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I feel compelled to....

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I saw this thread on another board and it was so much fun. I figured we could do this before our board closes for good. I'll start.

I feel compelled to....

...kiss my son's cheeks repeatedly when I hold him.

...talk in a crazy high-pitched voice to my son Lake. I have tried to stop but I can't.

...tidy up and organize right before I leave my house. It makes no sense but it's the reason why I'm late most of the time.
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....pick her boogers even though she hates it

...make sure she has cute shoes even though she doesn't need them (but hey keep the socks on!)

...force myself to attend events for her benefit even though she has no clue what's going on. hello....chanukah party...she slept right through it.

...talk to her favorite stuffed moose toy as if it could understand me any more than she does. "moos-ia, what are you guys doing today???"
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... nibble his chin til he giggles

... chew on those chubby cheeks for more giggles

... open my eyes when he wakes up to see him notice me and smile big and wide

... hold him so close and listen and commit to memory the feeling of his weight on me - and the sound of his breath and remind myself to be gentle - he is so new to this world.
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oh i forgot
....wonder what's wrong with people when strangers "forget" to comment on how cute/sweet/wonderful she is when we're out!
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--smell his breath. . .I can't get over how amazing it smells!

--kiss his chubby cheeks

--stare into his blue eyes

--rub his Buddha belly

--pick at the cradle cap on his head

--sing any random song to him that sticks in my head

--put jeans on him. . .so impractical, but so cute!

--tell people he was 9lbs at birth and then tell them he was born at home and watch the look on their face!
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...pinch her great little chunky rolls that we so sweetly have named the "labia majora mojora".

...make up songs about just about everything we do.

...go to bed early just to get extra snuggle time in.

...go snowshoeing at least three times a week so that we get out in the fresh air.
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-kiss all over her most of the time she is in my arms, especially her head.

-put cute outfits on her even if we stay home and go nowhere on that particular day.

-like someone else said, smell her breath. I thought I was the only one who did this. Did the same with my other children.

-say almost everything in a babyish tone using baby words (I know that's bad, but I can't help it). ex. I call DD my babay instead of baby, I tell her she's tweet and talk baby talk to her. It's so hard not to talk that way to her.
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-- attack the belly button with q-tips. he lets me!

-- kiss his feet til he giggles.

-- ditto on the cute clothes, even if we're not going anywhere.

-- dress him in the hand-me-downs that will never possibly be worn (oh, 3 different halloween outfits that he fits in to... today) and take pictures to send to family. cause... why not? he can be a leopard on a Tuesday :-)

-- definitely ditto on the baby-talk. can't help it!!
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