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Well...if it's just one....you can still hang in here and try to hold off on other purchases for awhile--one FLAG in two weeks is still quite an improvement in your habits of late, right?

You can crawl back up on the wagon, Jenn.... I'm lonely!
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Oh, I didn't know that Jenn... OK, I am going to order a couple FLAGs and then I am back on the wagon. Last night I felt all weird, guilty, and out of control and I realized it isn't worth it.

But I don't have a single FLAG.
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Okay, I am officially on the wagon!

No more diaper buying for at least four weeks, preferably six. I wanted to wait until fluffymail, RB, and SP stocked before I cut myself off from diaper buying. I recently changed positions at work, and since I'll be working fewer days now, I'm on a different pay calendar than before. Basically, dh and I will be two paycycles (FOUR paychecks) short during the summer, so I really need to focus on saving the money so we don't run out during summer! : Fortunately, I'm earning extra money playing piano, dh is taking on private music students, I'm doing extra bookkeeping work, dh just got a retro pay increase, we'll get a nice chunk back from taxes, and we're a month ahead on rent. We should be fine, but I have to cut out extra spending until I'm sure we have enough saved up! At this point, dipes are DEFINITELY extra spending. :LOL

I have several things I'm waiting on, but everything is either pre-paid, or I've put down a deposit that should be the bulk of the final price. Oh, except for one item. In about two weeks, I won't be receiving anymore fluffymail. What will I do? (I'll be strong and proud of myself, that's what I'll do!)
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Good job ladies! Hang in there.
I barely missed theRB stocking or I would have bought a pfold, and I totally missed pinhead or I would have got one of those, but I did buy a knickernappies. But I can say that my spending has improved DRAMATICALLY. I really did get a chance to evaluate what I have, what I like, etc...and I am done buying size small. I just need a few pockets and AIOs in medium, maybe a few more medium fitteds, and I will be done, unless I want to sell some stuff and buys something different.
Anyway, I am kind of dangling off the wagon by my shoe laces, scraping my forehead on the ground. But I'm still here in support of you all.
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Hey, can I just ask for a brief roll call--that way if I'm the only one who is trying their best to cut off themselves from diaper spending for another week, I'll not bother to start a -week 2- thread, and just try to console myself over here in Finland by visiting the chocolate boutiques regularly!
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I would say that I was joining you, but after this thread I'm not even in the same league as the diaper addicts. I haven't spent any money not made from selling old stuff in a while and I actually have a paypal balance. :LOL Though I will say I was very good last week even when I got to a store that actually had stuff in DDs size. Good luck with week two!!
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I'm having serious grumpy moments.. I swear I almost don't want to come here right now and normally I'm addicted.. any help?? How many days left? lol
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Honestly, I miss you buying things, too. I like checking out new sites that you link to, and I like seeing new pics of Nathan in his new fluff.

When are you coming back to us, Jenn???

You know, I think I may be getting vicarious thrills from your buying. I've bought more stuff since you decided to take a break.
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and I actually have a paypal balance.
A what?

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You know, I think I may be getting vicarious thrills from your buying. I've bought more stuff since you decided to take a break.

I'm doing horribly and I actually feel bad. I think the diaper diet was a good idea because I felt really good about myself financially while I was on it. Now my paypal account is diminishing and I am forgetting all I have coming and I feel bad, in a financial sense. So I am going to hop back in here, though I know it won't count. At least I have only spent paypal money...money I got from diaper sales. :

I really am in support of you who have stopped. Saving to buy a home...that's great. Here's my financial story...Dh is in school and working a minimum wage job full time. We live off his wages and school grants/loans. We need to save for our debt. We have stupid credit card debt from the begining of our marriage still...like 5 years ago. : And we will have loans to pay off in a year. So I really need to work on budgeting and saving so that we can move away from here when he finishes school and so we can get started on our debt. I need to stop with the diapers. I am jealous of those who cloth diaper for the savings and get by with prefolds and wraps...I did that for my first two children. I just got caught up in this diaper and that diaper and...well, you all know how it is. There went like half of our tax return...money that could have been spent on our debt...
Whoa, I'm writing a novel here. But I am here with you all still. I need to stop diaper buying forever. I know I can't really do that because it is my hobby and there will be cute things out there that i need someday, so I will at least only spend my paypal account and not touch our checking account. THat is a good goal, right?
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You know, this really is hard. I mean, we joke about it but I think there is something to the whole addiction thing. Maybe we need to start workshopping some ideas that really work for us. What stops you from impulse buying? How do you talk yourself out of a purchase? Stuff like that. I know that I will see something (right now I am 2 steps from buying a RB cover I totally don't need) and resist the immediate impulse only to obsess about it for a couple of days and then end up buying anyway.

