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*~*Dipe-Addicts Anonymous*~* -week 1-

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We can do it ladies! Baby steps....

Today is Monday, February 23rd, 2004, and the goal for us is to do our very mommy bests to freeze our diapering related expenditures for the next 14 days. If you can make it until midnight, March 7th, that's close enough to 2 weeks, and you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and say, "I can stop whenever I want to." ....which I'm not sure is true for ME yet....!

*Refer to this thread whenever you want to share a triumphant moment where you stared a very cute item in the face (well on your computer screen) and you did NOT click 'add to cart' and 'proceed to check out'.

*Refer to this thread if you fall off the wagon and need support getting back on. Let's help each other!!!!
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But I wanted to buy some new fleece, and wool, and side snap diapers blah-blah-blah etc. from Sugar Peas...now what do I do?
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my name is amy and i am addicted to cloth diapering. it has been 4 days since my last purchase.

Right now I am fighting off a custom slot, I'm not sure I can do it. It has already been in my cart twice...
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Custom slot where? D'oh! Just kidding. I'm in right after I go buy that soaker pattern.

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Oops. I just bought a dipe off the TP about 30 minutes ago...can I start this thing next week? :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL Besides, I don't have a problem...I don't have too many dipes. I just don't have enough kids to put the diapers on...so to fix my problem, I just need more kids!
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:LOL :LOL :LOL *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*
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Hi My name is Christi and i am addicted to Lucys hope chest........ I can stop ordering from her.... i need more... i need hand dyed dipes i need more fitteds and covers and wipes........ some one please take my paypal account from me now.......:cry......... :LOL


sorry i had to share the link to the hand dyes that are calling my name............
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No No don't do it...Take your had off the mouse, back away from the computer.

You can do this. If you can indeed do it for 2 weeks then you prove you DO NOT have a problem and you can go on spending:LOL
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Can I join this group. I just bought the new soaker pattern and I want to stop buying now. I resisted somenew bikini cut cuddlebuns earlier, does that count??
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Is "Place Your Bid" the same as "Add to Cart or "Proceed to Check out" ??:LOL
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I will join up. My DH said we need to agree to purchases before hand. So that should make it a little easier. He is sort of hard to convince we need diapers.

But I did contact Becky at LHC for some custom AIO and Lovey Bums for two covers. But I also only have 10 diapers we are currently using oh and 3 that can't be used out of the house. But that is definately not enough. I do have 3 on order.

I need some self control here.
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I just bought the new soaker pattern
What is this pattern you speak of?
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I guess I would be the drunk guy showing up late to an AA meeting.

Hi, my name is Brandy and I'm a diaper addict. I just spent not quite 200 bucks today!

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You KNOW you are addicted when you say "I have to wash and hang MY diapers today." rather than "I have to wash the baby's diapers today."
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I gotta tell ya girls..this ain't gonna work. Even though my son has been potty trained for almost 6months...I scour the sites looking for cute dipes. I touch my screen and caress the pictures of the dipes I no longer can use. My heart skips a beat as I move on the next diaper site..only to have my heart race once more!
Every once in a while..I catch myself..thinking about selling all those diapers I used on him for 2 years..then..when no one is looking..I put a diaper on my son who is almost 3. He looks at me like crazy and says *Undies MOM Undies!*
I feel your pain girls..I feel your pain....
On the brighter side..if you really get that pain..come to my house..or look at my sewing room and while you chant *I will buy no diapers today!*..I will chant *I will not fondle my computer screen longing for them TODAY*...and we can sit in misery together!
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Originally posted by greenluv
I guess I would be the drunk guy showing up late to an AA meeting.
: I'll join you. After all, nobody likes to drink alone. I'm hitting the online fabric stores, though.
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I'm here, I'm here! Sorry I'm late! lol

Ok.. I have a couple of things that are already started and I need to pay for or are done and I need to pay for. I will take care of those ASAP but the things I've been corresponding about but haven't been started I will put an end to now. I will let them know that I will pay for it and get it started in two weeks because I'm participating in a support group for two weeks and after that is finished I will be able to start a project with them!

So.. let's see here.. what can we talk about? How about the fluffymail that we got today that will help us decide what to get in two weeks?

Today I got 4 tye dyed prefolds, 2 tee shirts, a pair of dyed socks, a dyed sachel, a scented tea light and a snappi from www.tyedyedreams.com SO IN LOVE! That's a must have place to go to that I will be putting in my "must visit again" folder in my favorites!

I also got an AIO from My Precious Baby April that's a sweet Peter Rabit motif (perfect for Easter) and I'm really not sure what I think. So we'll have to test this one out and decide from there. Once again, I'm re-enforcing within myself the need to receive the things I buy before buying more!

I can do this, you can do this.. together WE can do this!!
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Originally posted by Bladestar5
You KNOW you are addicted when you say "I have to wash and hang MY diapers today." rather than "I have to wash the baby's diapers today."
Nah, I can't agree with this. They are "my" diapers, the baby (well, toddler actually) just wears them. I freely acknowledge that the diapers benefit me more than they benefit him; that's what allows me to see my dipe purchases as total self indulgence rather than as necessary for him. So if I called them "his" dipes, I'd have to buy some more, because, you know, it's not like I want them, but he obviously needs them.

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I wold love to join you & NEED to join you but I cannot face more failure.....
Each day since Henry's been born, I tell myself not to overeat & exercise & everyday I fail....the diaper thing would make me lose ALL faith in myself!!!
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