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H&M and Wal-Mart destroy and trash unsold goods

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That was a really poor financial move on their part. And I know it happens everywhere.

This is NOT the time to have that kind of bad press.... they REALLY should have donated it and hyped it up. Now they have just pissed off more people.

So many people could have used that stuff, this year especially!
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I read that article
I am angry and glad they got called out!
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I can't even fathom the thought process that brings someone to the conclusion that this type of waste is ok
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I mentioned that story to my mom this morning...and she informed me that most retail stores do that! She currently works at a big box home improvement store and used to work for Sears. They both do this each month with outdated inventory. Just disgusting!
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It's so disgusting.

I read that this morning and was scratching my head because about 10 years ago I worked in a nursing home and a woman I worked with used to bring in "donations" from WalMart once a week. I guess someone at that store felt badly about it and snuck them off to do some good? Good for them, but shame on the companies.
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Boy, that's really disheartening. The thought that people are out there without warm clothes, and they refuse to even give them the stuff they consider garbage... that really turns my stomach. I hope they realize they have been caught red-handed and stop doing that.

Then when you think further, you realize all of the resources and environmental damage that went into producing those goods in the first place (natural resources, emissions, child/underpaid labor, shipping across the globe) only for them to end up never-used and purposefully destroyed. Shame on them.
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Wow now I can understand how some Ebay sellers can sell lots of new clothes very cheaply. They must have managed to get their hands on them before they were destroyed. I just bought a lot of NWT sweaters for $20. I gave away some of them for Xmas, saved a couple for myself and donated the others. I'm wearing a piece right now and it's awesome. Now imagine if all those end up in the landfill without ever being worn.
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I think that practice is really common. I work in a restaurant in a plaza next to a Hallmark. The dumpsters for our place and the Hallmark are out back behind the stores in the 'smoking/lazy/feed the stray cats' area. We have sat and watched while Hallmark managers smash boxes of figurines, rip up greeting cards and slash stuffed animals before they throw them in the dumpster. It's so wasteful. A few times our waitresses have offered to take items to goodwill, or donate them (promising not to sell anything) but they refuse, and continue to destroy perfectly good merchandise.
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