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My boob is killing me.

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Yesterday, well, last night it was tender, this morning the pain was incredible (and I am on pretty decent pain killers anyway so I can't imagine what the pain was really like). I woke up feeing pretty crap (been better since paracetamol and ibuprofen).

There is a huge lump in my boob which isn't going no matter how much feeding I am doing.

This isn't mastitis is it?

It can't be, baby is 14 monthsish. I mean, it does feel like it from when I had it with DD2 I just can't believe it would happen now and why? I haven't had ANY problems breast feeding Kara (DD3) and I can't remember doing anything different that might have caused it.

My DH is really laughing at me because I am constantly holding my boob saying 'god, my boob is killing me, its so painful'.

Its just not right, not right at all.
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Yes it sounds like it is.

You need to get some hot compresses on it, nurse as often as you can on it and massage it frequently.

It can take a few days for the lump to go away.

If you're really feeling flu-ish, you may want to call your doc and discuss antibiotics.

I usually end up hurling, 103 fever, dehydrated with mastitis - so I tend to opt for the ABX.

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See if your little one will nurse the affected boob lying down on her back with you on hands and knees over her. Massage as she nurses. Hope you feel better soon!
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I haven't had it (yet), but ITA with the pp. Sorry, mama.
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Definitely sounds like a plugged duct/mastitis. And what the PPs said: warm compresses (or heating pad), nurse a lot, massage the lump (even though it hurts like hell to do so!), and call a Dr. if need be. . . especially if you start running a fever.

I had this happen at Christmas, and had the very tender spot in the breast and bad body aches, but managed to get rid of it myself doing the above and also took a lot of Vit C when it started hurting.
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Ok, so I fed her loads yesterday, I am still really tender but much better. I spent most of the day battling off nausea and coming close to vomiting on the snowy pavement in town in front of DSS, still not feeling great but much improved.

Oh, and apparently I looked really crap yesterday! Everybody kept asking me if I was ok because I looked so sick lol.

I don't know if mastitis usually comes and goes so quickly because I remember with DD2 it seemed to go on forever but this has literally been 3-4 days at most.

I told DH yesterday that I just had to go to bed and slept for about 3 hours (not unusual) with babe by my side breast feeding as needed from only that side and she seemed to nurse more than usual. Must have done the trick.

Still lumpy but not like yesterday so woohoo.........

Thanks ladies!
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