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what to do with tahini?

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besides hummus-so tired of it!
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Do you mean tahini?
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Do you mean tahini (since tamari isn't usually used in hummus)? It'll keep in the fridge indefinitely.

Besides hummus, you can use it baba ganoush, or you can use it in any savory recipe that calls for PB.
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I assume you mean tahini as well. Mmm. I love tahini.

Make cold sesame noodles.
Mix half and half with miso and spread on crackers.
Make a tahini lemon sauce to use on sandwiches (like falafel!) or as a salad dressing

Recipe for Tahini Collards from CookForGood.com:
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Oh jeez, whoops. Yes, tahini. preggo brain!
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Add a little to oil and vinegar salad dressings.
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I spread it almost every morning on my organic sprouted wheat bread and then on top of it I spread a little bit of raw honey and finish by sprinkling some real Ceylon cinammon. Delicious, even my picky toddler loves this breakfast!

(I tend to prefer the whole grain tahini rather than the white one).
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Tahini is so versatile. I use it to make salad dressings- a good rule of thumb is: 1 part tahini, 2 parts water, and whatever savory flavor-lemon juice, Bragg's liquid Aminos, apple cider vinegar, to taste. I make these dressings and use them on everything from vegies to falafel. You can make them spicy with pepper flakes, cayenne, chilies, or even sweet to make a dressing for a fruit salad. I also use it to bind up seeds and nuts to make nutritious snack balls for my 3 year old-and he loves them! Sesame seeds are one of nature's power houses-they are extremely high in calcium and protein. Make sure you use the raw version whenever you can find it. Most Middle Eastern groceries have it in different quantities and different brands. My favorite is Tarazi-it is made here in California and tastes the best. It is also usually Parve, which means you can use it in meat and dairy dishes.
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