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ultrasound today to weight / measure baby

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and oh boy, i'm 37W1D and he's currently 7.2 pounds!
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Oh mama, I wouldn't worry at all! They told me that my son was well over 8lbs when I had a u/s at 38 weeks. When I had him at 40 weeks, he was only 7lbs 11oz. Ultrasounds at this stage are almost never accurate.
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^ditto! I had one the day before my second baby was born and she actually weighed a full pound more than what they estimated so it shows they can be off a lot either way this late in the game!
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Double ditto. JingleBelle was guesstimated to weigh 9lbs 1oz on Friday and she weighed 8lbs even the next Thursday when she was born. I'm sure your baby is a nice, healthy size, momma!

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Yeah, I had one with DD at 37 weeks that said she was roughly 7 lbs. She was born at 40+2 at 7 lbs 6 oz.

Don't worry!
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ditto ditto ditto
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Add another ditto to that!

I had one at 37 weeks with my ds and was told he was already WELL over 9lbs. My dr. tried to induce based on that at 38 weeks. He was born at 41 weeks weighing 9lbs 3oz. While he was big.. he wasn't nearly as big as predicted even a month earlier. My dr. scared me saying if he was well over 9 at 37 weeks then he was likely to be over 11lbs at birth easily.

This time at 34 weeks, babe was guesstimated at over 5.5 lbs (high end of normal) and then two weeks later was told just a few ounces shy of 8lbs. The room for error was 2lbs on either side. I know I'll have a big baby but I'm not expecting anything bigger than 9.6lbs.
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I'm 37 w 0d & we are estimating 5 pounds at this point. U/S at this point can be plus or minus 2 pounds. I am sure your baby will be a perfect weight for birth
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I am 37 weeks and had a US today estimating the baby at 8 pounds 11 ounces with a margin of error of 20 OUNCES!!!

If all of us got to work within a margin of error like that...

I would just take it to mean I am having a baby at the >50 percentile. Which, who knows.

Ohh, and the US also estimated my due date at 1/8... Ummm no.
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I gott say, birthing my 9.5 lb baby was not any more painful than my 7.2 lb baby.

Try not to worry. And like everyone said the margin error is there.
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yeah, another ditto...and i'll be another to say birthing a bigger baby, IMO, wasn't any harder than a smaller one. my first was 6.11, second was 9.11.
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Yeah, my gosh, I just have to wonder

Why do they do these? Seems like they are just complete nonsense.
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thank you all for your calming words.

i know that there is a margin of error involved, but it still surprised me and freaked me out a bit to hear what i consider such a large number this early on.
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Originally Posted by akat View Post
Yeah, my gosh, I just have to wonder

Why do they do these? Seems like they are just complete nonsense.

I am thinking the same thing!

but I have to say that I had two very long and hard labours with my first two who were both 7lbers... but my easiest and quickest birth was my third son and he was over 10 lbs...

Really, weight doesn't have much to do with it IMO, it is all about positioning for both the baby on the inside and the mom giving birth....
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Also, I'm seeing 2 CNMs and 2 OBs - I saw one OB last week who ominously told me that this baby seems big, and then saw the other today who said, actually, this baby seems pretty average to me! [plus my fundus has been right on all along and I've only gained 15 pounds at 37 weeks].

Sometimes I think it's just their every-day job so they throw out these statements, but to us it's our once or twice or, okay, maybe 10th pregnancy in a lifetime so we hang on every word.
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US weight estimates have a large margin of error. One of the main reasons for this is because most standard protocol measurements, are of bone. Only the abdominal circumference measures tissue. The femur, and head measurements are bone measurements. Also, the further you get into the 3rd trimester, the more difficult it is to get clear boundaries to measure. Many times you have to guess where the boundaries are. I am an US tech, and HATE to give my patients weight guesstimates. However, nearly every single one asks. I always start with the above speech! and repeat "guess" timate several times. It is a shame that many OB's use this incredibly inaccurate measurement to schedule inductions, and sometimes even sections.
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Ditto, ditto, ditto again. U/S at this gestation are only good in a general sense. They can tell you if you have a tiny baby, average baby or huge baby. Your wombie is a nice, healthy weight. He isn't growth restricted nor freakishly huge. Relax.

Anecdotally I have had one late ultrasound be bang on. U/S estimated him at 7-1 and he was 7-0 the next day. Another son was estimated at a max of 6-8. A couple days later he was born at 7-14.
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i'm small-framed, only 5'4" and birthed our 8lb 12.2oz son vaginally. oh yeah and he was sunny side up. i trusted in my body to do what it had to and it did. and he was my first baby.

ditto to everyone else's comments on the margin of error.

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