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Something's definitely going on...

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More progression I guess... I don't think this can be because of the exam, because there was no show or anything last night - white discharge, normal for me. Not anymore - hurrah!

So... Without wanting to jump the gun, here's what's happening...

Started having contractions, regular ones, last night. At first I thought it was just my uterus being extra irritable - every time I stood up I seemed to have a contrax. Then I started timing and they were about 6 minutes apart, with a few on the outside.

Went to bed, laying down, relaxing - feeling antsy - still coming 6 minutes apart. Was very tired but could not sleep. About 3/4 of an hour later I did fall asleep, woke up several times to pee. This morning, contrax were back along with - would you believe it - some bloody show! Yay!

They've been pretty much constant since I got up. Around 3-4 minutes apart, some mild, some really awesome! Cervix still a squishy 1-2 but more bloody show. Dunno really - this could take some time! A LONG time maybe, who knows?

But I suppose I'm in early labor, if you will. I mean I think I've had enough contrax now, that I can say it's not really prodromal anymore. Whether it's going to be quick or not, I have no idea.

Anyway I'm REALLY starving so I am making pasta now. Who knows - maybe that'll stall it!? Maybe it'll pick up and get even stronger - no clue. Never done this properly before. I can say though that this feels completely different than Josie's labor with the abruption - this is like muscle squeezing, tightening, baby going down - hers was just really extreme sensations.

Bella is moving well though - seems to be wriggling downward, if that makes any sense...

*HUGE hugs* everyone - send yer labor vibes over here - I want to have this baby! XxXxX
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Hope it happens soon!
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I will send you ALL my labor vibes b/c I don't want them LOL! Good luck and I hope it's quick for you I am so excited to hear about your birth!
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Good luck! Sending you Labor Vibes!
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You're going to be next!! Yay.

If you think this is it take a quick photo. You can show Bella a picture of her birthday while she was still warm in your womb!
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Good luck jay. I've been checking this site several times a day to see if there's any progress. Sending you some labor dust...
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I have no idea if this really is it - if it is, it might take AGES! I mean it's got to be SOMETHING but, well, I'm afraid to jinx it!
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Go JayJay go!
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OMG OMG How Exciting!!!! Keep us updated, mama!!
We need another new baby!
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Best wishes Jay!!
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come on out, baby!
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Awesome!!! I hope things keep moving along and little Bella makes her debut very soon!!!! Good luck!
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Yay!! I SO hope this is it for you! C'mon Bella!!
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Oh Jay I am so happy for you! Come on Bella!
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Yay, mama!!
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Yay! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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good luck mama!! the day after i had bloody show i had a baby in my arms!!

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ddc crashing to tell you how very excited I am for you! Can't wait to see Isobella's sweet little face!
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