, super cold winters but we have some very cold days and nights here and there. If their plans include the grill and it gets cold, they just go on with it. I've seen my dad stand outside over the grill in the rain. They don't care, they just love to grill stuff. They also have some kind of other big element that they use for making BIG things - huge brisket, the big gumbo pot, etc.

We don't because we don't eat enough meat to make grilling all that necessary and I never have to feed so many people that I have to stir the gumbo with a boat oar.
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We do. We grill, anyway. We don't do indirect grilling (such as for ribs) because the ambient air temp does not allow the inside of the grill to get warm enough. We don't get a lot of snow, but it gets cold... 13F right now. I plan to grill out hamburgers tomorrow night and the high is supposed to be 5F. I love the cold, though.

ETA: I just saw the other thread. We use the gas grill in the winter and not the charcoal grill. As for smoking meat, we don't do that personally, but a friend, that happens to be both a neighbor and a co-worker has a smoker and does that throughout the year, as they are hunters. I think outdoor cooking throughout the year, even in cold temps is not really that big a deal. Like I said, though... I like the cold.
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Yes but I live in San Diego
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We cook on the grill year round as do most people I know. I live in the northeast so it does get miserable in the winter.

I want a smoker but have yet to decide on the model. when I do finally get one, we will use that year round also.
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Oh yeah, we grill year round. I don't know how else to cook a steak! Our grill is beside the house on the patio so it isn't that terrible.

We don't have a smoker, but lots of friends do and I think they prefer to do it during the winter when it's not so hot.
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We use the grill at least once or twice a week year round. We're going to be grilling burgers tonight and we have at least 6 inches of snow on the ground and should be getting another 3 tonight.
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We use the outdoor grill year round. We made steaks on the grill for New Year's Eve There's a path shoveled through the snow to the grill on our deck.

That said, there are times when we use the George Forman grill indoors when it's REALLY cold, windy, or snowy. It's been below zero and windy this week, so I've opted to cook our meat inside.
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Our barbecue is on a covered deck. We just bundle up warmly. There's nothing tastier than a barbecued steak in the middle of a snowstorm!
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we did.... im recently divorced, and the bbq pit was xh's baby, so im grill-less at the moment, lol.

ive scraped snow off the grill in germany, and our last thanksgiving there we did it at a friends place with no patio and he was frying a turkey in freezing rain, poor guy
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We're hard core grillers. My DP and his friends grilled in a snow storm, during a party they had planned weeks in advance. They weren't going to let the weather get in their way. We live in WI, so the winters get pretty bad here, and there are just some things that have to be grilled. YKWIM? My dad is also a hard core griller. He grills a few times a week, on a charcoal Weber, on his covered porch. My mom and step dad grill all the time in their attached garage in the winter. I think most people who enjoy grilling don't stop grilling when the weather gets bad.
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Yes but we're in Florida.
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yes. although we rarely eat meat and rarely grill anyway...we occasionally have winter bonfires and roast sausages and veggies.
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We do, but not in the rain. And, this winter has seen a lot of rain.

Oh, and I'm in Georgia. I'm scared of places like Indiana and Ohio and New Jersey anyway, so I probably wouldn't there. But, that's just because I wouldn't go outside if I didn't have to.
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