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Poultry and Beef near Bend, Oregon

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Does anyone know where I might find fresh, farm-raised poultry and grass-fed beef near Bend, Oregon? I simply can't purchase poultry from my local grocery store any longer and want to support a local farmer.

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If you search for "Bend Farmers Market" you can view the vendor list for the last year. There are several ranches listed that I'm sure you could find contact info for on the web. I've been meaning to do a search myself. We still get our beef from the valley
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heres a list by OR city for beef:

and a few local farm resources: this one is from a flyer from the farmers market this summer:
The Lamb Lady (Becky Arnold)
19830 Connarn RD Bend
382 6237 arnold@bendnet.com
her prices (at least as of this summer..)
Leg of Lamb Roast: bone in- 8.99/lb cut into 1 or 2 lb roasts
boneless: 10.99/lb cut into 2 lb roasts
kabob meat: 7.99/lb
steaks: 6.50/lb
ground: 4.99/lb
also sells lambs by half or whole

These ran in the Bulletin:
Pine Mtn Ranch: Poultry, Buffalo, Yak and more
23595 E Hwy 20 Bend
312 0185

Windflower Farm: CSA- produce, herbs, eggs, flowers
26285 Walker Rd Bend
318 1417

Field's Farm: Veggies and Eggs
61915 Pettigrew Rd Bend
382 8059

Dancing Cow Farm: Eggs, lamb, heritage cattle, seasonal produce, CSA orders starting in Feb.
2853 NE Johnson Creek, Prineville
306 0226

these are from http://www.oregonfb.org/media/newsar...stings#central

Chotard Farms: Alfalfa hay, weiner pigs & slaughter hogs
Ranch at 9227 NW Boise Dr. in Madras
All year, 7 days, 7:00-6:00
Contact: (541) 475-3615, edchotard1@aol.com

Heart 7 Hay & Livestock: Hay & livestock
Ranch at 2500 SW Stagecoach Lane in Terrebonne
All year, 7 days, 5:00-8:00
Contact: (541) 548-7143, tom.kelley@hotmail.com

Breese Beef: Grass-fed beef
Prineville Farmers Market
Ranch at 5400 NE Ochoco Hwy. in Prineville
All year, Mon.-Fri., 8:00-6:00
Contact: (541) 480-4488, doug@breesebeef.com
Website: breesebeef.com

Allison's Garden Party: Bedding plants, annuals, perennials, herbs, veggie starts, baskets & bowls
Stand at 7887 NW 19th St. in Terrebonne (3 blocks west of Hwy. 97)
May-July, Tues.-Sat., 9:00-5:30
Contact: (541) 504-1460

Dancing Cow Farm: Grass-fed & finished cattle, sheep, eggs, organic veggies & herbs
Prineville Farmers Market
June-Sept., Sat.-Sun., 9:00-2:00
Contact: (541) 416-9019, jlkosta@earthlink.net

Kimberly Orchards: U-pick, we-pick apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears & apples
Farm at junction of North Fork & John Day River in Kimberly
Mid-June-Oct., 7 days, 8:00-6:00
Contact: (541) 934-2870, thomasorchards@excite.com
Web site: http://www.thomasorchards.com

Pilot Butte Hereford Ranch: U-Pick strawberries & raspberries
Farm at 5400 NE Ochoco Hwy in Prineville. (on Hwy. 26)
June-Aug., 7 days, 8:00-7:00 (call for avail.)
Contact: (541) 419-0169, jere@breesebeef.com

Prineville Lavender: Lavender, sachets, crafts, gifts, soaps, art & labyrinth
Prineville Farmers Market
Stand at 409 Short Lane in Prineville
June-Sept., 7 days, 9:00-5:00
Contact: (541) 447-6217, lavender@prineville.net
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There's a GREAT store Celebrate the Season that local meats from around Bend, all hormone free good stuff. Their freezer's always full of lamb, beef, veal, pork, chicken, turkey... I highly recommend them. They've also been getting in other things, growing their own produce too. Very cool folks to get to know.
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You might also contact D&D Ranch (Terrebonne) and Windy Acres Farm (Prineville).  Central Oregon Locavore is another good source of food and information

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