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So Darned Tired

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I'm about 14 wks pg with dc2. DD is 19 months old. I work FT as an attorney with Legal Aid. I have been so tired for the past 10 weeks or so that it's pathetic. I feel like I'm getting nothing done at work. Although I've completed two briefs in the past couple of weeks, I've just let other stuff that is "non-essential" slide. This only serves to make life more difficult in the long run, as I end up playing catch up on that "non-essential" stuff later and have that whole "oh darn, I've procrastinated and now I'm going to pay" feeling. I ended up nightweaning dd over Christmas (I was off for a week) and she ended up pretty much losing interest in nursing altogether in mid-January. So I've been getting plenty of sleep (crashing about 9 or so and sleeping until 6:30 or a bit later).

There's no real point to this post other than a need to get these feelings out in the form of a vent and to ask BTDT moms, do you get that 2nd trimester energy again with the second dc or am I doomed to exhaustion through this entire pregnancy?
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depends on the pregnancy

i was sick all the way through my 2nd, while working full-time and taking care of a kid about the same age as your first

i didn't work such long hours, but my husband and i split shift, so there was no one to help me when i got home

it really can be difficult. but well worth it.
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I am about 18 weeks pregnant with my second right now and working about 25-30 hours a week as a Structural Engineer. For me I started feeling much better after 14 weeks or so. My energy returned and the nausea was all but gone. My problem after that was the same as yours - I let some things slide because I was so tired before. I am just now catching up.

If you are not prone to having morning sickness throughout the pregnancy, then keep telling yourself that it will get better .

Good luck, and nap whenever you can!
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What's your office situtation like? I had a pillow and sleeping pad on my office floor for months when I was pregnant. I took a nap about 3-4 times a week the first few months. My officemate was amused, especially since I started doing it before I told her I was pregnant!

I've told many, many people -- even with a newborn who refused to sleep, I've never been as tired as I was when pregnant. It did end, but it was gradual.
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Nutritional yeast mixed into some plain, active culture yogurt will help the morning sickness (you might need the B-vitamins).

Nettle tea will help the tiredness....loaded with iron and silica and good for the kidneys and, eventually, milk production.

Get it from a decent health food store or herb shop. I buy herbal stuff from Lata at http://www.flowerpower.net
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When I was pregnant w/ my second I was in school full time w/ a baby in the sling (they are a year apart ) I was unbelievably tired during the first 14 weeks, but it did get better...never as much energy as the first pregnancy of course...but it got better, I stayed in school and kept nursing the little one, hopefully you are at the point where some energy will start coming back. can your partner help when you get home at night? that was it for me, as soon as I got home dh cooked, cleaned, and cared for our dd while I lay on the couch.
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Thanks guys for the commiseration and suggestions. Luckily, DH is a SAHD who really does a lot (he almost always has dinner ready when I get home). But he works LONG hours on weekends, so that's why I feel I never have any time to rest and recover. Naps are a possibility occasionally, but not on a regular basis. I don't think the judges would be thrilled to see me come in for hearings with a pillow and a blanket.
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