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I have been somewhat of a lurker on here since I was prego. Have only made a few posts. I can't remember if I introduced myself or not. My name is Jennifer (35 yo) and I am SAHM to my three kiddos. I just gave birth to our last lil girl on 12/4. Dh is done and getting fixed in a couple of months. I am sad about retiring my uterus but fully support his decision because it was our agreement to try for our third. I tried for 5 years to get prego with my 1st. One time with our second. I had a surprise pregnancy a couple of months before our last that ended up in a miscarriage. We had planned on trying last fall anyways after I lost some weight and bought a bigger house. I got another surprise pregnancy a couple of months later and have been enjoying the heck out of her ever since. We didn't know what we were having (was a first for us) and I thought for sure we were having boy. I am so glad to have another girl. For the first time ever, I am just eating up every single minute...sleepless night,tears and all. Our last one is such a joy and sweetheart.

Thanks for having me!
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Welcome Jennifer and congrats on your baby girl!
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Welcome! Better late than never lol. Congratulations and hope to see you a little more
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Welcome, Jennifer!!! I totally feel the same way about my surprise 3rd!
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Welcome and congratulations! I'm another one completely head over heels in love with our surprise 3rd baby! I am loving every single second of it... even though I was so shocked after my BFP that I hardly spoke for 3 days (you'd think no one ever told me where babies come from, lol!). Glad to have you here!!
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