So, maybe the next thread should be more serious? Or at least we need to start working out some techniques to help the cold-turkey withdrawl symptoms...
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You know, I'm not even a huge buyer/shopper but I LOVE to window shop, and this self imposed diaper limit is hard! i resisted a knickernappies and soooo regret it! Argh. I'm going to focus my energies on finding stuff to sell around here so I can have paypal again
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Good idea sheena.
One thing I can think of is to go and fondle the diapers we already have when we get the urge. I really do like my diapers so cuddling with them might make me feel better.
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I have a quick cure for DBA (diaper buying addictions) . . .tell your DH to get laid off!
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The only things that work for me are things I think I've already mentioned.... first, if it's diaper-buying-planning that I really crave, like lying in bed wanting to think about it before I go to sleep, or whatever, then I try to focus on what I want my newborn stash and size small stash to be for the next babe. I don't feel too strong an urge to actually purchase those items since we're not TTC, but just thinking about it gets me my dipe-obsessing-fix. And the other one is to get the digital camera out and start making a gallery of all the fluff I have and love--thanks for the inspiration Jenn! I really have so much awesome stuff that I love (my goodness, I'd BETTER after what I've spent already!!!!) and I think it will be fun to catalogue it and share it with ya'll. I also have like 4 large and special orders coming my way for March, not to mention my flicker-n-suds woolie of the month which is starting in march for monthly longies! yay! (already paid for!) So I like to think about those and plan those. Plus, if it's the shopping fix I need, I can always plan other purchases, like what items will I want to buy (clothing-wise) for my son once he grows out of his current stuff..... Or stuff for me--like seriously I'm starting to wonder if my mama loves me enough to work on a pair of longies in cashmere/wool yarn for ME (she's rockin' on the LTK patterns, so I just would need to find an adult size pattern for wool knit sweatpants)--how snuggly would that be (and cute) on a mommy, too?!

The biggest thing, I think, to help resist diaper buying, is to simply find other things to occupy yourself--it's just a hobby, so if you have less mental energy to spare in the diaper direction, that's good. For instance, start going back to the gym, and get a few odd jobs in your department at the University proofreading papers in English (that's what I've done and I'm so proud of myself--although it's SO HARD not to think about the payment amounts for these little jobs in terms of how much fluff it could buy). Going cold-turkey is probably the hardest way, so try to keep the goal reasonable, and for long term sustainment, allow yourself to splurge and buy something every week, for starters, and then in the future you can try going ten days or two weeks between purchases, and try to make sure it's only something you really think you'll adore and will be able to easily sell if you don't.
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I am here still, and I am serious about it too. I think for me I feel so guilty about it, spending more money than necessary b/c DH is so good about not spending too much money. And he is supportive of CD (and thinks we are saving money : ). Anyway, I feel like I am getting a handle on it because I feel better knowing I don't feel guilty about my spending.

On a side note, I am reading Dr. Phil's book about dieting. I have been doing weight watchers since having Ava (its been about 14 weeks so far) and I've lost all the pg weight but I have a bunch more to lose - but I have been losing my resolve lately. I am hoping this book gives me the kick in the butt I need. I mention this because in a way for me it is related. Feeling a sense of control - setting goals and reaching them.

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Are you kidding me? I'm usually on weeks at a time hiatus, however, my husband got his annual bonus on Friday and it was time for me to buy some stuff! I've never done so much internet shopping in my entire life...so, you all can live through me!

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Okay I am jumping back on the wagon. I really really need to quit. I just added up what I have spent in February and all I can say is OMG If DH knew he would literlly kill me. He did say he thought is was cute that I get so excited about diapers and so I felt that was his way of saying go for it...I really don't think that is what he meant.
I am almost sick to my stomach thinking about it. Why oh why did I add it up.
Okay no more diapers for me. I am going to stop buying for at least 2 weeks, but honestly I need to stop longer. Please help me!!!
Since I first said I was going to stop, I think I have become more obsessed about it.
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(((hugs))) all around. We can do this. Maybe we should move this thread to a better forum so we don't have to look at all these diaper threads when we come for support. :LOL
Seriously though, I am learning to knit. Just started tonight actually. I think having a hobby will help a bit, plus I can make soakers eventually.
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Seriously though, I am learning to knit. Just started tonight actually. I think having a hobby will help a bit, plus I can make soakers eventually.
Same here, I started working on the LTK pattern last week... I hope it will help!
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