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Dr. Kells - Positive & Negative Feedback

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I am looking at using Dr. Kells for my VBAC. I'm currently at Goodman & Partridge, but after all the research I've done I really want a midwife AND I don't want some random doc that's on-call...I want for example...Dr. Kells and/or one of his 2 midwives. I want to be comfortable and have trust that they will be there through labor with me and monitor and know EVERYTHING that is going on to make good decisions/actions throughout. I feel that the reason I had a c-section with my DS is because I was at Valley Women for Women and long story short...I don't even know why I paid them...they did nothing for my care/labor etc. Hope that makes sense.

Before I transfer docs I really want to make sure Dr. Kells is what I'm looking for. Thanks so much in advance!!!!!
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I have been at births as a doula with Dr. Kells and Janice, but not VBACs. I know they are supportive of VBACS though. My client wanted a natural birth with little intervention and was happy with Dr Kells and Janice. If you are asking if they will be there for your labor, the answer is probably not. Unless it is different with VBAC clients, I would not expect them there for more than a check-in after you are admitted and again at/near pushing. If they are at the hospital for other patients they will check in from time to time.
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I interviewed Ramona over the phone the other day (the other midwife at Dr. Kells practice), and with VBACS its very different. Once you are at 4cm Dr. Kells is with you the rest of the time. They will be there checking you constantly. Every minute - no. But frequently because of the "risks" that can be associated with VBAC. I am going to use a doula because I want someone with me every minute as well. But to answer the earlier question I posed...Dr. Kells is there continuously once you hit 4cm. She said "he has to be" that way if you need an emergency c-section (say from uterine rupture)...he is there are ready immediatly with NO wasted time...not one minute. I haven't even been in for my first visit to their office yet AND LOVE THEM! They have stayed on the phone with me and answered LISTS of questions. No other doctor (ob anyways) has EVER done that. They always say "i don't know", or rush you off phone.
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I don't have personal experience with Dr. Kells, but when I spoke with an OB at my local Goodman and PArtridge office about their feelings toward waterbirth, she was very honest with me that it would not be possible with their office. She specifically recommended Dr. Kells and Janice as the go-to caregivers for an in-hospital natural birth experience.

I hope you have good luck.
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Mamas, I am going to remind you of our doctor feedback policy. Please remember that you may post positive feedback on thread, but must PM with negative feedback. Thanks for your cooperation!

Courtenay_e, Moderator of the Tribal Areas
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good thing we ahve all said good things... lol... but in all seriousness what is "PM" (in regards to negative)?

I originally posted this thread to try to figure out if I made the right switch for OB's...and thank you all for your input/feedback...I love this new office and the doula I have come across through their office as well. Thanks everyone
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