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Is there any music that's NOT Ok for kids to listen to? - Page 6

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Wow! We mostly limit our daughter (3.5 yrs) to kids music - Laurie Bertner, TMBG, For the Kids series, Dan Zanes, etc - or classical and jazz. She's a pretty sensitive kid and picks up on things pretty easily.

I also worry about her little brain (a little background here - I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology and teach general and developmental psych at a local university). Brain research shows that neural pathways are created pretty easily at this age and they just build over time. I really would prefer her to not have any neural pathways associated with some of the themes glorified by some of the music and other media out there (wanton sex, violence, strong language, etc) until she's a little older and has more processing power. And there is no way that I would allow her to watch adult television or movies - many of those images, even those in commercials, are just too much for a young brain to handle in my opinion.

I don't want her to think the types of behaviors portrayed in much of the media today are in any way acceptable, so I limit her exposure to them now. When she's older, she'll have plenty of chance to see/hear/experience these things and we can talk about them at that time. Young children are primed and ready to learn about the world, so I'd prefer to use my fully grown prefrontal cortex - i.e. adult judgement - to help my daughter learn the stuff that I think will be helpful rather than harmful to her in the long run.

This has been a very interesting thread...

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Originally Posted by water View Post
Some of the Putamayo CDs are ok, and I've found exactly one other CD I was willing to listen to, but we have played it way too many times now...

I dislike the dumbed-down music that is out there for kids. My kids both have had favorite classical pieces since they were 2 or 3, and they listen to a huge range of rock, hip-hop, rap, metal, classical, pop and more, so I don't really see the need to buy or play music that has no intrinsic musical value, but is somehow considered kid music.
Yeah, I don't like dumbed down stuff, either and I wasn't suggesting that you needed to "buy our play music that has no intrinsic musical value." I'm just saying that if you look, there's good stuff out there. If you don't care to look, that's certainly up to you. My kid listens to a wide variety of music, too (and also has fave classical pieces), and some quality "kids" music is part of that variety.
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I have a problem letting my oldest dd (9) listen to grunge-which is tragic because it's some of my most favorite music ever, and she loves to play Pearl Jam and Nirvana on guitar (she rocks out on Smells like Teen Spirit!) Although she's primarily interested in this genre of music because she plays guitar, she has shown a lot of curiosity about the lyrics too. She's interested in Kurt Cobain, curious about his death, etc. etc. Since she has a considerable amount of angst for a child her age, I shield her from the lyrics for now.

Speaking of lyrics-when she heard Lady Gaga's Poker Face for the first time I'll be danged if she didn't pick up the phrase "bluffing with my muffin" and ask what it meant. And she would not let it drop. I had to find a way to explain it that wouldn't get me in trouble with the other moms at school-because I'm sure dd rushed to tell her friends on the playground the next day. yeesh-and I had scanned the lyrics quickly, too-it totally got by me.
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Originally Posted by sunnmama View Post
I posted about Sublime being my "line" on a recent trip

IMO, some of Sublime is clearly about killing people and harming women/girls. And the language is stark/undisguised. Do you disagree?
You're right. . .I guess the Sublime songs I listen to in the car aren't so blatant about violence as some of the other music I've listened to. I don't really care about the swearing. . .
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