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Sleep! When does the fatigue subside?

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I am 14 weeks and I cannot get enough sleep. I can EASILY sleep 10 hours every night and still don't want to get up after that. I've been going to bed later than usual and waking up around ten! I'm on my winter break from school, so that's certainly not helping, I'm nervous about going back to school now and starting my day at 6am instead of 10!

Anyone else sleeping a ton? I don't nap as much when I sleep this late, but I am tired all day still!
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Me too. 13+ weeks, and I'm still asleep by 8 most nights and am getting close to 9 or more hours of sleep. And I'm still exhausted by about 2pm, would nap if I had time. Remember that the sleep you do get is likely not as deep and therefore not as restful - more REM than deep sleep. Unfair, no?
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I feel ya. I am exhausted all the time. I sleep about 10 hours a night and then sneak at least one 2 hour nap in with my DD. It doesn't do much good though. I still feel like I was hit by a ton of bricks. Sadly, with my two previous pregnancies the extreme fatigue lasted the whole time. It feels worse this time though. I don't know if that because I have two children to take care or it really is worse. Either way, I can barley function. I'm going to talk to my OB about it and see if there is anything I can do about this. I am not hopeful though. I have heard that this passes somewhere in the second tromester... hopefully it will for you all. Based on previous experiences I am up the creek with no paddle.
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I am 10 weeks along. I slept 12 hours last night (I only had 8 the night before, so I needed it!), and have been exhausted all day. I can't even begin to understand how I will get up in front of my students and teach Monday. No clue at all.
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Originally Posted by violet_ View Post
I am 10 weeks along. I slept 12 hours last night (I only had 8 the night before, so I needed it!), and have been exhausted all day. I can't even begin to understand how I will get up in front of my students and teach Monday. No clue at all.
Don't do it. Just sit at your desk and rest! I always LOVED it when my teachers had a blah day and we did nothing! I am positive your students will appreciate it and you may too.
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Yep, I'm 15 weeks and still in the same boat. I just need so much sleep, but at the same time, often have troubles getting to sleep at night. SO FRUSTRATING!!!
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15 weeks here and still have no energy. I don't always sleep great, which doesn't help. I started having a cup of coffee daily, but it's not doing anything. Uggh. I really had it stuck in my head that when I hit 12 weeks I'd be good. Ha.
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yes. I went to bed before 11 last night and got up just before 9 and I was feeling dead tired all morning. The other day I slept a bit less than 8 hours and I felt really sick all day and was lying on the couch ready to fall asleep from like 5pm on. I guess the old 7-8 hours doesn't nearly cut it now. I need close to 10 a night which makes for boring evenings and lazy mornings.

And as bjorker said, I can be half asleep on the couch, I drag myself to bed, and then I lie there for 40 minutes unable to fall asleep. So basically I'm going to have to allot myself a good 11 hours in bed. I don't see that happening...
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15 weeks here. I'm sleeping a ton, but I always do around weeks 14 and 15. I'm expecting the fatigue to wane soon.
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I could have written all of the above.

I fall asleep at about 9, sleep until 5:30, get dh out of the house, go back to sleep at 6, wake up at 9:45 then nap about 2 hours around 2pm.

And after all that, Im still tired!
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funny because up until 2 nights ago I was napping at least 1 time sometimes 2 a day and still sleeping 9 hrs a night

3 days ago I suddenly didnt need a nap and stayed up till my old self late night 12 am watching TV not even feeling tired so now 3 nights in a row seems my old cruddy sleeping patterns are back. BTW I am 15 weeks today
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I am really feeling the fatigue lately, too.

I can't believe how much time I spend in bed. Thankfully, my job is only one evening a week, and I'm off school right now. So I just have dd and the house, and bleh on the house unless I'm feeling up to it.

I wake up when dp does for work (6ish), have to pee, go back to bed, force myself back to sleep til dd wakes me up (9is), I get up starving for breakfast, we eat, then I pretty much am back in bed. Then up for a little while doing stuff for dd, then lunch, then tired again. I am on food tired food tired food tired pattern.

I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. Growing a human is apparently pretty exhausting.
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I do feel guilty, or just lame. I have never been a nap person. I am also staying up way too late, get in bed and watch something on netflix on the laptop since I have no tv in my room (thankfully!) so sometimes I am up till 2. Kinda silly! I did the same thing when pg with my dd. The kids go back to school next week, I'm ready for a really rude wake up call! I need some accountability anyway, vacation is never a good motivation for me.

I'll just blame it on the pregnancy....and staying in pj's all day too.
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14 weeks, and I slept for a blissful 10 hours last night. Granted, I spent most of yesterday feeling like death warmed over...but still. If I could get 10 solid hours every night, I would be a happy camper!

BUT - how many of your sleep hours do you find you are spending in REM sleep? I think a LOT - which is much less restful...so that's my story, and I'm sticking too it.
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I hear ya on needing to nap/sleep and feeling like you want to sleep ALL...THE...TIME.

When I hit 12 weeks there were a few days that felt a little better, but I'm back to wanting to sleep all the time. I'm soooooooooooooo grateful that in my FT job I am relatively independent, set my own schedule, and have a flexible boss who will often just wave me away to leave for an afternoon appt or when I arrive late, and not dock vacation credits. Even so, it was a ROUGH week. When home, Goddess bless dh, he often takes over the childcare while I nap here and there.

I remember someone saying in the first trimester the body is working as hard as a person running a marathon... except you're just standing there... because your body is working at building that baby. Seriously it does feel that way. You know what? This won't last forever. There's nothing wrong with us, this is part of the range of normal for healthy pregnancies and healthy women.
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I've decided that everything I heard about the second trimester is a lie!! I was told by lots of women that you get your energy back and feel better. I didn't start feeling tired until I hit 12 weeks. I was a little tired in the first trimester, but nothing like this. I could barely keep my eyes open at work today. I hope this goes away.
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Yep, same here. I sleep about nine hours a night and take a 1-2 hour nap when my toddler does. And I'm still nauseous. And I'm almost 15 weeks. Still waiting for the 2nd trimester to kick in!
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For me week 12 was slightly better, and week 13 I felt human again. I am just finishing week 14 and it has been the best so far.

Not sure how much is sleeping better/not needing as much sleep and how much has to do with starting to exercise a bit again. Week 13 I started walking 30min/day again and have been upping the speed a bit as I get more comfortable.

I was able to do this b/c I was finally starting to feel a bit better (less ms). So who knows which is the chicken and which is the egg, but I do feel like I've finally made it to the fabled second tri.
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