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S/O Which VAD's do scare you?

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Since the general consensus from the original thread seems to be lack of fear of Measles...

Which if any diseases (vaccine available or not) scare you? Please explain...

Which disease would you consider vaxing for if one existed? Please explain...
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There are many diseases in underdeveloped countries for which there are no vaccines available, that could scare me. But I would not vaccinate against them since I don't trust that a vaccine would prevent them.
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Ebola virus scares me. would I vax for it? well, if it hit pandemic proportions, yeah, probably, depending on the risk/benefit analysis (i.e., if the vaccine was pretty deadly, too, then maybe not). There's some other viruses like that (Haunta virus) that are really nasty and pretty much always deadly that I'd consider if they somehow went global.

Prions scare me too, but I'm not even sure that's vaxible... I never really looked into it. They can be really nasty, though...

Honestly, Tetanus is a scary disease, too, but I think the chances of my kids getting it is slim to none. Same with diptheria...
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Meningitis scares me. But, I believe that vaccinating for meningitis isn't what it appears to be. When I look at Hib vaccine, I see that hib has indeed gone down alot. But, Hia and Hif have gone up and some think pneumoccocal (sp?) has also gone up. When one is taken care of another moves in. Nature abhors a vacuum. I even called my ped. on this and asked him about serotype replacement and he admitted that these bacteria/viruses are very smart! I also know there are many other things that can cause men. and there is not a vaccine for them. I try not to live in fear, although I would say meningitis is the one that scares me the most. I would also say whooping cough would scare me in a baby under 6 months old. I am more leary of the vaccine, so I would just breastfeed like crazy and have sodium ascorbate on hand for sure! My youngest is 2, so whooping cough doesn't scare me as much, although I would think it would be very unpleasant!
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