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How to Get Tartar Off Dogs Teeth?

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Both my 2 dogs have major tartar and I don't want to put them asleep to have it done. How can I get their teeth clean?
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I clean my dogs teeth every month, or every few months. I get a hard or medium bristle toothbrush, and use a tiny pit of toothpaste, and just brush them like I would brush my own teeth.
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Ok....I do dental cleaning on pets (1-4 a week). The important thing to remember is that what you see on the teeth will likely represent what is under the gum line. The bacteria there can get into the bloodstream. Plus, like us it will give a good view of what is going on in the mouth...often X-rays will be recommended to check how eveything is below the gums.
I understand you don't want to do a full dental....but really it is the best thing. It gives a clean pallate to speak. From that point you can then do at home treatment....brushing, dental bone treats, T/D diet. Do not use human toothpaste....use a formula made for pets.
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You can try some raw bones for tooth cleaning, but it really works better to maintain teeth that have been cleaned to prevent future problems. If you'd like to brush instead it really needs to be done regularly (like every other day to prevent the tartar from hardening) and as PP mentioned with special pet toothpaste.

But yes, there will be a lot of tartar under the gums which you cannot clean (and if you had the tools it would be very painful). For a lot of buildup I would get some blood tests done at the vet also, to make sure they are healthy enough to be put under for cleaning and to make sure the teeth haven't affected anything negatively.
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I agree with lonegirl. Home care is good as a preventative measure but at this point your dogs need professional cleanings.
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i think it depends on how major the major tartar is. we use bully sticks and they are AWESOME at getting rid of build-up.

HOWEVER, if your dogs have really stinky breath or thick tartar they should get the full dental. they may have abscessed teeth and that can't be fixed at home.
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as others have said, if its really bad they probably need to go in....otherwise raw bones will help. My 10 year old has never had his teeth cleaned, and they are wonderfully white from his raw diet. You dont have to do the full diet though to get the dental benefit...just give some beef rib bones or similar for recreation.
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Thanks for all the help. My rottie had a spinal stroke and while getting the myleogram she had a seizure so I am really cautious with her. I'm trying to find a good local holistic vet and get her an appointment. Any rec's on what credentials to look for?
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Depends on how extensive the problem is.

If it's severe, I'd get a professional cleaning and then maintain with raw bones.

If it's minor, I'd try raw bones and see if that takes care of the problem on its own -- if not, do the professional cleaning and then maintain with raw bones.
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My vet cleans their teeth w/o anesthesia. You might ask around and see if you can find anoyone willing to do that. He seems to do a good job. I've got a 10 yr old and his teeth are white like puppy teeth after his cleaning. He's not a particularly easy dog either, but basically a good guy. I also have a crazy puppy, but that's another story. My vet recommends bones for maintaining, too.
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Our dogs get these rawhide strips from the vet that have an enzyme that helps clean their teeth. They get about one a month.

In the event that they get a lot of buildup, we will take them in for a cleaning.

I understand your concerns about your rottie, I would talk to your vet to see if there is another option. Tartar buildup can be very dangerous to dogs.
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I haven't been able to get them in for their checkups, but I did get them some big beef bones and it got a lot off except for the canine teeth (the sharp pointed ones in front). Any suggestions for those?
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Our old golden who passed away last year had clean teeth his entire life due to bone (and other items he found!) chewing as well.

With our lab mix who has very poorly aligned teeth, we started with a professional cleaning and had some teeth pulled. She had one tooth growing out of the center of the roof of her mouth. B/c she has such a bad underbite and teeth that don't line up well, her chewing is effected and even with bones her teeth do need cleaning. We try to brush periodically, but we also bought a dental scraper and just ocassionally get in there and scrape off tartar that is starting to build around the gum line. She's not inclined toward biting us and we're careful not to poke her in the gums.
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Please do not feed Science Diet t/d have you looked at the ingrediants list? A dogs natural diet does not consist of rice, corn ( first 2 ingrediants listed)and soybeans. Ok there is some pork fat and chicken by product meal in it too. Feed raw meat and bones.
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