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I am not Muslim but I remember reading somthing about how breastfeeding sin't considered immodest and the expectations are neccessarily what one might think. Hope you figure it out. Playing hostess at the time for that long is hard. Hugs!
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Originally Posted by Jenica View Post
I feel that if I can at least work out a nursing plan in my mind I will feel more at ease.

Any thoughts/advice?
I tend to be discreet, but nurse in public. I nursed in the same room with my baby's father's sister and brother-in-law. The sister just wanted my back turned. I could still listen in and participate in conversation. I try to not expose my breast, but it sometimes happens. I never used a cover, but many other mothers find it to work well.

Yes, expect frequent nursing with a newborn. Your husband is probably the best person to ask for thoughts/advice as he may know better than anyone here what his father would be comfortable with.
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I have a turk doctor FIL too.I am pretty sure I excused myself most times to nurse.Ofcourse there were times I could not and just covered as much as I could.I was still nursing my 14mo dd when I took her alone to Turkey to meet the in-laws.They had no issue with the nursing.

I would just ask if it is ok to nurse in front of him.Shouldn't be a problem,but people always seem to like it when you ask first if they are comfortable with it.

I had more issue with long term hosting. I told dh he needed to step up to the plate and do more,because I had a new born to care for.Thankfully MIL took over the kitchen right away,so that was one less worry.
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