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18 month old nursing non stop

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maybe it just seems like it, but it feels like dd is nursing non stop. i have been working on weaning her from nursing to sleep and for the most part it's been going pretty well. she's had a cough/runny nose ever since i took her into her 18 month check up in mid-December (about 3 weeks ago.) She still wakes as much as 4 times in the night but usually 2-3 times and only ONCE since I started the night weaning from nursing to sleep has she slept 8 hours in a row. Oh, I should add the weaning from NTS is also me putting her to bed outside of our bed because we are trying to wean DS and DD out of our bed. DH and I have been struggling with our marriage and one thing we're working on is getting the kids out of the bed to increase our time alone. Plus, I think the overall sleep deprivation in our home hasn't helped things much.

During the day, if I sit down at all, she instantly comes to nurse. She nurses on each side and while we watch tv she must be nursing. I think with my own stress over my marriage I feel like I'm ready for her to cut back and she seems to be wanting to increase. She can go all day without nursing if she spends the day with my mom (which happens usually about once a week.) But if I'm with her, she constantly asks for her. If I tell her no, she just cries and cries out for the "me me" and nothing will distract her.

When DS weaned, it was during the course of being pregnant with DD and he just seemed to gradually come off the breast which was so nice. Now I have no clue where I'm going with weaning now that there are no plans for anymore children.

Any advice... support... ?
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My dd is also 18mo, and if I sit down, she is all over me to nurse as well. I think it's a stage and part of the transition of becoming more independent - they go a little ways away for a while, then need to come back for a while, etc.

Also I think the decreased nursing at night could contribute to increased nursing during the day. If you cut it out on one side you usually have to make it up on the other.

Additionally, she could just be needing to connect more. Again, if you cut out connection at night (cosleeping) she may need to make up for it during the day. Your stress level could also contribute - she may need reconnection for reassurance when she feels that stress from you.

Hugs mama! I hope things get better for you soon
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