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Bottle/Nipple Recommendation?

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My YDD really disliked the Breastflow bottles. Don't know why. I think the width was too much for her. Actually, she hated all bottles come to think of it. I had a coworker with a baby the same age and her DD took the Breastflow bottles just fine. The only one my DD took was NUK. My ODD used Playtex Ventaire with the slow flow. Are you using the slow flow nipples? The position and shape of her mouth will be different because the bottle is shaped different, but she shouldn't be gulping it down that fast.

Sometimes its just a matter of finding what works for your baby. It may take a couple tries with different types before you find one that works. I'd buy one before investing in a set of bottles.
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All my DD1 would take when I went back to work were Playtex Drop-In Nursers with the slow flow nipple.
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Ditto: on buying a few different styles and trying them out. Each kid is different and will have a different preference.

I had one that would take almost anything but the old flat playtex nipples, those would set him into a screaming fit. My next one would ONLY take the Avent nipples. Nearly any narrow neck bottle (medela, evenflow, empty enfamil glass bottles, etc) will fit on the Ameda or PIS and Avent sells adapters.

If dd is not complaining about the nipples (they will let you know if it is not acceptable to them) and she goes back to the breast just fine, don't worry about it. She will drink faster from the bottle than from you, at least mine always did. Double check the flow and make her take a break, burp her, etc to slow her down.
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I had great success with the Breastflow Bottles from First Years when I was supplementing a few weeks ago. They were recommended to me by my LC, and didn't cause any of the dreaded "nipple confusion" that I was worried about. It takes him quite a while to get a few ounces from the bottle.

But, as others have recommended-- try a few brands out and see what works for your LO!!!
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You pretty much have to try it out for yourself...and I find my guys got pickier as they got older. DS1 ultimately ONLY liked NUK (though he did use Breastflow for a while as a younger baby), DS2 ONLY uses Playtex (the bigger ones that looks more like a breast nipple). DS1 latched very similarly on the NUK to on me. For DS2 I haven't paid attention to his latch on the bottle, but, he just likes to touch the nipple with his fingers like when he nurses.

FYI - I don't want to discourage you from the breastflow nipples because your babe might LOVE them...they are a PITA to clean though!
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I have to go back to work next month as well so I've been doing a little research on this myself. I bought all NUK bottles when I was pregnant, assuming they would be best to avoid nip confusion. In practice, the slow flow NUK nip was WAY too fast for DS, he was choking and gagging and it was just a disaster. The only other bottle I have in the house is a Playtex VentAire Advance, also with a slow flow nip, and while it still seems a bit too fast for him, it is considerably slower than the NUK. I still want to find something that flows a bit slower. I have heard good things about the flow of the Breastflow, but horrible things about cleaning and assembling them from a daycare provider's perspective (same for the Dr. Brown's).

I found this information on nipple confusion and flow preference:
http://www.lowmilksupply.org/nipples.shtml They have a list of the best and worst bottle nipples for breastfed babies towards the end of the article.
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we use an Adiri natural nurser


I've gone back to work this month VERY part time, but our daughter didn't think twice about this one (though she'll pretty much suck one anything that enters the proximity of her mouth)

And it hasn't caused any nipple confusion issues at all either.

One downside to it, is that it does tend to leak if you store it upright which is kind of a drag.
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We tried several different bottle/nipples, too, when I was giong back to work (DD was 2.5 mo). We found Medela slow nipples to be too fast. DD was choking a lot. DD didn't care too much about the bottle, though she preferred wide bottles. We ended up settling on Gerber NUK bottles. Her favorite nipple was Gerber NUK orthodontic slow flow nipples. Also my dentist sister recommended the orthodontic nipple for being better for baby's mouth development. You can buy these separately for a few bucks and put in your favorite bottle. They come in both narrow and wide bottle fit.

Another plus for using the Gerber NUK bottles is that they sell a sippy spout that you can put on instead of the nipple. ($2 each at www.gerber.com) This way, you get a really long use out of your bottles and save tons of money when baby is ready for sippy cups ($5-20 per sippy cup!). These are the BEST sippy cups (we tried over 12 different kinds) for us (DD is currently 13 mo)!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck returning to work! First 1-2 weeks are very tough but you will quickly settle into a routine!!
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My daughter is the same age and she did great when I introduced the evenflow glass bottles with their basic slow flow nipple at about 5 weeks, but then over the holidays we didn't bottle feed for about 2 weeks and then she suddenly refused those over and over again. We finally went out and bought a Breastflow and Adiri and they seem to have the same shape of nipple, which she's taken once now very easily. So we're hoping we've gotten past the hump again and will plan on bottle feeding her at least every other day until I return in 5 weeks.
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If I have to be gone, we use an Avent bottle with a slow flow nipple.
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My DS will only drink from a fat bottle. All skinny ones are rejected. We only were given one fat on and it was a Advent I believe.
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