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Anyone from Ramstein-Area?

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My name is Jennifer, I'm 31yrs. old, we homeschool, live in Landstuhl with our 3 children (8, 5/boys & 6 month/girl) and our dog.
We would like to meet others in our area...!!!
Please contact me!
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Hi. We're a military family new to the military and Germany. We live in Baumholder. I want to enroll my daughter in a German pre-school if I can. Welcome to MDC.
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Hi! We live about half way in between Ramstein and Baumholder. 3 kids, one on the way and we homeschool too. Have you found the inclusive homeschool group? YOu can find them on Yahoo groups.
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Mntnmom, have you ever been to the mill Ulrich Lorenz?
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Hi ladies,
I am in Homburg, about 20 minutes down the road from Ramstein. We are not military, but came here for my DH's job. We will probably be here another 2 years before returning stateside. I have a 3 year old DD, who is in German kindergarten. Hope to have another kiddo sooner rather than later...I am not getting any younger!

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I might be moving back this summer, lets hope I can! I HS here in the states but if we go back he will be in the german waldkindergarten and play fussball with the german kids. My heart is still there so I hope I can get back.
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Hi! I live in Ramstein village! We are a military family too and have been here about a year. DH works at Landstuhl, and I'm a SAHM to Asher (son, 4), Piper (daughter, 2), and Charis (daughter, 3 weeks). Nice to "meet" you! I've been on mothering a while but didn't realize there was a tribe for this area.
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Hello all - I just spoke to Jennifer (the OP) today. SHe says she is still interested in meeting people but probably won't be coming back to MDC to post. SHe has given me permission to give out her email so if anyone would like to meet up with her, just PM me. I lived in Germany for a few years and Jennifer was one of my best friends there...
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I will be moving to Germany and working in Landstuhl next month (February) with my almost four year old son. Would love any information you could give me about the waldkindergartens or waldorf schools nearby! I will choose where I live accordingly. Thank you so much!!

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I know I'm hopping on this thread late in the game, been ages since I've been on MDC...  First, Hi Wendy!!!  :-) Second, regarding schule - apparently the likelihood of your getting your son into a kindergarten is totally dependent on where you are.  Some villages have slots open, some don't.  Some accept americans, some don't. Some charge for americans, some don't.  As far as I can tell, the only way to find out is to call the kindergarten in question...


Waldorf schools - Google Maps shows Waldorf schools in Otterberg (pretty sure that one's just kindy), Neustadt on der Weinstrase, Nohfelden, and Bexbach.  Otterberg is the only one that's really close to Kaiserslautern.  I have also HEARD of another IN K-town, a friend told me her son went to it, but I don't know the name or address or anything.  These are all too far for my kiddos, so that's all the info I have.  :-/


When you get here, we'd love to have you over for a play date.  I have a 4 year old son who's always glad for new friends! (and so you aren't surprised, I also have a 2yo son and two daughters, 5 years and 5 months...)


- Rene

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I want to say the one in Otterberg goes through grundshule at least.


I live about 5 min from Otterberg in a VERY small farm town and we adore it!  I at first wanted him in Waldorf but I am so happy with out village Kindergarten that I am not thinking of changing right now.  We will see how it goes next year when he starts grundschule.


Here is the link it does go through the older grades as well.



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