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Originally Posted by JohannaInDairyland View Post
Another fan of prefolds and Thirsties covers!
Me, too. I like the Wonder Wraps one size diaper cover, it's a good one.

I miss the old Thirsties fitteds: inexpensive, trim little workhorses. Sniff.
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I don't like:
  1. covers/fitted ones with buttons to snap, they drive me nuts.
  2. Thirsty covers
  3. One size -grow along covers/fitted, what a silly invention, they never really fit and usually leak.

I love:
  1. velcro covers
  2. Wool covers : Imse Vimse, Disana, something bug (used was fine). Less washing, no plastic noise or smell.

Either way:
  1. Fitted ones are handy, but prefolds with snappis work just as fine.
  2. Bummis super bright
  3. Lite Wrap
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After cding 2 babies (a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old), I
Kissaluvs fitted size 0 (but not for older babies)
Thirsties covers
Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds
BumGenius One size 3.0 after about 3 months old. But I had them converted to snaps - the tabs failed after 18 months of heavy use. I would purchase again only if they are made with snaps. Otherwise I would try Fuzzibunz perfect size pockets.

Don't Like:
Bummis whisper wraps - they stay moist instead of drying if you are alternating use after pees.
Snappis (folding prefolds in 3rds is better)
Prefolds other than the Green Mountain ones
BumGenius All In Ones - not very absorbent and I do not like to go through several sizes, too expensive
Using prefolds without a fleece liner after about 3 months. The baby always seems too wet and uncomfortable and wrinkled after every pee
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ok, so this is the first time i've used fitted with a wee one instead of prefolds, but OMG i am loving the fitteds and hate the PFs now that i have a comparison! his poos always leak out the side of my snappi'd prefold and ruin the cover, which is esp. annoying if he got a wool cover on.

that said, with the cold weather etc i am LOVING fitteds with knit longies over top. I put lay-in doublers at night, and WHEE no poo leaks! my fave longies are from green way baby wear, on Etsy

I have beat-to-death (very used ) size 1 kissaluvs, tho i did have an xs thirsties fitted that was great when it fit They're really not that great, except for the fact that they don't leak poo at the legholes, heh--so i'm assuming i'd like about any fitted dipe

I have some happy heinies pockets, and they're okay--nice to have when out and about, but not amazing. i love the fit of the FuzziBunz I have too, but meh. I guess I don't like the fleece in the pockets--it feels plasticky to me.
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Prefolds (no snappis, just folded) with a variety of covers.

I find myself most often reaching for the Prorap covers, the Thirstie and the wool Nikky cover. I tend to leave the Bummis one for last or emergencies only.
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I will post my likes and dislikes now I forgot to in my post. With each baby so far its been different and thats annoying to me! With ds we loved fuzzi bunz pockets. He wore the size med from 2mos until PL at 2 1/2. For dd we cd from birth and tried small FB but they all fell apart after 2 weeks of use she didn't fit in the med FB right and leaked all the time so we used infant prefolds and imse vimse wool covers from birth. It was easy and cheap since I bought the wool covers on here used. Now for dd#2 its been a challenge. I have always hated the big cd bum because my kids look like pears or webble wobbles.

I love:
clover fitteds but they are bulky
(but I don't have any covers that I like to use with them except
1 lonely pair of knitted wool longies that I love too)
1 flat I borrowed from a friend

I like:
infant prefolds
thirsties cover
ruskovilla wool longies

I hate:
All pockets
BG org AIO"s
imse vimse wool covers

I want to love pockets since they are so trim! They just don't fit her right yet since they are all med or OS. I can't wait for the summer because she will be able to wear her fitteds and prefolds with ruskovilla wool soakers and I don't have to worry about pants lol I actually bought some of the gro baby bio soakers and LOVE them!!! They are biodegradable in the landfill in 50-150 days so I have the trimness of a sposie but the cover to hold in EBF poop explosions and they are earth friendly. I use them in the thirsties duo cover.
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LOVE: Dream-eze fitteds and AIOs, Baby BeeHinds one size bamboo fitteds (my 2am to 7am dipe, absorbent enough for night time AND will contain the giant morning poo), prefolds (bikini twist rocks my socks).

WANT TO LOVE BUT SO FAR CANNOT: Marathon pockets--love the trimness and poo containment but I must be doing something wrong because I always get pee leaks
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Love Bumgenius 3.0. So easy my dh had no problems switching Takes a few mins to stuff them all but I get into a rhythem and really don't mind. I like the velcro because when William is squirming to get away it's super quick. And since the inserts come out they dry SUPER fast.
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I liked my GMD prefolds/Thirsties DUO Wraps combo for ease-of-use, but my DS is a seriously heavy wetter and the prefolds always seemed to keep the 'wet' right up on him, which I didn't care for.

Once he outgrew those we busted out our MEOS and size 2 DUO Wraps. Love, love, love the MEOS, but I doubt they are going to fit him right up to PLing as they already fit pretty well. I guess he could shift his weight around as he becomes mobile and then I could see them fitting longer.

I am not at all impressed with our NuBunz pocket dipes; can't get a good fit to save our lives and always have leaks out the legs even though his thighs are kind of chunky! I do keep a few (pre-stuffed) in the diaper bag just because there are fewer pieces to keep track of, but mostly they go unused.

The NuBunz microfiber inserts I use as a doubler in a MEOS for night time with a strip of fleece laid over the MF.
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I love prefolds and Thirsties covers!
Well, that's all I've ever tried but they are great for us. Never a leak and she likes them

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My favorites are prefolds and Dappi nylon pull-on pants. I could have saved us a lot of money if I had known that to begin with.

I also like Osocozy fitteds and Bummis covers.

I like a separate diaper and cover, either a fitted or a Snappied prefold. More breathable and less likely to leak than a pocket or an AIO.
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Originally Posted by Juliacat View Post
My favorites are prefolds and Dappi nylon pull-on pants. I could have saved us a lot of money if I had known that to begin with.
I know! I have 3 Dappis and 2 Bummis wisper pants and just discovered that they're great! I just used them for the first time last week when all my other covers were dirty and surprisingly, I liked them.

I'm also thoroughly in love with my Aristocrats longies. So much so, that I went on DS and bought an A soaker for daytime use. And since DS outgrew his NB Imse Vimse wool wrap, I also bought him the next size up. I just couldnt pass up a good deal on used wool!
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