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My daughter is pretty good about eating a variety of things. She has weird toddler quirks, such as rarely eating dinner and wanting to exist on cheese and blueberries, but for the most part I feel great about her diet.

Toast with peanut butter
Cheese, fruit, and a muffin
Cereal and fruit
Scrambled eggs and toast
Oatmeal with blueberries, brown sugar, cinnamon, and a handful of chopped walnuts

Sandwiches and fruit
Ham, Cheese, crackers, fruit, and veggies and ranch(I use a plate with a bunch of divided sections and make her a healthy lunchable-type meal)
Leftovers from the night before
Quesadilla and refried beans
Mac and cheese, plus veggies

Raw veggies and ranch(she rejects most cooked vegetables but will go to town on raw vegetables and salad)
Cheese(absurd amounts. String cheese, chunks of cheddar, "baby cheese" which is what she calls the little round Babel rounds)
Homemade muffins
Nuts(this is new but she loves them and seems to do well chewing them)
Sweet potato and carrot chips

I serve her whatever we're having that night. She rarely eats it and I rarely stress about it. She gets enough calories and nutrition throughout the day to make too big of a deal of one meal.
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OP - thanks for posting. I too struggle with snack ideas. I don't think DS does though. I steam a bunch of green beans then heat them up, DS would eat as many as I put on his plate.

Originally Posted by MoreThanApplesauce View Post
she used to love oatmeal but has recently begun declining it.
:rofl That is such a nice way of saying "she hates it now and throws in on the floor if I dare offer it." :rofl!
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Love this post!

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These days DS is really only interested in a food if it is some sort of fresh fruit, a green vegetable, or really spicy. If it doesn't fit into the first two categories, I crack red pepper over it or pour on a little tabasco sauce and he's good to go. On the go foods can be tricky for us lately. When it's practical, I bring a box of fresh strawberries or blueberries. Otherwise, I bring homemade Lara bar type things and he'll occasionally nibble on one. He also really, really likes certain freeze dried veggies, but we have a hard time finding anything other than freeze dried apples, strawberries, or bananas around here and he only likes fruit fresh. When we can find the stuff, freeze dried peas and that sort make really good on the go snacks. Nuts sometimes work, but about half the time he requests them, he chews them up and then spits the pulp on my lap, so we don't go there often...

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ugh, DS is all about carbs right now... he loves toast, pasta and cereal bars. crackers of most any kind. he rejects almost all veggies right now, but will do some fruit. he loves cheese and yogurt but we're about to do an elimination diet for dairy b/c of a chronic runny nose.

I need to get on the ball with some ideas!

toora, I bought some Just Veggies from amazon, I was hoping he'd like 'em but alas... anyway, if u hav a hard time finding them locally, you may consider ordering them? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_12?url=search-alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=just+veggies&sprefix=just+veggies%2Caps%2C2919
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Our son doesn't care for just veggies or just fruit--and I actually think they taste like the dehydrated veggies from cup o' noodles....otherwise, these are the things he consistently eats (he "eats what we eat" but I always include something I KNOW he'll eat on his plate...and sometimes that's the only thing he'll eat from his plate.  (So, last night we had arugula/pear/blue cheese/dried cranberry salad--he ate some noodles with blue cheese and peas, some bread and I gave him a single piece of arugula, two slices of pear and a single dried cranberry as his "salad")


scrambled eggs (with spinach scrambled in) and toast

yogurt and fruit 

french toast (whole grain bread, always and about two teaspoons of maple syrup)

waffles (homemade, whole wheat flour and flax with berries)

pancakes (sometimes with grated carrot in them)

hummus toast

mini bagels with cream cheese or hummus

pizza (with olives and veggies)

beans, all sorts

quesadillas (I mash in all sorts of things and put them in quesadillas, things like veggies, beans, tofu)

scrambled tofu

frozen peas

frozen corn

corn on the cob

berries of any kind

any fruit (up to and included grapefruit)

grilled cheese




noodles with either red sauce or plain (veggies mixed in)

LOVES tomatos


bell peppers (raw, and he wants to eat them whole so he can bite "holes" into them)


We pretty much have "dry" food for out of house snacks--crackers, bread, veggies, frozen peas, fruit and veggie/yogurt smoothie pouches


He does not care for cooked orange vegetables--just won't eat them (sometimes I can get him to eat raw carrot or I will make sweet potato pancakes).  He also will not eat potatoes (even as french fries).  He usually won't eat plain cheese.  


Kids are funny...

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Anyone have some veggie ideas for a toddler with very poor chewing skills?  My 2 year old is great at trying veggies - in fact really LOVES eating some of them - but still spits out anything with skins or strings (string beans, spinach, raw peppers, any sort of lettuce, etc...)  I thought she was just being picky about texture and have tried encouraging her to chew and swallow some of these foods - and she almost choked.  Twice.  So I think I'm going to trust her judgment about the veggies, but it's really limiting.  Aside from pureed soups, which she WILL eat, any ideas for toddler veggies for the hard-of-chewing? 


Our most recent toddler food hits, BTW:


English cucumber slices w/rice vinegar and sesame oil

Lentil salad

"To-food" - little raw cubes shaken up with soy sauce are her favorite

Curry-flavored tomato soup

Broth, broth, broth

Pasta and bean soup

Those weird crunchy snap peas - Simply Salad, I think?

Corn on the cob

Cottage cheese

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I mince veggies that DS likes the taste of but has a hard time chewing (eg spinach) and put them in things like quesadillas or scrambles.

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