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Fundal height at 16 weeks?

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I had my first appt at home yesterday with my Dr. When she measured my fundal height she asked me if I ever measured large. I told her never(my last 3 I always measured right on or a little smaller). She said I was measuring 22 or 23 cm at 16 weeks?! Asked me if twins run in the family, which they don't. This is freaking me out. Could she be mistaken, or does this not mean anything? I do plan on having 1 ultrasound in a few weeks but that's along time to wait when your worried.
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Did you have to go to the bathroom when she measured you? I measured four weeks ahead one appointment and I needed to pee. I'm fairly certain that's why, because I've been right on ever since.
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No, I actually had went to the bathroom right before. I don't look huge, same as the rest of my pregnancies. She did listen with a dopper and said the placenta sounded like it was fundal/posterior so maybe that could be why? I don't know I almost think it was a mistake but I don't the what the heck I am feeling when I try to feel for myself.
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With this pregnancy, I was measuring like, 22 cm at 16 weeks. No twins, just a big stretchy uterus (from 2 kids super close together)

The further along I got the closer the cm were to lining up- by 20 weeks I was 24 cm, 30 weeks I was 32 cm, and at 37 weeks I'm 37 cm (it might've lined up sooner than that, I haven't had it checked in awhile).

With my daughter I was always bang on until right near the end, then I started measuring a bit small.

It's not really even accurate until 20 weeks, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. And for subsequent pregnancies, from what I understand, it's normal to measure quite off because your uterus/belly/everything is stretchier.
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I've been measuring 3-6 ahead this pregnancy, and even got a previously unplanned ultrasound to rule out twins because it was freaking me out. There is only one normal sized girl in there, with a normal amount of fluid, and everything looks great. This is my third pregnancy though, so we're just assuming my body has great muscle memory.
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