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I've got a sleeper . . .

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. . . and it is freaking me out! Silas takes a 3-4 hour afternoon nap and sleeps a 4-6 hour stretch at night, plus a couple of 3 hour stretches. When he is awake he does single-sided feedings (I always do these because I usually have oversupply issues) quite often, like every hour. He is almost two weeks old. He seems to be gaining more slowly than my other two (who were non-sleepers and nursed all. the. time.) but he is gaining from what I can tell, and he seems quite content other than a little gas. I should be enjoying this, right? I shouldn't worry? It is just so strange to me. And I worry a tiny bit about my supply, but it should be okay, right?
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You should be fine. Mine are usually good sleepers the first month or so. Enjoy it. From my experience it doesn't mean it will last.
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My DD was a great sleeper in the beginning too and now she wants to nurse every 1.5 hours or so as of 3 weeks old.
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Ali is 5 weeks old. She sleeps WAY more than my older two ever thought about. Of course, she does wake every 3 hours at night to nurse but the other two were every 1-1.5 hours. She sleeps forever all day long. It's crazy. Dh and I were worried for the first couple of weeks because of it. It is nerve wrecking when you aren't used to it! I say, relax and enjoy it.
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Mine's a sleeper too - sooo different than DS1! I'm just enjoying it for the time being. DS1 was a good sleeper at night (but a catnapper all day), but that only lasted for the first 3 months. Then he started waking up more and more often until at one point he was waking up every hour all night long. Fun.
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