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Is anyone going to the Midwifery Today conference in April? - Page 2

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YES!! My partner and I are going. We are looking for two roommates to share hotel costs. PM me if interested.

I'm particularly excited about Mexican Midwifery w/ Naoli Vinaver and am signed up for breech and massage classes.
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I'm so glad so many people from MDC can make it!!

I am definitely going and I can't wait! I'll be able to attend Wednesday to Friday afternoon. I'm planning on attending the Beginning Midwifery workshops.

I can't wait to meet everyone!
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
I came looking for a thread like this. I am not yet a midwifery student but am seriously considering it. I LOVE what I see offered for the MT conference and am very much considering going. It doesn't hurt that I have friends who moved to the Allentown area (about an hour from Philly), so I could visit them while I'm out there. Too bad it's too far to drive!

Has anyone been to their conferences in the past? It really looks fabulous but is it worth the money, truly? Is it stupid to go if I'm not currently enrolled as a student?

I *so* want to go!!
I'm in the same boat as you, HeatherB. I'm not a midwifery student yet, but I'm seriously considering it at some point. For right now, I'm trying to figure how I could be a doula and fit into my grad school classes and working two jobs.

This'll be my first conference! I can't wait!
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I wish I could go, there was just no way. :-( I'm so totally bummed.
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I'm not a mw student(yet I hope to attend school within the next 5 years)but I have been attending births as a doula since May last year. A girlfriend of mine suggested going so we plan on coming down(from Canada) for the full 5 days I'm so super excited to meet new people and come home full of information!!! Not to mention a full 6 days to myself!!!
I'm very excited to find this thread!
Take Care!
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Man, I really wish I could go to either - just with the way things are going right now; college tuition is taking up all of my funds, so I don't have room/time for the more "elective" (but clearly more fun) adventures. I want to hear all about it though!
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Anybody flying into Philly on the evening of the 13th??? My friend and I were looking for others that are needing a lift from the Airport to our hotel(Dolce Valley Forge)....and if there is, we could all share transport. Our flight arrives at 6:45pm. We are also catching a flight on Monday morning so will be heading back to the airport early that day- around 7am. Let me know!!

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I want to so badly!!! If I didn't have a client due six days after I would try to get there.

Do they do the Beginning Midwifery days at each U.S. conference?
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Does anyone else know how many conferences are held in the US per year, or how often if not annually? And where? Does it travel? I know I can't go next year so I'm hoping, still, I can make it this year. But still no definite plans. I really want to discuss it with my MW and see if she thinks I should go now or wait a few years, but if I wait, it will be at least 3 years, I expect, depending on how close the conference comes to me.
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I am so excited as well! While I still havent sent in the conf reg. I got tickets and am flying in TUES night around 9, if anyone wants to ride share--please PM. I am also flying out Mon around 7am, again would love to ride share from Dolce. I have considered taking public transportation, if I have to ALso, if anyone is in need of a roommate on Sunday night, please let me know. I have a room from Tues to Sun already.

I love the preconf workshops--breech, spanish, etc.They all look great and I am having a hard time deciding! I guess if I wait too long my mind will be made up for me

Looking forward to meeting new friends there

Blessings and safe travels everyone!
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I'm going!!

I just booked my flight. Anyone still looking for a roommate? I'm only going to the first two pre-conference days, actually - Wednesday and Thursday, getting in Tuesday night. And I'll be going to stay near friends after Thursday. So I may book a room myself but if anyone needs a roommate, I would be interested in talking!
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I am going solo, so if anyone would be up for it, please PM me to see about meeting up at some point. I may well be solo in my room, as well, so it would be especially nice to find some ladies to hang out with. If they're from MDC, all the better!

My plan is to attend sessions A2 and B1, plus the evening sessions.

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I wish I could go again! I went to the one in Philly two years ago I think. It was awesome. No way to afford that now, hopefully I'll get to go to one again in the not to distant future.

Have fun everyone going!
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