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So much compost!

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So on DS's bday party (the 19th) I aquired a 5 gallon pail. I figured heck, why not try throwing my leftover veggie rinds and whatnot, in, and see if I can fill it by spring.
Well it hasn't even been 3 weeks and the thing is crammed full! I never knew there was SO much that could be composted!

Other pro's I've noticed.
My garbage can no longer stinks, or fills up as fast
I can't WAIT to use the dirt (probably not this summer but next, right? especially since it's minus 40 here currently... )

I'm definately going to have to get one of those massive black composters this spring!
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I see you're in Wpg... in the spring, the city usually has those black composters for sale for dirt cheap. FIL picked up one the other year and gave it to us (we're not in the city)... I believe he paid $25 for it. It's a great compost bin.

You can also just throw your compostables in a pile in your garden for now... come spring thaw, it'll break down pretty quick into compost. Of course, depends on what area of the city you're in... if you're by Assiniboine forest, you'll probably attract a lot of deer and foxes. I know my ILs don't do that for that reason alone.
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Can you compost with only 5 gallons? Are you using leaves or other brown material? If it's working for you, great! I just thought the pile needed to be bigger to be really effective, otherwise I thought it would kind of smell and rot pretty slowly.
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Thanks girls.

Yes Sweetcheeks I'm in Winnipeg. Transcona, and we have a fence, so probably no animals, except a lot of bunnies and this one stray cat that always gets into our garbage! lol.
Thanks for the tip about just throwing it in a pile on the garden, and I will definately be gettin one of those black bins when I see one on sale.

laohaire, I added some dirt in the beginning, and I add hair/vacuum contents, etc. But I don't expect it to start breaking down right now anyways, since everything freezes solid about 2 mins after I throw it in the bin! In the spring when I get a composter I'll mix it up and alternate with more browns. Leaves are really hard to come by right now, with this layer of perma-snow. lol. Come spring I'm sure I will have no problems filling up a big black composter and gettin things rolling
I guess this current bin is more just storage for now, than anything else.
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We got scrap lumbar from the dumpsters in front of houses that were being renovated and built a 4-sided, square container. We made one side lower for access and to turn the pile. It works great, and we kept perfectly usable wood out of the landfill making it.
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My parents had 2 like that and it worked great. Actually a couple of the boards could even be removed for even easier turning. Unfortunately we don't have the yard space for something like that. Pretty small properties here.

Unless I put it in the front yard. You think the neighbours will mind?
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