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Help! First diaper rash

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I just noticed an angry red area underneath my sons scrotum And he has been cranky yesterday and this morning. We haven't had any problems with diaper rash so far. But here is what's going on with us lately:

--he is more fussy than normal
--he is biting/sucking on his bottom lip with lots of drool
--he is very restless in his sleep, but seems more tired than usual
--and now the rash

Any thoughts? Any luck with diaper rash ointments?

I am wondering about either teething (even though I know technically its too early) or if he is reacting to a food I am eating. I am suspecting dairy (and have been for awhile actually), but have been reluctant to give up eating it. I feel so bad for him and I don't know exactly how to help. He seems really uncomfortable. I did just start using cloth diapers during the daytime, but I change them very frequently and I don't think they are the cause of the rash. . .could they be?
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you just described my son's symptoms. I'm curious to hear what could be going on.
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My son had a horrible rash that turned out to be yeast. I figured it out by doing a google 'image' search lol!

I would just rule that out first, because it got really bad really fast and *nothing* worked except for Nystatin.
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How old is DS? DD is 4.5 months now and she is most definitely teething. It has caused a slight rash and runny poops. which i am told is totally normal.

i use the burts bees diaper rash cream, i love the way it smells and it clears her right up.
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Sounds like teething to me. And it's not too early. Check out the thread about the 11 wo teething - there are several of us already dealing with teething.
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Originally Posted by dosergirl View Post
How old is DS? DD is 4.5 months now and she is most definitely teething. It has caused a slight rash and runny poops. which i am told is totally normal.

i use the burts bees diaper rash cream, i love the way it smells and it clears her right up.
He's just turned 3 months old. I have a trial size of the burts bees, I'll give it a try!

Thanks for the thoughts mamas! I'll keep an eye on it with yeast i mind, but I am also thinking teething. Yay
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My first thought would be teething, too. Remember, a baby can "teeth" for MONTHS before that first one pops through. Gavin is showing signs of it...lots of drooling, fingers in his mouth a lot, loves me rubbing his gums. Ian and Connor didn't get their first tooth until 10 months old, I hope Gavin doesn't teeth from now until then!!

But, it's also possible that he has a little virus and is fighting it off. You are exposed to dozens of viruses every day, and each one can cause a myriad of symptoms. A bit of fussiness, sleep disturbance, diarrhea, and a rash could very well be a virus.

It's not likely that it's dairy if the symptoms are acute, unless you recently had a huge increase in dairy. Likely his symptoms would have been there chronically. Signs of dairy intolerance show up most often between 2-6 weeks after birth. So if he is dairy intolerant, it is probably in addition to whatever is causing his current symptoms. KWIM?
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count me in with the teething group. ds and dd1 both had teeth at 4 months (ds had 4, dd had 2)... I fully expect Viv to follow their path.
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Gabe had teeth at 4 mos. Susanna seems to be teething. I love Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Cream. It worked for Gabe's yeast rash when he was a baby. I use it for any rash, even under the neck rash from lots and lots of drool.
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you pretty much just described what dd2 is doing. I know she is teething though because I can see the two little front teeth on the bottom coming through. dd1 was the same age. dd2 has had crazy poops and the rashes come and go. she is waking up some nights more than once an hour. We have thrush too though so I don't know if that contributes to some stuff. When I lived in the states I used Hyland's homeopathic teething tabs for dd1 and they worked great. Where I am now they have a liquid version that is helping dd2. As for the rash I dont know. I haven't put anything on it yet because it comes and goes. Plus if it yeast most creams will make it worse.
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I kept telling myself that 3 months is too early for teething, but now I am thinking it may very well be that. Sigh. (But yay, for being able to eat cheese!)

His rash is already better, but last night he was so restless and basically wanted my nipple in his mouth the whole night! He sleeps with us, so this isn't a huge problem, but my back would get tired of being in one position, and as soon as I'd move he'd half-wake again and start fussing for the nipple. He wasn't even eating that much, he just wanted the comfort. And he hates paci's. . if only I could detach my nipple for the night

So I started him on a couple of Hyland's teething tablets this morning. Hopefully that will help. He has been really hard to please the last couple of days. I tried looking in his mouth and thought maybe I saw a white bump, but he keeps sticking his tongue in the way so its hard to tell.
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Susanna often wants the nipple in her mouth constantly at night and I too get tired of being in the same position. I can't even switch her to the other side because my 2 year old is wedged up next to me there. What I do is put her on her side or tummy and pat her butt. I keep joking that if only I had a butt patting machine she would sleep all night! I'm not concerned about tummy sleeping and SIDS for my family but that may be a consideration for some. We sleep on futons, which are much firmer than spring mattresses so I do not worry about suffocation.

If I don't put her on her tummy, she wakes very often. If I do, she wakes on average 2 times per night to nurse and is easily patted back to sleep if she stirs. I can now butt pat as well as nurse in my sleep.
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My son also likes the butt pat but I haven't managed to do it in my sleep yet! It's just lately that he doesn't sleep well and I've found that letting him keep the boob all night usually works. It didn't last night and I spent about 30 minutes patting his butt just to calm him down. I wonder why that works so well?
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